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Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors D to K; Company name, date of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials. 


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D & D Mfg. Company 1950s

D N doll mark USA, unknown

D N doll mark USA, unknown

Daddys Long Legs Doll Company 1985-2003

Daddys long Leg doll mark © DLL + Year made   

Daddys long Leg doll mark © DLL + Year made

   - Karen's Vintage Collectibles (Karen, Germany)

   African American dolls with long legs

Dalliwig Mfg Company 1918-1922

Dandy Doll Company 1918-1921

R. Dakin & Company 1955-1995 - now Applause

Dallwig Distributing Company doll mark 1918-1922

Dallwig doll mark

Danbury Mint 1980s+ doll mark copyright MBI

Danbury Mint doll mark copyright MBI

Dandee Dolls 1960s-1990s

Danville Doll Company 1922-1923

RE Darrows Co leather rawhide head dolls 1866-77

RE Darrows doll mark patent May 1st, 1866

RE Darrows doll mark Patent May 1st 1866

C.A. David Company character dolls 1967+

MS Davis & Company 1902-1909

Davis Milling Company 1910-1930

Rees Davis Toy & Novelty Company 1920-1927

Louisiana M. Davis doll mark Luzie Lovem 1920-1922

Louisiana M. Davis doll mark Luzie Lovem

Davis & Voetsch doll mark D. V. 1919-1924

Davis & Voetsch doll mark D. V.

   - known as Dee Vee Doll Co

Davtex plastic dolls 1950s+

Dayton-Hudson Company 1893-2002

Dearville Doll Company 1918 Dumpie dolls

G. De Jaham cloth doll mark 1900-1920 New Orleans

G. De Jaham cloth doll mark

Made by G. De Jaham New Orleans

De Toy Mfg Company 1916

Debbie Toy Company 1950s

Deedle Dum Dolls 1917

Mr. Dekline Doll Company early 1900s

Sophia E. Delavan dolls & doll wigs 1916-1921 CHI

Sophia E. Delavan doll mark Doll Wig with girl symbol label

- doll mark American Wig with girl in center label

A. H. Delfausse Company 1950s

Deluxe Doll & Toy Company 1918-1921

   - Baby Luxe doll 1919, Rompy Ann doll

Deluxe Reading Corp 1958-1973

   - Grocery Store Dolls, see page for doll marks

Otto Ernst Denivelle doll mark DECO 1917-1925+

Otto Ernst Denivelle doll mark DECO 

DeSoto hard plastic dolls 1950s

Yves DeVillers & Company 1924-1925+

John Doll Company 1837-1915

Doll & Stuffed Toy Mfg Association 1920s

   - group of 50 doll & toy makers

Doll Bodies, Inc 1950s+ New York

Doll Corporation of America doll mark 1928-1930s

  - see Century Doll Company or Domec

Doll Corp. of America doll mark Domec

doll mark Walk Domec Dolls Talk Sleep

Doll Craft Company 1922 NYC

The Doll Craft Co doll mark Cradoll

   - cloth rag doll mark Cradoll

Doll Glossary, doll terms explained

Doll Shop, The 1918 NYC, see Famous Studio

Dollcraft of America 1918-1919 Newark, NJ

Dollcraft Company 1943-1956 - see Kerr & Hinz

Dollcraft Novelty Company composition dolls 1920s+

Dollparts Supply Co composition dolls 1940s-1950s

Dolls N' Togs 1950s, see Terry Lee

Domec Toy Company 1918-1928, see Century

Domec Toy Co doll mark Dolls of Character

doll mark Dome Toys Dolls of Character

Dolly Company, Dolly Dollykins & Babykins dolls 1910

Grace G. Wiederseim Drayton doll maker 1909-1929

Grace G. Drayton doll mark

doll mark gg Drayton

Grace G. Wiederseim Drayton doll mark September Morning Germany

doll mark September Morning Germany

Dream World Doll Company. late 1930s-1950s

Dress Me Dolls 1944+

Dritz-Traum Company mannequin dolls 1925+

Duchess Doll Corp 1948-1950s

Duckme Doll Company 1920s NYC

  - novelty dolls; Lucky, Teaseme, Vamps, Lucky,

   made of wood fiber composition, Sweetie Kid doll,

   Patent Number 238398, March 4, 1919

Charles Dummig wax doll mark 1848-1865

Charles Dummig doll mark No 812 Chestneu St., Philadelphia

   - No. 812 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA

Ray W. Dumont doll mark Widget 1926

Durham Industries plastic dolls 1960s

Durrel Company doll mark 1930 Boston

Durrel Co doll mark Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray

doll mark Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray


EHW Enterprises, Inc. dolls 1984-1995

Ellen H Williams doll mark EHW

Ellen H Williams doll mark © EHW

Eagle Doll Company 1920s

Hermann Eckardt Company 1927-1928

Victor Eckardt Toy Company 1941+

Eclipse Doll Mfg Company 1919-1921

Thomas Alva Edison phonograph doll mark 1878-1891+

Thomas Alva Edison doll mark

Eegee Doll Company doll mark E.G. 1916+

Eegee Doll Co doll mark E.G., Eegee

EFFanBEE Doll Company 1910+

Effanbee doll mark -4G, F & B

Ehrich Brothers 1857-1911 distributor

   - Jules S. Ehrich, Baby Ruth doll

Louis Eisen cloth art dolls 1927-1929

Eldon Industries, Inc 1960s-1989

Charlotte Eldridge, papier mache Godey Lady 1953

Electrosolids Corp Ellie Echo doll 1950s

Elektra Toy & Novelty Co composition 1912-1920

Elektra doll mark Rosy-Posy

Elite Creations Doll Company 1938-1960s

Ellanee Doll Company plastic dolls 1970s

Ellar Novelty Company dolls 1936+

Ellar Novelty doll mark label  41-43 East 28th St, New York

   - doll mark 41-43 East 28th St, New York

Elms & Company, Elms & Sellon Doll Co 1909-1918

   - 1909-1912 No Break life sized cloth dolls

Elms & Sellon doll mark label 40 & 42 E. 19th St., New York

   doll mark 40 & 42 E. 19th St., New York

Eltona Toy Company 1919-1921

Emell Toy Mfg Co. doll mark ML, M.L. 1917-1920

Emell Toy Mfg Co. doll mark ML, M.L.

Empire Art Company 1913, American Beauty rag doll

Empire Toy Mfg. Company 1916+

   - 1916 Charlie doll (Chaplin) 19" tall

ENESCO doll figurine mark bird over waves

Enesco doll mark bird symbol flying over waves Taiwan

Eppy Doll Company 1960s

Hugo Epstein doll importer 1921-1924 Chicago, IL

Amy M. Eshleman doll mark Aimeé 1921-1922

Amy M. Eshleman doll mark Aimeé

Eskimo dolls, Alaskan Inuit dolls 1880s +

Etta Inc boudoir dolls 1927-1930

Eubanks Doll Company 1930s+ Hannibal, MO

Eugene Doll & Novelty mark Lorrie 1960s-1970s NYC

   - Lorrie Doll Company a division of Eugene

Eugenia Doll Company 1930s-1950s

Eureka Doll Company composition dolls 1923-1930

European Doll Mfg Co doll mark EDMA 1911-1930s

European Doll Mfg Co doll mark EDMA

 - merged with Anita Novelty Company

HC Evans & Company 1918

Exeloid Company celluloid dolls 1915-1920

Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg composition 1921-1935

Laura J. Eyles doll mark Tut Sye Amen 1923

Laura J. Eyles doll mark Tut Sye Amen


F & B, Fleischaker & Baum 1910+

Effanbee doll mark 4g F + B Co NY

F.D. Company doll mark F.D. 1950s-1960s

F & M Novelty Company 1920-1925

FAO Schwarz dept store 1848-1925+

Fab-Lu LTD, see Bild Lili clones 1950s-1960s

  - Made in British Crown Hong Kong

H. Fabricius Toy & Novelty celluloid dolls 1858-1914

F. A. Fahlbusch doll factory 1892-1896

   - 1896-1898 renamed Cincinnati Doll Factory

Fair Amusement Company 1914 NYC

   - Babee, The Eugenic Baby dolls

Fair & Carnival Supply Company 1914+

   - 126 Fifth Avenue, NYC, New York

  Beach Flirt, DaintyMaid Bewtie, novelty carnival dolls,

  Patent No. 52195, July 16, 1918

   F - continued above 

   F - continued

Fair & Carnival Trading Company 1914

Fair Trading Company 1921-1925 NYC

Fairfame boudoir dolls 1930s

Fairy Gift Company 1903-1909 Plainfield, NJ

Fairyland Doll Company 1950s+ see Dress me dolls

Famous Doll Studio, The Doll Shop 1906-1922  NJ

Famous Doll Studio doll mark Fam Doll Co, Fam

doll mark Fam Doll Co,

doll names; Dolly Dainty, Sani doll

Famous Plaything Co doll mark Plaything 1930s-1940s

Famous Plaything Company doll mark Plaything

Mark Farmer Doll Company 1950s

   - reproduction China head dolls

Faultless Rubber Co rubber doll mark 1916-1923

- rubber 1918 Billy Boy doll

Charles Fausel 1896-1896

   - patented (kid body) a universal joint for dolls

Federal Doll Mfg Co doll mark Roze Doll 1917-1926

  Federal Doll Mfg Co doll mark Roze Doll

Fiberoid Doll Products Company 1927-1930s

Figenbaum & Company 1884

First American Doll Factory 1892-1896

Fisher-Price Company 1930-1994 now Mattel

Flagg Doll Company, Sheila Flagg 1947-1985

Edith Flack Ackley Doll Company 1930s

Fleming Doll Company doll mark Tum Tum 1922-1924

Fleming Doll Co doll mark Tum Tum

Flexie Toy Company 1922-1923

Flexo Toys Corporation doll mark tag 1940s+

Flexo Toys Corporation doll mark tag

Flora's Famous Dolls 1915-1928

M.C.W. Foote, Fairyland rag dolls 1903-1909

Fortune Toys Inc. hard plastic dolls 1950s

Foulds & Freure celluloid dolls 1911-1930+

Foulds & Freure doll mark F & F NY INC

Foulds & Freure doll mark F & F inc. NY

Francesse Doll, saucy walker look a like 1950s USA

Francesse Doll mark tag USA

Madeline Frazier La Madelon dolls 1940s

Ralph A. Freundlich 1923-1945

Fulper Pottery doll mark 1918-1927 USA

Fulper Pottery doll mark

Fun World Dolls 1960s-1980s 


Gabriel Industries, Inc 1966-1978 NYC

   - division of CBS Toy Company

Samuel Gabriel & Sons 1916-1928

CV Gambina Doll Company 2000s

Galoob Baby Face dolls 1990-1998

Gardel Ind. Mayfair birthstone dolls 1940s+

   - NASB Nancy Ann look a like dolls

Theodore H. Gary & Company 1909

   - fur covered North Pole expedition dolls

Gem Toy Company composition dolls 1913-1931

Gem doll mark label

General Mills Fun Group Inc. doll mark GMFI 1970s

  General Mills Fun Group Inc  doll mark GMFI

   - division of Kenner

Gerber Brothers Company 1904+

Arthur A. Gerling Toy Co 1912-1930s and DE, FR, UK

  Arthur A. Gerling Toy Co doll mark

Ruth Gibbs Doll Company 1946

Ruth Gibbs Godey Lady Dolls, doll mark R.G.

  - Godey Lady Dolls, doll mark R.G.

Giebeler Falk doll mark Gi-Fa, G 1918-1921

Giebeler Falk doll mark Gi-Fa, G

Gilbert Toy Company 1908-1966

Gordon F. Gilespie, chalkware Vampie doll 1919-1921

   - artists were Edna Berg or J. L. Roop

Gimbel Brothers Dept Store doll mark 1887-1986

Gimbel Bros. doll mark 550 Germany G S & H

Gimbel Bros. doll mark 550 Germany G S & H

Gimbel Brothers doll mark label

Gizmo Development 1977+ Gay Bob doll

Glad Toy Company plastic dolls 1960s, Brookglad

William Glukin & Company. doll mark 1920s NYC

William Glukin doll mark 7001 Patent Pending Wm. Glukin Co.

- 7001 Patent Pending Wm. Glukin Co.

Gold Metal doll mark No. 3112 Unbreakable 1878+

Golden Ribbon Playthings 1980s

Philip Goldsmith China doll mark 1870-1894

Philip Goldsmith doll mark My Dolly

doll mark My Dolly

Philip Goldsmith doll mark Pat. Dec. 15, 1885

doll mark Pat. Dec. 15, 1885

William Farr Goodwin mechanical dolls 1867-1874

Lady Goodwyn dolls 1926-1927

Charles Goodyear rubber dolls 1851+

Goodyear Toy Company patsy type dolls 1923-1925

Gorham Company 1831-1967 now Lenox

Gove Mfg Company doll mark UNEKE 1926-1929

Gove Mfg Co doll mark UNEKE

Grand Doll Manufacturing Company 1923

WT Grant 1926-1975 also called; Kresge, Kmart

   - see Uneeda

Grant Plastics Dress-Me dolls 1950s

Graphics International cloth dolls 1983+

Jane Gray Doll Company doll mark Ada May 1915-1919

Jane Gray Doll Co doll mark Ada May

Grey & Dudley Company dolls 1918

Ludwig Greiner & Sons papier mache 1840-1890

Ludwig Greiner doll mark Patent Head, Greiner's Patent Doll Heads No. 8 Pat. Mar. '80, '58, Ext. '72

doll mark Patent Head, Greiner's Patent Doll Heads No. 8 Pat. Mar. '80, '58, Ext. '72

  - see also Frances Knell

Gre-Poir cloth dolls 1927-1935 also in France

John B. Gruelle cloth dolls 1915-1938

John B. Gruelle cloth doll mark Patented Sept. 7, 1915

- doll mark Patented Sept. 7, 1915

  - Raggedy Ann doll, Raggedy Andy doll

Gund Manufacturing Company 1898-present

   - Gee trademark, mechanical dolls, toys & plush

Gund Manufacturing Company doll mark label

Ida Anzolotta Gutsell 1893-1924


HCN Enterprises, Inc dolls 1990s

Ed. Hahn Company Specialty Novelties, etc.1920s CHI

Joseph Hahnesend & Company dolls 1915-1917

J. Halperrn & Co. HALCO compo. dolls 1923-1951

Hamburger & Company 1889-1910

Hamburger & Company doll mark D.P. H & C Registered

Hamburger doll mark D.P. H & C Registered

Hamburger & Co. doll mark Imperial H & C

Hamburger doll mark Imperial H & Co

Hard Plastic doll marks

Hardy Different Toys hard plastic dolls 1950s

Hart Throb Doll Company 1950s

Hartland Plastics 1950s

Harvey Toy Works cloth dolls 1930+

William A. Harwood papier mache dolls 1862-1880s

Hastings Sisters cloth dolls central NY

Hasbro Dolls 1923+

Hausman & Zatulove (H & Z Co) 1919

Hausman & Zatulove doll mark KU-TEE

   - doll mark KU-TEE sanitary doll

George Hawkins Doll Company cloth dolls 1867-1870

George Hawkins doll mark XLCR pat. Sept. 8, 1868

doll mark X.L.C.R Doll Head Pat. Sept. 8, 1868

Hawkins & Stubblefield doll mark Sam-Me 1917

Hawkins & Stubblefield doll mark Sam-Me

Margaret Gebbie Hays 1909-1910 doll mark MGH

   - sister of Grace Drayton, wife of Frank Hays

Hazelle, Inc puppet dolls 1935-1975

Hecht Brothers Company department store 1857-1959

Hedwig de Angeli Doll Company 1940s

Dorothy Heizer cloth art dolls 1921-1930s

I & M Helvetic Corp mechanical dolls 1927-1928

Henderson Glove Company doll mark 1927-1930s

Henderson Glove Co doll mark

   H - continued above

   H - continued above

Madame Hendren doll mark (Averill) 1915-1965

Averill doll mark Madame Hendren

E. R. Herte Company doll mark Billie the Brownie 1937

E. R. Herte doll mark Billie the Brownie

Theodore Hess & Company celluloid dolls 1918-1920

High-Grade Toy Mfg Company 1916-1921

Thomas H. Hindle doll mark Wot-Zat 1915

Thomas H. Hindle doll mark Wot-Zat

P. J. Hill Company 1952-1956 Newark, NJ

Hinrichs & Company doll mark H & Co 1890-1904

Hinrichs & Co doll mark H & Co

Hitty dolls 1820s+

Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler doll mark HJK 1918-1930s

Hitz, Jacobs & Kassel doll mark HJK  Jacobs, Kassel doll mark JK

   - Jacobs & Kassler doll mark JK

Hitz, Monroe & Co doll mark The Hitz Line 1926-30s

Hitz, Monroe & Co. doll mark The Hitz Line

Alfred R. Hodge doll maker 1914-1915 Chicago

Hoest & Henderson 1926-1929 Hoest & Co. 1929+

   - 1926+ Baby Daphne, dist. 1930+ Scary Anne

Holiday Faire Inc. Company 1960s-?

Holiday Novelty Mfg. Company 1920s

John Holland dolls 1796-1843

Hollywood Doll doll mark Hollywood Doll 1941-1956

Home Interiors HOMCO doll mark roof ® 1957-2008+

Home Interiors HOMCO doll mark roof, R registered trademark symbol R

Hoo Choy, Goddess of Good Luck dolls 1930s

Horsman Doll Co doll mark EIH Co Inc 1865-1984

Horsman doll mark E.I.H. CO. Inc.

Horn Brothers Company., WC dolls 1912+

  - Nonpareil unbreakable character dolls

Hoseley Party Dolls 1954-1955 (Hoyer)

Arthur Hotchkiss Empress Eugenie doll mark 1875

Arthur Hotchkiss doll mark September 21, 1875

  - patent date mark on shoe; September 21, 1875

House of Puzzy, H. Cohen composition 1920s-1949

Mary Hoyer Doll Company 1925-1970s

Peggy Huffman Originals Dolls 1950s

Hungerford Plastics Corporation 1942+

   - rubber or vinyl Peanuts Gang dolls


Ideal Toy & Novelty Company doll mark 1906-1982

Ideal doll mark U S Ideal of A

Imperial Crown Toy Corp doll mark IMPCO 1950s+

Imperial Crown Toy Corp doll mark IMPCO

Imperial Toy Corp. 1980s Los Angeles, China, HK

Independent Doll Company. 1915-1922

Indestucto Specialties Company 1915-1916

Indestucto Specialties doll mark ISCO Sunshine Kids

doll mark ISCO Sunshine Kids

India Rubber Comb rubber dolls 1851-1863+

India Rubber Comb Co doll mark I.R. Comb Co.

- doll mark IR Comb Co.

Indian dolls, Native American dolls 1850+

  - Cherokee, Cree, Hopi Kachina doll,

   Iroquois, Otoe, Lakota, Sioux, Navajo,

   Seminole, Shoshone, plus other tribes

International Doll Co, Mollye's doll mark 1929-1970

International Doll Co, Mollye's

International Doll Manufacturing Company 1920-1921

International Walking Doll Babs mark 1917-1921

International Walking Doll mark Babs

Irwin & Company rubber dolls 1926-1925+

Irwin-Smith Company 1920s Oriental dolls

Ives, Blakeslee & Co mechanical dolls 1868-1932


JPI - Jakks Pacific Industries dolls 1960s

Josephine Janes Doll Company  1919-1920

Josephine Janes Doll Company doll mark Slumber Toys

Japan Import, Export Company 1914-1923

Sybil Jason dolls 1935-1940s

Jay Rue Novelty Company, NY, Monko 1930s-?

Jeanette Doll Company doll mark Jedco 1923-1929

Jeanette Doll Co doll mark Jedco

- see Ralph Freundlich

Jenny Lind Doll Company 1916

Jointed Doll Company, George Sanders 1874-1885

Jointed Doll Co  mark Improved Jointed Doll pat. April 29, '79, Dec. 7, '80 & Nov. 7, '82

doll mark Improved Jointed Doll

 pat. April 29, '79, Dec. 7, '80 & Nov. 7, '82

Jolly Toys Dolls 1959-1960s

Joy Doll Products Corp composition 1920-1939+

Edward Judge & Early papier mache doll 1867-1878

Judge & Early doll mark

- doll marks; Judge's Patent  Indestructible Doll

Heads, No. 3, March 24th, 1868,  

E. S. Judge, No. 6, July 27, 1875,   

Judge & Early, N. 2 Pat'd July 27, 1875

Junel Novelty Inc dolls 1930s-1940s

Juro Dolls & Dummies 1955-1977


K and K Toy Co doll mark K & K, K. KX 1915-1930s

K and K Toy Co doll mark K & K, K. KX

K.B. Doll Corp New York City 1950s+

K-B Toys, Kaufman Brothers 1922-2009 Pittsfield

F. Kaempff cloth Alice doll 1909-1912

Kago Doll Company 1921

Albert Kahn & Company 1920-1927

Kamar, Inc. 1958-2006 Torrance, CA

   - Pascal & Astrid Kamar made dolls & stuffed toys

Kamkins cloth art doll mark 1919-1928

Louise Kampes Kampkins doll mark

  - Louise R. Kampes Studio

Katagini Brothers celluloid dolls 1930

Kat-A-Korner Company 1925-1941

Levenson Kaufman & Company 1930+

   - originally Paramount Doll Company 1926-1930

Kaybee Doll & Toy Company doll mark KB 1917-1919

Kaybee Doll & Toy Co doll mark KB

Kaysam Dolls 1959-1960s 

Kaystan Pageant Doll Company 1968+

Keisha Doll Company 1980s+

Victor Keney boudoir mark Keeneye, WKS 1930s

Victor Keney doll mark Keeneye, W-K-S Inc.

Kenner Parker Company 1970-1980s

CD Kenny before 1914 Baltimore, MD

Robert & Frances Kerby Doll Company 1923-1925

Kerr & Hinz Tile Company 1943-1956

Kerr & Heinz Tile Co doll mark K & H USA

doll mark K & H USA, see Dollcraft Co

Kindel & Graham dolls 1917-1929 San Francisco

Kindel & Graham doll mark Daisy

   - doll mark Daisy

Kimport Dolls mark, see Beehler 1920s-1950s

Kimport Dolls mark

Frances C. Knell Doll Company 1890-1900

Knickerbocker Doll Company 1920-1925 NYC

Knickerbocker Doll & Toy Company 1925-1983 NYC

Knickerbocker Plastics Company 1950s+ CA

Knickerbocker Plastics doll mark S & E

   - doll mark S & E

Knickerbocker Specialty Company cloth doll 1904

Konroe Merchants doll mark XP 1921-1924

Konroe Merchants doll mark XP

   - My Honey doll, The Parisienne flapper doll

Konstructo Mary Francis Woods dolls 1904-1925

Konstructo Co. Mary Francis Woods doll mark M.F. Woods

   - composition Indian characters; Chief Joseph,

   Chief Wolf Robe, Cigarette Friend, Old Angeline,

   Princess Angeline, Sacajewa

Korn Crisp Company doll mark Miss Korn-Crisp

Korn Crisp Company doll mark Miss Korn-Crisp

Alexander Kravits NYC inventor Papa Mama

   - duel voice box on 9 Sep 1937 found on

   1930s+ Mama type dolls

Kresge Company 1899+ now K-mart

Kreuger dolls 1920s NYC / Germany

Kreuger doll mark a size number 4/0 GERMANY K

doll mark a size number GERMANY K

Kris Kringle Kid Company 1924-1925

Richard G. Krueger cloth dolls 1917-1964+

Mme. Kuzara cloth portrait & mannequin dolls 1920s


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