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Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors Q-Z; Company name, date of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials. 


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Q B Toy & Novelty Mfg Co wood dolls 1915

  - then National Toy Manufacturing Company

E & G Quackenbush doll mark Tiny Tots 1915-1917

E & G Quackenbush doll mark Tiny Tots or label

   - made of rubber and cloth, Tubbies washable dolls

Quaddy Playthings Mfg Co dolls 1916-1917

Quaker Doll Co. composition doll mark 1915-1930s

Qualitoy Corporation 1919-1920

Quan Quan Doll Co composition dolls 1930s

Questor Education Products Company 1975-1978

   - then sold to Gabriel Industries a division of CBS


RF Novelty Co 1919-1920

Robert Raike wood dolls 1989+

William Rainwater 1928

Jessie M. Raleigh Doll Co 1916-1920

   - acquired by Pollyanna Doll Co in 1920

Katherine Rauser doll mark KR 1904-1925+

Katherine Rauser doll mark KR

Ravon Doll Co plastic dolls 1950s

Helen Vincent Reader doll mark Gooky Girl 1922-1924

Helen Vincent Reader doll mark Gooky Girl

C.A. Reed Co. celluloid doll mark 1924

.A. Reed Co. celluloid doll mark

Davis Reese Toy Co 1922

Charles Reese 1920-1925

Loula S. Reeves 1915-1918

Regal Doll Mfg Co 1919-1939

Ernst Reinhardt 1890s-1922

  - also called Bisc Novelty Mfg. Co

Reiner Manufacturing Company 1927-1929

Reisman, Barron & Company 1916-1930

Reisman, Barron & Co doll mark Adora-Belle dolls

   - doll mark Adora-Belle Dolls 1927-1929

Reliable Doll & Toy Mfg 1923-1924

Reliance Novelty Co 1913-1917

Remco Industries 1960-1974

Anna C. Renwick Doll Co 1914-1915

Renwal doll house dolls, furniture etc. 1950s

Republic Doll & Toy Corp 1918-1921

    152-156 Wooster St. New York City

   - made woodfiber composition figurines named;

   Baby Kweenie, Kweenie, Salute, Smiles dolls

Restall Manufacturing Company 1918+

Paul Revere Pottery dolls 1912-1925+

Paul Revere Pottery doll mark BI, C2, LR, PRP 110

   - doll mark BI, C2, LR, PRP 110

Rex Doll Company 1916-1918, see Cameo

Rhodes, Dickinson & Miller 1920-1921

Rice-Stix Dry Goods 1924-1925+

Richard Toy Company 1970s+ NYC, Hong Kong

Charles E. Richardson 1922-1924

Richwood Toys Dolls late 1940s+ 

E. Ridley & Sons papier mache dolls 1884-1898

E. Ridley & Sons papier mache doll mark WAH nonpareil 3015

Riemann, Seabrey Co 1912-1924

Rite Lee dolls 1950s

Rite Specialty Co 1916-1920

John D. Robbins wood dolls 1860-1861

Samuel Robert 1921-1925, see Konroe Merchants

Sarah Robinson 1883-1925+

   - (riveted) ne plus ultra patent joint inventor

Roberta Doll Co 1940s-1970s 

Grace Corry Rockwell Doll Co 1920s, see Averill
   - Little Sister doll, Little Brother doll,

    Wiji Fiji doll, Romper Boy doll,

    Pretty Peggy doll mold 1392

Marguerite Rogers dolls 1915-1918

Gertrude F. Rollinson dolls 1916-1917 dist. by Utley

Utley Company doll mark Rollinson

Rookwood Pottery 1880-present Cincinnati, OH

Rookwood Pottery doll mark backwards RP with flames

   - doll mark backwards RP with flames

  - bisque doll heads made during WW II ca. 1915-1922

Rose Mary Doll Mfg Co plastic dolls 1959-1960s

William W. Rose 1866-1874

Rosebud Dolls 1950s-1967

S. Rosenberg Co, SARCO dolls 1960s

Henry Rosenstein Co 1907-1921

Rosko Tested dolls 1950s-1960s Japan

Ross and Ross Topsy doll mark label 1918-1930s

Ross and Ross doll mark label Topsy Doll Trademark Ross and Ross Oakland, Cal.

Ross Products, Inc plastic dolls 1960s

Joseph Roth Mfg Co 1914-1928

   - see Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz

Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz doll mark R.B.& L. 1922-1927

Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz doll mark R.B. &  L.

Rothschild Doll Co. of Mass. 1982-1990

Sigmund L. Rothschild doll mark SIR 1917-1920

Sigmund L. Rothschild doll mark SIR

Bowden Rouech 1906-1908

Roxy Doll & Toy Co 1929

Royal Blue Stores dolls 1948

Royalty Industries Inc ca. 1974 Miami, FL

Royal Manufacturing doll mark 1914-1977

Royal Manufacturing doll mark

J. Rudolph Doll Co 1924-1929

Joseph Rup doll maker 1927

The Ruffles Company doll mark label  1930+

Ruffles Company doll mark label Ruffles Trade Mark Reg. Design Patent 82656 Kansas City, Missouri

Rushton Co 1917-1983 Atlanta, GA

   - Mawaphil cloth dolls 1921-1930s


S & K Novelty Co 1917-1927

  - also S. Kirsch & Co, S. K. Doll Mfg. Co

S & H Novelty Company 1925-1930s

S & H Novelty Company doll mark tag, USA Canadian Patents Pending Tee-Wee Hand Babe The Living Doll made by S & H Novelty Co Atlantic City, N.J.

Tee-Wee doll, patent Dec. 6, 1927, Bye-Lo like doll

S & S Doll Co 1927-1930s

Saalfield Publishing Co. doll mark SPTCO 1900-1977

Saalfield Publishing Company doll mark Made in U.S.A, SPTCO on a shield 167

Sachman Brothers 1909-1911

Louis Sametz celluloid doll mark 1918-1924

Louis Sametz doll mark Indian head symbol American

- doll mark Indian head symbol American

Samstag & Hilder Brothers 1894-1920

   - Fluffy Ruffles doll, Hug Me Kiddies doll

    or Hug Me Kid doll, Peter Pan Play dolls

Samstag & Hilder Brothers doll mark Peter Pan Play

doll mark Peter Pan Play

San Wash Toy Co 1930s+

Helen A. Sancier Doll Co 1914-1915

Sanitoy, Inc 1970s+

Miss Helene Sardeau 1920-1924

Saxon Novelty Co 1927-1929

Henry Schanzer Co 1927

Schaper Toys, W.H. Schaper Mfg. Co 1949-1986

   - a division  of Kusan, Inc, sold to Tyco 1986

    Li'l Me dolls 1970s-80s

Schavior Rubber Co, rubber dolls 1926-1930s

J.L. Schilling Co talking dolls 1943+ NYC

   - Jesse Warner phonograph doll patent 1935,

J.L. Schilling doll mark doll mark Pat. 1998149 other PATS PEND

doll mark Pat. 1998149 other PATS PEND

Leo Schlesinger 1874-1927

Louis Schmetzer 1875-1876 Chicago & Bavaria

Louis Schmetzer doll mark LS & C with a wheel symbol

doll mark LS & C with a wheel symbol

Minna M. Schmidt wax dolls 1923-1930s

Peter Schmidt 1880-1890

F. J. Schneck & Co 1919-1920

Schoen & Sarkady 1912-1914

Schoen Toy Manufacturing 1917-1922, see next

Schoen & Yondorf doll mark SAYCO 1922-1960s

Albert Schoenhut Doll 1872-1935

Albert Schoenhut doll mark Pat. Jan 17th, 1911


Schranz & Bieber Co, Esanbe doll 1920

Frederick B. Schultz dolls 1892-1917

Sigmund Schwartz 1917-1926

Schwartz Toy Bazaar store doll mark 1848-1925+

   - brothers; Henry, Richard, Gustav &

     Frederick FAO Schwartz of NYC 1862

G.A. Schwartz Philadelphia doll mark label


Schwarzkopf Toy Co 1904-1905

Schwerdt Brothers 1925-1926

Schwerdt Mfg Co 1910-1930s

Schwertmann Toy Co dolls ca. 1914

Jacob Scoll dolls 1923-1925

Lena M. Scurlock dolls 1909-1911

SeaBabies cloth dolls 1989+ Orleans, MA

Seamless Rubber Corp dolls 1918-1920

   - Hula Maidens doll trade name

Seamless Toy Corp dolls 1918-1929

   - American Beauty doll, Polly Pretty doll,

   Kutie Kid doll, Willie Walker doll

Sears Happi-time Dolls 1901-1967

Sears doll mark Baby Sunshine

Sears doll mark Baby Sunshine

S - continued above

   S - continued

Mildred & Vernon Seeley 1946-2009

   - reproduction doll molds, bodies, products

Mildred & Vernon Seeley doll mark

doll body mark Vernon Seeley

Seigenberg & Sher doll mark Tut's Mummies 1923

Seigenberg & Sher doll mark label coffin symbol with Egyptian bust on cover Tut's Mummies

Selchow & Righter doll mark S & R 1864-1930

Selchow & Righter doll mark S & R

Self Sell Doll Co 1924-1928

Seltaeb NEMS Entreprises, LTD. 1963+, Samsact UK

    - Beatles rubber dolls, plus other memorabilia

Seymour Mann dolls 1980s-1990s

B. Shackman & Company dolls 1898-1930+ NYC

B. Shackman & Company doll mark label copyright Geo Mac Manus in oval

Elsie Shaver cloth doll mark Little Shavers 1919

Elsie Shaver doll mark Little Shavers

Shaw Doll Co Inc 1930s

J. B. Sheppard & Co cloth dolls 1900+

   - Philadelphia Baby doll, Sheppard Baby doll

Sherman Doll & Toy Company 1950s-1960s NYC

   - Judee doll, A Child's Sweetheart doll

Inga Shilling-Patterson doll mark Inga 1924-1925

Inga Shilling-Patterson doll mark Inga

M & S Shillman composition dolls 1925-1930

M & S Shillman doll mark M & S

doll mark M & S or upside down W & S

J. Shin Company Inc. dba Village Toys 1980s

   - Ice Cream dolls made in Hong Kong

Shindana Dolls 1960s-1980s

Lita & Bessie Shinn dolls 1916-1920

Lita & Bessie Shinn doll mark Patented Shinn Sisters

   - mark bottom of foot Patented Shinn Sisters

Shulman & Sons dolls 1906-1924

Shulman & Sons doll mark SS NY 1906 on a scroll

   - doll mark SS NY 1906 on a scroll

Sibyl Fortune Teller doll Co 1925-1930+

Sibyl Fortune Teller doll Co 1738 S. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.

   - 1738 S. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.

Lindsay & Curr Sibley dolls 1913-1914

Siegel Cooper Company 1890-1930+ NYC, distributor

Silk Novelty Corporation mask face dolls 1930s

Silk Novelty Corporation doll mark tag

Silver Doll & Toy Co 1923-1924, see R. Freundlich

M. Silverman & Company doll mark SMS 1919-1924

M. Silverman & Company doll mark My Beauty SMS intertwined

Simpich Character Dolls LTD. 1952-2007

Simpson-Crawford cymbalier dolls 1904-1906

Skippy Doll Corporation 1960s+

Celia & Charity Smith cloth dolls 1889-1911

D. M. Smith & Co wooden dolls 1852-1885

   - also Henry Mason, Mason & Taylor

Ella G. Smith Doll Co doll mark 1904-1932

Ella G. Smith Doll Co doll mark

    - Alabama Indestructible cloth dolls

Putman David, PD Smith Dolls 1913-1922

   - American Beauty Doll Company

Singer Brothers Company 1920s

Kittie F. Sischo doll mark Tumblin' Tim 1922-1923

Kittie F. Sischo doll mark Tumblin' Tim

Solomen, Mannie & Company wood dolls 1923

E. L. Sommer & Company rubber dolls 1921-1930

E. L. Sommer & Company doll mark ESCO

doll mark ESCO, Sommer & Co

Son Brothers & Company dolls 1917-1919

Southern Doll & Candy Co 1930s

Marjorie Spangler Dolls Inc. 1970s+

Spiegel Dolls 1933+

Squier Twins Toy Company dolls 1920-1930s

Stahlwood Company rubber squeak dolls 1950s

Standard Doll Company 1917-1960s+

Star Doll & Toy Company 1915-1960s

Star Toy & Novelty Co dolls 1914-1921

Starr Dolls, Dorothy Collins plastic dolls 1950s

Stashin Doll Co plastic dolls 1950s+

R. H. Stearns department store 1847-1978 Boston

Steinfeld Brothers dolls 1898-1917

   - Racketty Packetty Kiddies dolls

A. Steinhardt & Brothers doll importer 1910-1919

A. Steinhardt & Brothers doll mark label Marceline The Hippodrome Clown

   - made the following named dolls;

   Smiling Sue doll, Honey Boy doll,

   Marceline doll, Mr. Twee Deedle doll,

   Pierrot doll, Columbine doll, Flossie doll,   

   Mugsey doll, Buttons doll, Dutch She doll,

   Dutch He doll, Wilhewin doll, Jockey dolls
Sterling Toy Co dolls 1900s+

Sterling Doll Co boudoir dolls 1920s-1930s

   - Babe Ruth doll, Harold Red Grange doll

Stern Brothers department stores dolls 1867-2001

Daniel Steuber dolls 1879-1888

Mary M. Steuber doll mark patent June 25 78

Mary M. Steuber leg doll mark June 25 78

 - patent for sewing cloth stocking to leg to 

   boot, with China, bisque or papier mache heads

Abbie B. Stevens doll mark Georgia Peaches

Stoll & Edwards Co dolls 1925-1930

Strat Mfg Co dolls 1915-1916

John E. Stratton China dolls 1880s

Pfeiffer Strasburger & Company China dolls 1851-1881

Pfeiffer Strasburger & Company doll mark label upside down triangle

Adolph Strauss doll mark ASCO, SECO 1857-1937

Adolph Strauss doll mark ASCO

Adolph Strauss doll mark SECO

   - then Strauss Eckhardt & Co 1923-1925+

   - doll mark Our Pet label

Fred F.J. Strauss Company, Inc. 1960-2001? NYC

  Fred F.J. Strauss Company doll mark STRACO

doll mark STRACO

Lewis Straus & Sons figurine doll mark RW 1896+

Lewis Straus & Sons figurine doll mark Germany, crown, shield, RW, Rudolstadt

Strawbridge & Clothier dolls 1868-1930+

Strawbridge & Clothier doll marks

   - doll mark Baby Helen, The Princess Royal Doll, Princess Royal

Strobel & Wilken trade mark SW 1864-1930

Strobel & Wilken trade mark

India King Stubbs doll mark Actoe 1923

Stuffed Toy Mg Co. dolls 1922

Sun Rubber Co Dolls 1923-1974 

Sunny-Twin Dolly Co. celluloid doll mark 1919-1920

Sunny-Twin Dolly Company doll mark Sunny-Twin Dollies

Super Doll Corporation, Inc. 1948-1992 NYC

Super Doll Corporation doll mark made in Hong Kong

Superior Doll Mfg. Co composition dolls 1915-1922

Supreme Doll & Toy Co 1919

Surprise Shop dolls 1925-1930

A. D. Sutton & Sons plastic Dedo doll 1950s-1960s

Sweeny Lithographing Co dolls 1930s


T. T. Company dolls 1930s

T. W. Toy & Novelty Co dolls 1922-1923

James S. Taft doll mark D Taft 1910 1913-1917

James S. Taft doll mark D Taft 1910

Taiyo Trading Company composition dolls 1919-1920s

Taiyo Trading Co, Tajimi, Takito doll mark T flower symbol

doll mark T flower symbol; merger of Tajimi Co & Takito, Ogawa Co.

Talking Dolls & Novelty Co 1913+

Tambon Co dolls 1913

HH Tammenn 1881-1962, see Arrow Novelty

Taylor-Woolfenden Company 1902+ Detroit, MI

   - mail order cloth dolls 24 1/2" tall plus others

Marion Curry Tebbets cloth Petiekin doll 1921-1930+

   - doll trademark Petiekin Honey, May 13, 1924

Marion Curry Tebbets doll mark label Petiekin Honey Made mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Pat. May 13, 1924

Ted Toy-lers 1924-1928

Terri Lee Doll Co doll mark symbol 1946-1962

Terri Lee doll mark  symbol

Thomas R. Thompson doll mark Tots-Toie 1919+

Thomas R. Thompson doll mark Tots-Toie

Three in One Doll Corp composition dolls 1946+

   - 3 in 1 company multi-face Trudy doll

Anson B. Tiffany dolls 1856-1865 Hartford, Conn.

Tillicum Toy Mfg Co 1926-1930

Timely Toys, Inc. 1949-2011 NYC & St. Louis, MO

Timely Toys, Inc doll mark label Sanitized Cindy Snow Doll Timely Toys

   - 1958 Cindy Snow doll, Timely tin wind up toys

T - continued above

   T - continued

Tiny Town Dolls 1949-1950s

Tip Top Toy Company doll mark TTT 1912-1921

Tip Top Toy Co doll mark TTT

Togs & Dolls 1950s, see Terri Lee

Tonka Toy Co 1955-1991 now Hasbro

Robert Tonner Doll Company, Inc. 1991+

Robert Tonner Doll Company, Inc. doll mark  2013

Totsy Doll Co 1960s, see Barbie Clones

Toy Products Manufacturing Company dolls 1925-1930

Toy Products Manufacturing Company doll mark

Toy Shop composition dolls 1922-1929

The Toy Shop doll mark intertwined TS

   - doll mark intertwined TS, AIAX

Toy Tinkers 1923+

Toytime Inc. Company 1981+ NYC

Transogram Co mechanical dolls 1915-1930s

Travertine Art Co 1927-1928

Trego Doll Co doll mark 1918-1921

Trego Doll Co doll mark in an oval

Treng Manufacturing Co. doll mark TREMACO 1926-27

Treng Manufacturing Co. doll mark TREMACO

Trion Toy Co. Inc doll mark 1911-1921

Trion Doll Co doll mark

Tri-Star International, LTD. 1960s+

   - Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

Trixy Toy Novelty Company, cloth, wood dolls 1930s+

Helen Trowbridge doll designer 1910-1922

Tru-Craft Doll Company made doll clothes 1930+

Miss Fannie Turgeon dolls 1986-2004

   - by Donna Gilbert, reproduction dolls

Tut Manufacturing Company 1923-1924

Tut Manufacturing Company doll mark label Tu-Tankh-Amen Dolls

doll mark Tu-Tankh-Amen Dolls

Twinjoy Doll Co 1925-1929

Twistum Toy Factory 1919-1921

   - Archie Pagliacci doll

Tyco Toys 1926-1997 now Mattel

Boots Tyner, Sugar Britches dolls 1980s


U.S. Doll Company 1923-1926

U.S. Toy & Novelty Company 1919-1920

Uneeda Doll Co doll mark 1917-1973

Uneeda Doll Co doll mark

Unger Doll & Toy Co cell-u-pon dolls 1929-1930

Unger Doll & Toy Co. doll mark label UNGER DOLL & TOY CO. MILWAUKEE, WIS

Unique Doll Company plastic dolls 1950s

Unique Novelty Doll Co 1925-1930s

Universal Toy Co. trade name Baby Berry Toy 1950s

United States Rubber Co 1918-1920

Utley Company doll mark Rollinson Doll 1916-1919

Utley Company doll mark Rollinson

   - doll trade names Fabco, Tuco, Sanigenic

1919 merged with American Tissue Mills & New England Doll Co., Rollinson Doll, Holyoke, Mass.

Valentine Doll Co 1950s-1960s

Antonio Vargas Doll Co 1915-1930

Francisco Vargas & Sons 1875-1930s

Veelo Mfg Co 1928-1930

Vermont Novelty Works 1858-1925+

   - Joel Ellis, Rodney Briton, Ellis Eaton

Viola Doll Co 1917-1926

Virga Doll Co 1950s 

Alfred Vischer & Co metal head dolls 1894-1907

Viscoloid Co celluloid doll mark 1901-1930s

Viscoloid Co celluloid doll mark

Vogue Doll Co 1922-1972

Voices Inc 1923-1930

   - part of Art Metal Works, Aronson

P. F. Volland & Company dolls 1920s

P. F. Volland doll mark Raggedy Ann doll, Raggedy Andy doll

   - doll mark Raggedy Ann doll, Raggedy Andy doll


WD Company dolls 1920s

W & F Manufacturing Company 1930s

W P A or W.P.A. cloth doll 1865 1930s

W & W inside triangle composition doll mark, unknown

W & W composition doll mark

Walda Antiqued Porcelain dolls 1970+

Izannah F. Walker cloth dolls 1873-1888

Izannah F. Walker doll mark label Patented Nov. 4th, 1873

doll mark Patented Nov. 4th, 1873

John Wanamaker 1880-1995, see A. Marseille

   - Baby Blanche, Baby Dorothy dolls

John Wannamaker doll mark label

- John Wannamaker doll mark label Philadelphia

Wazu Novelty Company doll mark Wazu 1922

Wazu Novelty Company doll mark girl holding a stick symbol Wazu

Webb-Freyschlag 1902 Marseille heads

William Augustus Webber dolls 1882-1885

doll mark The Webber Doll (musical)

Weber Co of Phila, PA wood dolls 1860s / 1870s

Stella Webster all bisque birthday dolls 1930-1940s

Stella Webster all bisque birthday dolls label

Weidemann doll mark NYW Co 1922-1924

J. Weinschenker & Co 1923-1924

Well Made Doll Co composition dolls 1911-1930s

Martha L. Wellington cloth dolls 1883+

Martha L. Wellington cloth doll mark label Patented Jan. 8, 1883

doll mark label Patented Jan. 8, 1883

Western Doll Mfg. Co. 1918-1921

   - Chicago, IL doll distributor

Western News Co China head dolls 1904+

Wham-o Manufacturing Co. dolls 1972+

Whimsies, Inc., Dolls by Beatrice 1946+

   - Wee Whimsie small metal footed character dolls

Wiegand, Martin & Rempel 1882-1883

  - also called National Doll & Novelty Co

Carl Wiegand papier mache dolls 1876-1883

Carl Wiegand papier mache doll mark Wiegand's Patent May 23, 1876

doll mark Wiegand's Patent May 23, 1876

Wigwam Co doll mark Pat. Jan. 10, 1905 1905-1918

Wigwam Company doll mark wigwam symbol Pat. Jan. 10, 1905 trademark

Wilson Novelty Co ramp walkers 1930-1951

   - Watsontown Walkers, Wilson Walkies doll

   U.S.A. Pat. No. 214027

Martha St. Claire Wingert 1918-1923+ cloth rag dolls

   - 1918-1919  Paxie doll, 1922 Paxie Ann doll

Wingert doll mark Paxie

Wisconsin Deluxe Doll and Dress Co 1927-1930+

A.H. Wohlleben, doll importer 1921-30+ Baltimore, MD

Louis Wolf & Company doll mark L WeC 1870-1928

Louis Wolf & Company doll mark LWeC

Harry Wolf Doll Company 1905-1927 NYC

Harry Wolf Doll Company doll mark a standing boy symbol

doll mark standing boy symbol

Wondercraft 1920s-1950s

Wonderama Toys, Inc. dolls by Henry Garfinkle 1990

Wood Craft Studios 1930s St. Paul, MN

   - clothespin dolls Pinn family; Ty, Hattie, Clo, Harry,

    Beauty & Baby

Wood Dolls Menu 1300+

Wood Toy Co Babs walking dolls 1917-1923

W. R. Woodard & Company doll mark 1929-1930

- girl in swimsuit reclining, cloth Hollywood Imps dolls

W.R. Woodard doll mark label symbol girl in reclining in bathing suit (cloth Hollywood Imps dolls)

Orin F. Woodford Fancy Store label 1840-1855 Boston

Orin F. Woodford doll mark label From WOODFORD'S FANCY STORE, 309 Washington Street, Boston

Mary F. Woods doll mark M.F. WOODS 1904-1920s

Mary Frances Woods doll mark  M.F. WOODS

Robin Woods dolls 1980s-1992

Woodtex Company Patsy type dolls 1922-1923

Woodtex doll mark Pat App'ld For

- doll mark Pat App'ld For

FW Woolworth & Co 1879-1997

World Doll Company 1983+ NYC

B. Wright Toy Co 1955-1980s (Beatrice Wright

   Brewington) then sold to Totsy

B. Wright Toy Company doll mark Beatrice Wright


R. John Wright dolls 1976+

Writing Toy Co plastic Writing Rita doll 1962+

Wurzburg's Dept Store cloth dolls 1916

Wyman, Partridge & Co. doll mark W. P. Co. 1917 MN

  Wyman, Partridge & Company doll mark W. P. Co.

Yagoda Brothers 1925-1930,  see Morimura


Zaiden Toy Works dolls 1906-1930s

John Zernitz dolls 1897+ distributor

   - The Yellow Kid doll, composition, comic

   character by Richard Felton Outcault


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