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Antique papier mache Milliner's Model doll facePapier mâché, carton moulé, carton pâte or holz-masse are all terms describing a type of composition material made from paper sheets or paper pulp mixed with paste, oil, resin or other material to form a strong material that was pressed together. 


Earliest papier mache dolls were individually handmade, by the mid 1800s pressure mold processes made it possible for dolls to be mass produced.  


Antique Papier Mache Dolls & Makers Menu 1760+


J. Adler & Co dolls 1850-1890 USA - papier mache / composition shoulder head dolls, painted eyes, single stroke eyebrows, closed mouth, cloth body, leather hands.  Identifying paper label doll mark on back shoulder J. Adler & Co., Superior, American Head No. 7


J. Adler & Co. doll mark Superior American Head No. 7

J. Adler papier mache doll 19"

J. Adler & Co, Papier Mache Doll 19"


French Papier Mache Dolls 1835-1850+ - shoulder head, kid body, wooden limbs, painted black pate with painted hair curls around face, glass almond shaped eyes or painted eyes, open mouth with bamboo teeth or closed mouth, dolls are unmarked.


Some papier mache doll heads were made by German doll makers; Johann Müller, Andréas Voit and perhaps others, then assembled and dressed by French doll makers.

French papier mache doll 12"

French Papier Mache Doll 12"



Ludwig Greiner dolls 1840-1900 US - Papier mache shoulder head doll, molded and painted wavy black hair, high forehead, painted eyes or glass eyes, upper eye lashes and single stroke eyebrows, closed mouth, somber facial expression, cloth body with kid arms dolls.  Doll had an identifying paper label with; Greiner's Improved Patent Heads Pat. March 30th '58. or '72. as shown below.

reiner's Improved Patent Heads Pat. March 39th '58. or '72.

1858 Ludwig Greiner, glass eye papier mache doll 18 1/2"

Ludwig Greiner glass eyed papier mache shoulder head doll 18 1/2"


Milliner's Model doll with molded hair, papier mache dolls 1820s-1860s - shoulder head with an oval face, painted eyes, stuffed kid body, wooden limbs, painted molded hair style, closed mouth, painted flat feet, dolls are unmarked, various doll makers.

Milliner's Model papier mache doll 15"

Milliner's Model Papier Mache Doll 15"


Later Papier Mache Dolls 1863+ - shoulder head, cloth body, leather hands, molded painted blonde or black wavy hair like a China head doll, round face, painted eyes, closed mouth, dolls are unmarked or marked G. L. Superior 2015 or M & S Superior 2015 or 4515.


G. L. Superior = Georg Lutz 1887+ German

M & S Superior = Müller & Strassburger 1863-1892 German

M & S Superior papier mache doll 29", mold 2015

Muller & Strassburger, Papier Mache doll  mold M & S Superior 2015, 29"


1844-1920s A. Fleischmann & Craemer Papier Mache Doll Marks;

1881 doll mark Schutz Marke Trade Mark tree symbol

Fleischmann & Craemer doll mark AF & C Superior 2018

after 1881 doll mark


AF. & C. Superior 2018 or 2015

Fleischmann & Craemer doll mark AF & C 1920s

1920s doll mark


inside a circle AF & C with sunburst


Patent Washable Dolls 1880-1915 - a doll name for a type of composition shoulder head doll made by various doll makers, presumably in Germany.


Patent Washable dolls are unmarked, have composition shoulder heads, cloth bodies and limbs, composition lower arms and legs, some with molded boots, mohair or skin wig, bulging glass eyes, open mouth some with teeth or closed mouth.

Patent Washable doll 18" Germany

Patent Washable papier mache doll 18"




American, English, French, German


Papier Mache Doll Makers & Marks


Note:  Doll makers are German unless noted


AB & C - papier mache doll mark AB & C on a shield with an eagle in blue, unknown doll maker, USA?

 papier mache doll mark A.B. & C. on a shield with an eagle


Henri Bellet dolls 1919-1920s FR

  - made Poupard Art cardboard dolls with molded clothing


Josef Bergmann dolls 1883-1891

  - bisque or papier mache dolls heads, kid or composition body


Hattie Bartholomay Bruckmann dolls 1917+ USA

  - papier mache, plaster pressed face mold, chamois skin, hand painted face dolls or kid over papier mache, glass eyes head dolls


Cuno & Otto Dressel dolls 1789-1942

Cuno & Otto Dressel doll mark O Patented O Holtzmasse


Hermann Eckstein doll mark ECCO 1899-1920

Hermann Eckstein doll mark ECCOHermann Eckstein doll mark triangle with a girl


Charlotte Eldridge dolls 1953+

  - hand made papier mache Godey Lady Dolls


Fleischmann & Crämer dolls 1844+ papier mache, Täufling, wax dolls, doll mark AF & C Superior 2015, AF & C Superior 2018


Luigi Furga & Co dolls 1872+ Italy

  - papier mache, wax mask face dolls


Alphonse Giroux 1860-1880 FR

  - papier mache head on a kid body doll


Martin Grabner papier mache doll factory 1820


Ludwig Greiner dolls 1840-1900 USA

reiner's Improved Patent Heads Pat. March 39th '58. or '72.


William A. Harwood papier mache dolls 1862-1880s USA

William A. Harwood doll mark


Indestructible Head No. 1879 doll mark This Composition is perfectly harmless, doll maker unknown


Edward S. Judge & Early papier mache doll labels 1867-1878 USA

Eward S. Judge doll mark label Judge's Patent  Indestructible Doll Heads, No. 3, March 24th, 1868

Judge's Patent  Indestructible Doll Heads, No. 3, March 24th, 1868


Edward S. Judge doll label E. S. Judge, No. 6, July 27, 1875

E. S. Judge, No. 6, July 27, 1875


Judge & Early doll mark ;abel , N.2  Pat'd. July 27, 1875

Judge & Early, N. 2,  Pat'd. July 27, 1875


JDK Kestner dolls 1820-1938

JDK, Kestner doll mark K & Co.


Alexandre Lefebvre et Cie 1863-1921 FR

  - made papier mache Bébé Culotte, Bébé Maillot, Baby dolls, soldiers, clowns

Philip Lerch, Lerch & Co, Lerch & Klag 1866-1875 USA

papier mache dolls


Gustav Liedel owner papier mache factory 1850-1855


Lowenthal & Company 1838-1897

- papier mache dolls and heads


Georg Lutz doll mark G.L. 2015, 2020 Superior heads 1887-1906

Georg Lutz doll mark GL 2015, 202  Superior

Matlock Patent Washable Doll 1899-1914 USA


O. Mills Toy Store papier mache dolls 1851-1856 USA

O. Mills doll mark label


Model Patent Washable Dolls 1899-1907 USA


Johann Friedrich Müller dolls 1805+

- mold pressed Papier mache dolls


Leo Moss papier Mache dolls 1800s-1900s USA

   - black papier mache character head dolls, cloth body, molded painted curly hair, glass eyes, some have a molded tear on cheek, closed mouth, dolls are unmarked or marked L.M.

Leo Moss doll mark L.M.


Emile Paufler dolls 1896-1905

  - doll house, papier mache, porcelain, Täufling, wax dolls


Poupard one piece papier mache or cardboard paste dolls

   - without legs in painted swaddling clothes or long gown


Christoph Reisenweber dolls 1861-1930s

  - made art, bisque and papier mache head dolls


E. Ridley & Sons dolls 1884-1898 US distributor

  - bisque, China, composition, rubber, nonpareil papier mache doll heads, wax dolls.

E. Ridley & Sons papier mache doll mark WAH nonpareil 3015

doll mark W.A.H. nonpareil 3015


Rock & Graner dolls 1813-1911

  - baby, papier mache, molded hair dolls, dollhouse dolls


E. F. Safonoff dolls 1840s RU hand made papier mache dolls


Georg Andrea Sauerzapf dolls 1834-1851 AT

  - mechanical dolls, papier mache dolls


FM Schilling dolls 1871-1928

   - papier mache dolls, rubber dolls, Täufling dolls, composition head dolls and wax over composition dolls

 FM Schilling doll mark symbol of a winged doll angel

  FM Schilling doll mark symbol of a winged doll angel


Schmitt et Fils dolls 1854-1891 FR

Schmitt et Fils doll mark two crossed hammers on shield SCH

Alfred Schroeder papier mache mechanical dolls 1921-1930+


Société Ch. Ramel & Cie papier mache dolls 1916 FR

Société Ch. Ramel & Cie  doll mark J'Habille Mes Poupees or J'Habille Mes Soldats

doll marks J' Habille Mes Soldats, J' Habille Mes Poupées


Sporlin & Heinrich papier mache doll heads 1835-1841 AT


Heinrich Stier dolls 1830s-1880s

- waxed papier mache Täufling dolls


Reinhold Süssenguth & Company 1883-1893

- patent head paper mache dolls


Unbreakable (papier mache) Heads 500/2 anchor symbol, unknown maker

Papier mache doll mark Unbreakable Heads 500/2 anchor symbol


Utley NEDCO cloth papier mache dolls 1914-1922 USA


Johann Andréas Voit dolls 1806-1882


Carl Wiegand papier mache dolls 1876-1883

Carl Wiegand papier mache doll mark Wiegand's Patent May 23, 1876

doll mark Wiegand's Patent May 23, 1876


Adolph Wislizenus dolls 1851-1931


Christopher Witthauer dolls 1899-1903

  - cardboard or papier mache doll heads covered in cloth


Bernhard Zehner doll 1898-1930

  - papier mache dolls & toys, mechanical dolls


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