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related Antique China dolls versus Reproduction


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 Antique China Dolls 1836-1940s

1860's Countess Dagmar, China Head Doll

Antique China dolls were made by various, mostly German companies from 1836 to the 1940s.  Glazed porcelain China head dolls (unglazed porcelain dolls are referred to as Parian dolls) are usually found on a wood, cloth or kid body with some dolls having partial China limbs as well.  Most China dolls found, have molded painted hair, but some have a wig over a solid bald dome head.  China head dolls range in size from a tiny 3 inches to a big and very heavy 40 inches tall.


China head dolls are usually unmarked, some may have a mold number or doll makers mark on the back of the neck or on the shoulder plate, thus it can be impossible to pinpoint the doll maker, so dolls are described and identified by the type of hairstyle.  As hairstyles changed over the long history of China head doll making, dolls changed too, which gives us a clue to their dating.


Shown left above is a China head doll hairstyle known as Countess Dagmar ca. 1860s, photo courtesy of  Virtu Doll

related China Head Dolls - Antique dolls versus Reproduction dolls


So how well do you know your Hairstyles?

1840's China Doll Bun (Damenkoph) lady or Queen Victoria

1840's China Head Doll Bun

Damenkoph, Lady head,

Young Queen Victoria

Hairstyle is in a bun, braid or hair rolled at the back of the neck.

Child (Kinderkoff) head

1840's China Head Child doll

Kinderkoff head

Can be a female or male child shoulder head doll.

chinas_kpm_kathy.jpg (16421 bytes)

1840's  China Head Doll KPM

KPM, Königliche Porzellan Manufactur Messen, King's Porcelain Factory, is the company name not a hairstyle, very rare blanc de chine male shoulder head.

1840s Lydia headchinas_sophia_lydia_kathy.jpg (15761 bytes)

1840's  China Head Doll

Lydia head (shown on left)

Hairstyle parted in the center, smooth on top, ringlet type long curls on sides.  The photo on the right is of a Sophia or Lydia head - in other words it's close to both hairstyles.

1840s Queen Victoria head with exposed ears

1840's  China Head Doll

Queen Victoria head, exposed ears

If you look at many of the photo's here, you will not see ears beneath the hair, but this one shows the ears and was made by TPM the Carl Tiesch Company of Poland 1840's.

1840s Sophia Smith head 

1840's  China Head Doll

Sophia Smith head 

Hairstyle with straight sausage curl hair.

1850s Biedermier or bald china head 

1850's China Head Doll

Biedermier or bald head 

Solid dome bald shaped head with a wig over the head.

1850s Covered wagon china head

1850's China Head Doll

Covered wagon head

Hairstyle with a center part, flat on top with curls around the head.

1850s Greiner style china head

1850's China Head Doll

Greiner style head

Hairstyle with a middle part, wavy on the sides with comb marks, high forehead.

1860s Alice in Wonderland china head

1860's China Head Doll

Alice in Wonderland head

Hairstyle with molded headband on a Motschmann type body.

1860s Countess Dagmar china head 

1860's China Head Doll

Countess Dagmar head 

Various elaborate hairstyles some with pierced ears.

1860s Highbrow china head

1860's China Head Doll

High Brow head

Hairstyle with center part, flat top, curls around head, round face with high forehead.

1860s Jenny Lind china head

1860's China Head Doll

Jenny Lind head

Hairstyle parted in the middle and pulled back into a bun with a high forehead

1860s China head, Morning Glory hairstyle

1860's China Head Doll

Morning Glory head

Hairstyle with hair pulled back, wavy on sides with molded flowers at the neck.

1860-1970's  Mary Lincoln Todd china head

1860-1870's China Head Doll

Mary Todd Lincoln head

Hairstyle is pulled back and held in place with a snood.

1860s Waterfall china head

1860's China Head Doll

Waterfall head

Hairstyle, you better just take a look at the photo to understand the description for  yourself.

1860s-1870s Flat top, High brow china head

1860-1870's  China Head Doll

Flat top, High brow

 or Civil War head 

Hairstyle parted in the middle with short curls, high forehead and flat top head.

1870's Adelina Patti china head

1870's China Head Doll

Adelina Patti head 

Hairstyle with a center part, rolled hair with elaborate curls.

1870s Curly Top china head

1870's  China Head Doll

Curly Top head

Hairstyle has ringlet curls over entire head

1870's  Dolly Madison china head

1870's  China Head Doll

Dolly Madison head

Hairstyle with curls all over the head with molded ribbon

1870s Spill Curl china head

1870's  China Head Doll

Spill Curl head

Hairstyle of curls on forehead and spilling down the back of the neck

1870s Currier & Ives china head 

1870's  China Head Doll

Currier & Ives head 

Hairstyle with bangs, some have hair details like a headband shown on this parian head of untinted bisque.

1880s Highland Mary china head

1880's  China Head Doll

Highland Mary head

Hairstyle with bangs and curls at sides.

1890s Low Brow china head

1890's  China Head Doll

Low Brow head

Hairstyle is common for this era with all over curls could be blonde or black hair.

1895s Pet Name head by Hertwig Marion

1895's China Head Doll

Pet Name head by Hertwig

Doll name is printed in gold on front of shoulder plate; shown is Marion

1900s Japan china heads

1900's  China Head Doll

Japan - China heads


Various hairstyles.

1900s Bonnet china heads

1900's  China Head Doll

Bonnet heads

Like the name implies dolls are wearing a molded bonnet over their molded hair.

1905's  low brow jewel neck china head

1905's  China Head Doll

Low Brow shoulder heads with jewel neck.

Additional China Head dolls not shown


1920-1930s China Head Doll,

Low Brows head,

some made in Japan


1940s China Head Dolls



Companies that made Antique China head dolls

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, ABG


** Au Paradis Des Enfants

French (more information below)

Bahr & Proschild


Bawo & Dotter doll mark B & D, Pat. Dec. 7/80, Barclay Baby Belle Germany

Bawo & Dotter, Importer

- doll marks B & D, Pat. Dec. 7/80,

Barclay Baby Belle Germany

French, German, USA

Ernst Bohne doll mark anchor symbol EB, German

George Borgfeldt china doll marks

- various doll marks of Letters & numbers, made by various makers

George Borgfeldt, importer USA

Our Pet China head dolls; 

Agnes, Bertha, Daisy, Dorothy, Edith, Ethell, Florence, Helen, Mabel,

Marion made by Closter V. or Hertwig.

- doll mark Patent Appd For Germany

Butler Brothers, importer


Max Carl & Company,

doll mark C symbol, German

Closter (Kloster) Veilsdorf

Greiner type China's German

Conta & Boehme

- doll marks V37, IX36, arm on a shield German

D'Autremont doll mark Paris 6 Rue de Dauphin 6

D'Autremont Paris

 - doll mark 6 Rue De Dauphin 6 French

Dressel, Kister doll mark a staff symbol DFP

Dressel, Kister & Co., DKP

- usually heads or half dolls

doll mark a staff symbol DKP


T. Eaton & Company


Ehrich Brothers


Ellis, Britton & Eaton


Wilhelm Goebel doll mark

William Goebel


Philip Goldsmith


Gräfenthal Porzellanfabrik or Unger, Carl Erben Schneider & Hutschenreuther doll mark G

Gräfenthal Porzellanfabrik or Unger, Carl Erben Schneider, Hutschenreuther doll mark G


r. Haas & Co doll mark Fr. H & Co for Fischer, Naumann

Fr. Haas & Co doll mark Fr. H & Co (distributor) for Fischer, Naumann England UK/German

Hertwig doll mark

Hertwig & Company


Madame Huret doll mark label

Maison Huret


JD Kestner doll trade mark K & CO

Kestner & Company


Kling doll mark K Kling doll mark bell K symbol

Kling & Company


A. W. Fr. Kister doll mark KPM X

August Wilhelm

Friedolin Kister, KPM X

or A. W. Fr. Kister

Schwarzburg, Rudolstadt, German

Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur KPM doll marks Berlin

Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur KPM Berlin, German

Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur KPM doll marks Meissen

Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur

KPM Meissen, German

Nanking dolls (China head dolls on nanking - cotton bodies - exact marks may vary, unknown

Morimura Brothers


Nymphenburg Porzellanfabrik doll mark

Nymphenburg Porzellanfabrik

Munich, Bavaria

Orben, Knabe doll mark OK

- doll mark O.K.

Orben, Knabe & Company


Jacob Petit doll mark

Jacob Petit


Fritz Pfeffer

Austria & German

Theodor Pohl doll mark TP 2210


Pollak & Hoffman

Buchau, Bohemia

L. Prieur


A. H. Pröschold


August Reideler


Madame Rohmer doll mark label

Madame Rohmer




Royal Copenhagen doill mark

Royal Copenhagen


Schlaggenwald doll mark S 59, IS 60

Schlaggenwald doll mark S 59, IS 60, owners Lipfert, Haas, Cžijžek

Schlaggenwald, Bohemia

Schreyer & Company




Samson Smith doll mark SS Ltd.

Samson Smith

England UK

Strasburger, Pfeiffer & Co.


John E. Stratton


Charles Edward Turnbull

England UK

Wallendorf Porzellanfabrik doll marks

Wallendorf Porzellanfabrik or

Kämpfe, Heubach & Sontag


Western News Co


China bonnet head doll mark Gota - unknown

China bonnet head doll mark Gota - unknown


China head doll marks unknown

China doll marks - unknown

China head doll mark IHO - unknown

China doll mark IHO - unknown



The Meissen KPM factories are the oldest and most desirable of China head dolls. 

The Thuringia area in Germany had many other small porcelain factories that produced China head dolls as well.

During and after World War I, China dolls were made in Japan


** Au Paradis des Enfants dolls 1864-1925 France, distributor and assembler of dolls from various doll makers including;

China head dolls with pink kid bodies, wax over China head dolls.  Located at 156 Rué de Rivoli, Paris, Rue du Louvre, No. 1


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This entire page was made possible by the China doll experts and collectors; Virtu Doll, Barb, Wild Rose Cottage Antiques, Tapestries

and others who lent their expertise and photos.  A huge Thanks to everyone for their contributions and help with this page.

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