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Italian Creche Wax Jesus Doll 9 1/2" tall

Italian Crèche all wax baby Jesus

Christ child doll or figure 9 1/2" tall

Some of the oldest known existing examples of dolls have been found made of wax,  There are three basic types of wax dolls. 


Ancient-1800s Poured Wax Dolls are made of tinted wax, hair is inserted into the head, have molded eyelids, realistic facial modeling and hollow poured limbs, sometimes marked on shoulder plate. 


1800-1900s Wax Over Dolls are made of clear wax, molded hair or wigged, no molded eyelids and solid limbs. 


1860-1890 Reinforced Wax Dolls are made of tinted wax, wigged, molded eyelids, realistic facial modeling and hollowed poured limbs.


Montanari Princess Royal wax doll, 24"

Montanari Princess Royal Poured Wax Doll, 24"

Pierotti Poured Wax Doll 13"

Pierotti Poured Wax Doll 13"

American Wax Doll Makers

Dominico Checkeni wax multi face dolls 1866-1885


   - doll mark Prosopotrope, Patented Feb. 20, 1866, manufactured and sold by Ozias Morse,

   West Acton, Mass, sole agent for Patentees


Charles Dummig wax dolls 1848-1865

Charles Dummig doll mark No. 812 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA

   - doll mark No. 812 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA


Ehrich Brothers wax dolls

Ellis, Britton & Eaton wax dolls 1858-1925+

   - Co-Operative Mfg. Co, Vermont Novelty Co

Phillip Goldsmith wax over composition dolls 1890

doll mark Pat. Dec. 15, 1885 


Rebecca Johnson wax dolls 1887 US

  - cloth head dipped in wax dolls

C. F. Lauer dolls 1842-1888+ NYC, US

  - an importer, distributor of American, England, 

  France & German dolls made of; bisque, China,

   composition, parian, rubber, wax

Gladys MacDowell, wax doll artist 1940s-1970s

Martin & Rippel wax dolls 1881-1883

   - renamed National Doll & Novelty Company 1883+

Mary McEwen wax over composition head 1910-1930s

Oates Wax Studio wax figurine dolls 1927-1928

Elizabeth Scantlebury wax dolls 1920s NYC, US

Minna Moschersch Schmidt dolls 1923-1930s

  - wax portrait, wax historical dolls

Lewis Sorensen artist wax dolls 1934-1985

Antonio Vargas wax dolls 1915-1920

William Augustus Webber dolls 1882-1885

  -  wax over composition head singing doll



English Wax Doll Makers

 sometimes marked with a body label or ink stamp, most dolls are unmarked


Frederic Aldis wax dolls 1878-1901

   - wax dolls, some with Pierotti heads, limbs, glass eyes, some with inset hair, cloth body.

Frederic Aldis wax doll mark Aldis doll mark Dolls, Toys & Games 11 & 13 elgrave Mansions

Aldis doll mark Dolls, Toys & Games

F. Aldis 11 & 13 Belgrave Mansions SW


Thomas Aldred wax dolls 1881-1903

   - wax dolls, some with Pierotti heads

Anthony Bazzoni wax dolls 1828-1878

   - wax and composition dolls

S. Coleman wax dolls prior to 1867


   - Nos. 6, 7, 11, 12, & 26, Ground Floor

   Pantheon, Oxford Street Entrance


Joseph H. Evans & Sons wax dolls 1868-1881

Joseph Evans doll mark 114 - 115 - 116 Newgate St. London

- doll mark 114 - 115 - 116 Newgate St. London

   wax head dolls, cloth body with ink stamp


C. Gooch wax dolls made by Charles Marsh 1865+

C. Gooch doll mark C. Gooch Soho Bazaar made by Chas. Marsh

- doll mark C. Gooch Soho Bazaar Chas. Marsh


Charles Marsh wax doll mark 1865-1914 ENG

Charles Marsh doll mark 31 & 32 Corinthian Bazaar Argyll St. London W

   - Chas. Marsh Manufacturer, cleaned & repaired dolls

  31 & 32 Corinthian Bazaar Argyll St. London, Soho Bazaar


Herbert John Meech wax dolls 1865-1917

Mme. Augusta Montanari wax dolls 1851-1884


   - Montanari, 251 Regent St. & 180 Soho Bazaar

   Montanari, 13 Charley St., Soho Sqr. London

Horace W. & Charles Morrell wax dolls 1870-1930

  Morrell doll mark 164 Oxford Street London

   - Morrell 164 Oxford Street London

   Charles Morrell 368 Oxford Street London W.

   Charles Morrell, 50 Burlington Arcade London


J. Peacock dolls wax, composition dolls 1862-1889

   - doll mark 525 New Oxford St. London, W.C.


Lucy Peck wax dolls 1893-1922


   - doll mark 156 Regent Street London W


Pierotti wax dolls 1770-1942

Pierotti wax doll mark

- doll mark Pierotti


Roncorone beeswax dolls 1800s

Santy Inventor waxed dolls 1860

   Santy doll mark 340 Long Room Soho Bazaar London
doll mark 340 Long Room Soho Bazaar London


Slit Head wax dolls ca. 1850-60 various English makers

Edward Smith wax dolls 1880s

Edward Smith The City Toy Shop doll mark 8 Cheapside London F.C.

   - doll mark Edward Smith The City Toy Shop

   8 Cheap Side London, E. C.


John Tinkler wax doll mark E. Tinkler 1880s London

John Tinkler wax doll mark E. Tinkler


Charles Edward Turnbull, bisque, China, wax dolls 1872-35+ - importer, dist. of dressed dolls from FRA & Germany



French Wax Doll Makers


Pandores, Grandes Pandores 1300-1800s

- wood or wax French fashion manikin doll, Grandes Pandores is a large, life size manikin doll


Au Paradis Des Enfants 1864-1925

- distributor of various doll makers dolls; including cloth dolls, wax dolls and China head dolls.

Au Paradis des Enfants 156 R. Rivoli R. Du Louvre 1 store doll mark

   - 156 Rué de Rivoli, Paris, Rue du Louvre, No. 1 , large famous Paris, France Department store


Th. Desrosiers wax dolls 1867-1881

- by 1881 Assuérus & Desrosiers, wax heads of children, wax crèche figures, wax infant Jesus figures.


Lafitte & Désirat dolls 1900-1920

- museum quality wax dolls dressed in the latest Paris fashions for display and exhibits.


Maison Vve. Munnier dolls 1834-1863

- succeeded by Benon & Cie in 1863, then Guiton until 1890s

made wax over composition Motschmann type dolls and bisque head dolls marked E.B. by Eugene Barrois.


doll mark Aux Enfants Sages Passage Jouffroy, Nos. 13 & 17 Paris


German Wax Doll Makers

1800s+ Victorian Wax Valentine, flat wax figure(s) under a blown glass dome, diorama keepsake,

various makers; Austria, Germany


Fritz Bartenstein multi face wax dolls 1880-1905

Max Carl & Co wax dolls 1891-1905

Bernhard Fischer wax Taufling dolls 1864-1911

Gebrüder Haag doll mark Biskuit - Imitation 1878-1925+

Gebruder Haag doll mark Biskuit Imatation   

   - washable, wax, molded wax dolls


Georg Hoffmann wax dolls 1895+ Rauenstein

Leopold Illfelder wax doll heads on cloth or kid 1874+

Julius Leuthausser Täuflings wax dolls 1864 -1926

Amandus Michaelis & Co dolls 1870-1930s

   - leather, papier mache, Täufling, wax dolls

Andreas Müller wax dolls 1887+ Sonneberg, Coburg

Kammer & Reinhardt wax dolls 1886+

Kestner wax over papier mache dolls 1860+

Lotte Pritzel wax head art dolls 1908-1920s

G. Schmey wax dolls 1895+

Heinrich Steiner wax dolls 1895-1912

Zeuch & Lausmann wax dolls 1895+

Paul Richard Zierow wax dolls 1882-1932

Zierow doll marks PZ a child or doll standing

Zierow doll marks  Puppen-Zierow Mein Augenstern on an eye symbol

   - Zierow doll marks PZ, Puppen-Zierow Mein Augenstern


Other Countries Wax Doll Makers

Made in Austria wax dolls

Ecuador mnade wax dolls

Herrera Y Hoyo wax dolls 1893 Mexico

Spain made wax dolls

 Josef Kubelka doll mark 4 Bte SGDGJosef Kubelka doll mark 4 Bte SGDG wax over porcelain doll heads 1880s Vienna  


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