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Acme Toy Company 1910-1930s

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1927 Acme Tynie Baby doll 13"

1927 Acme Tynie Baby doll 13" tall

a Bye-Lo baby type doll


The Acme Toy Company of New York City, produced a large line of composition Mama and Baby dolls, they also supplied doll parts to other manufacturers, some of Acme's dolls were distributed by Davis & Voetsch and Kaufman, Levenson & Company.  Acme dolls are of very good quality and were usually dressed in fine fabrics.  It's thought that Acme produced some of the composition head Kiddiejoy or Kiddie Joy line of dolls for Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler.


Shown right; 1927 Acme Tynie Baby doll 13" tall, a Bye-Lo Baby Doll type, composition head, lightly painted molded hair, sleep eyes, cloth stuffed body, possibly partial composition or rubber limbs, Tynie Baby doll is marked: Acme Toy Company.  Tynie Baby was a competitor to Horsman's Tynie Baby doll, Horsman sued Acme in court but lost, as their doll was only marked with E.I.H., which was ruled not sufficient for infringement of their copyright. 


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Antique Acme Toy Company Dolls Identified

Items shown below are for reference

1928 Acme Honey Baby doll face


1928 Acme Honey Baby doll, 26" tall, came in six sizes, composition flange head, composition bent arms and composition legs up to the knee, cloth body and upper legs, gray tin sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth and two dimples, molded and painted light blond hair, some may have a mama crier voice box, doll marked: Acme Toy Co.


Acme's Honey Baby doll was meant to complete with

Horsman Dimples and Effanbee Bubbles dolls.


1928 Acme Honey Baby doll 26"

1928 Honey Baby doll 26"

1930s Acme Patsy type doll face


ca. 1930s Acme Patsy Type Doll, 15" tall, all composition jointed body, composition head with molded painted hair, tin sleep eyes, painted upper and lower eyelashes, closed rosebud mouth.  Doll shown is probably not in original clothing, however the oilcloth shoes look original. Acme's Patsy Type doll is marked: Acme Toy Co.

related additional Patsy Type Dolls

1930s Acme Patsy type doll, 15"

ca. 1930s Acme Patsy type doll, 15"


Acme Toy Company Doll Marks

Acme Toy Co doll mark - Acme Toy

Acme Toy

Acme Toy Company doll mark

Acme Standard since 1910 NY

Acme Toy Company doll mark


Additional Acme Toy Company Dolls not shown

1914-1915  Acme Baby dolls, sizes unknown, unbreakable composition and cloth Character dolls.


1920s Acme Lady Doll, 27" tall, composition jointed slim flapper body, composition head with human hair wig, tin sleep eyes, closed mouth, dolls are often marked Acme Toy Co.


1922+ Acme Mama dolls and Papa dolls, Lovey doll (painted eyes), 14-26", talking voice box, walking dolls, composition shoulder head, full or partial limbs, cloth body with or without crier, painted molded hair, some with mohair or human hair wigs, painted or glass eyes, open or closed mouth, dolls are usually marked: Acme, Acme Toy Co., Acme Toy Mfg. Co.


1925 Acme Peek-A-Boo doll, 13 1/2" tall, composition head with a grumpy face, cloth body and partial limbs, celluloid hands.


Acme Marilyn doll, an Acme registered doll trade name; date, details, size, type of doll is unknown.


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