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Eleonore 25"


CM Bergmann Eleonore doll, 25" tall, bisque head, ball jointed composition body, wigged, feathered brows, sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, open mouth with teeth. 

Charles M. Bergmann operated a doll company in Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany, by 1909 he added a factory in Friedrichroda, Germany, until they went bankrupt in 1931. 

Bergmann dolls came in sizes from 13" to 34" tall, with composition ball jointed bodies and a bisque socket head or bisque shoulder head and kid body, supplied from other manufacturers; Armand Marseilles, ABG - Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, William Gobel, Simon & Halbig and maybe others.

Bergmann also made papier mache dolls, kid leather bodied dolls, character baby dolls.  Dolls were distributed in the United States by Louis Wolf & Co., who registered these doll trademarks for them; 

1892-1917 Cinderella Baby doll, 1904-1915 Columbia doll, 1913-1915 Baby Belle doll, Eleonore doll, Spezial doll and 1926 My Gold Star doll. 


C. M. Bergmann Antique Doll Size Number = Doll Height in Inches


Size # 4/0 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 1/2a 7a 8 9 10a 12 15
Inches 13 15 16 18 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 34



Charles M. Bergmann Identified Doll Marks & Doll Mold Numbers



A.M.C.M.B. (Armand Marseilles head)

A.M. Columbia C.M. Bergmann

C.M. Bergmann 1916 Waltershausen, size #

C.M. Bergmann B 4 Germany

C.M.B. Simon & Halbig  Eleonore

Cinderella Baby

Halbig C.M. Bergmann S & H

Simon & Halbig 612 C.M. Bergmann

S & H C.M.B. (Simon & Halbig head)

S & H 1280 Columbia


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