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Babs Manufacturing Corporation or

International Walking Doll Co 1917-1921


A USA doll manufacturer, made a line of mesh with flexible steel spring joints and wooden limbs dolls.  Dolls may be marked with an acorn shape symbol with USA in the top of the cap and Babs Mfg in the body of the acorn.


The Babs doll is a non mechanical walking doll, that appear to be the same as the Harry H. Coleman, Manhattan Doll Company and Wood Toy Company walking dolls.  All dolls bear the same patent number 1,221,870 dated April 10, 1917.

1917-1921 Babs Mfg. Corp. or Itn'l Walking Doll

Dolly Walker doll 28" a non mechanical walking doll 

The Dolly Walker non mechanical walking dolls are 28" tall, composition shoulder head, painted hair or wigged, multi stroke eyebrows, sleep or painted eyes, painted upper and lower eye lashes, open mouth, wood framed body covered in mesh or cardboard, wood hinged jointed limbs; shoulders, elbows, wrists, top of legs, knees and ankles.  Doll marked on underside bottom

Baps, Patented in U.S.A. Other Patents Pending Patents applied for In other countries.


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