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American composition boy doll

American composition boy doll 15" tall

Composition dolls were made by American, English, French, German and Japan doll makers.  Early composition dolls were made from glue, glycerin, zinc oxide and Japanese wax, it is a heavy and dense material, the coloring can be almost white, gray or brown.  Each doll manufacturer kept their exact composition "recipe" a secret. 


About 1916 doll makers began using ground-up sawdust, also called wood flour, which made a much lighter doll, then the doll was airbrushed with oil paint.  Composition heads were also described by American doll makers, as "unbreakable" opposed to German bisque doll heads that dominated the doll market, prior to World War I which began in 1914 to 1918.

Water is a composition dolls worst enemy, extremes of temperature in Heat, Humidity over time, affect the wood material which expands or contracts, the painted surface on top doesn't, instead fine lines appear in the paint called crazing and cracks that expose the material below.  After World War II (1939-1945) plastic material was developed that was light and durable, by the end of the 1940s plastic replaced composition as a material used to make dolls by American doll makers.  Here is a list of all pages with composition dolls.

Composition Doll Marks   A - D   |   E - M   |    N - Z   | Numbers   |   Plastic Doll Marks


ABC Doll Co 1930s-1950s 

Acme Toy Co 1910-1930s

Advertising dolls 1893-1970s

Aetna Doll Co 1908-1925

Alexander Dolls 1923-1947

    - doll face molds

Allied Grand Doll Mfg. Co 1915-1980 

Louis Amberg Doll Co 1878-1930 

American Character Doll Co 1919-1968

American Doll Co 1912-1926

Art Craft Toy Products 1918-1920

Arranbee R & B 1922-1961

Arrow Novelty Skookum dolls 1920-1950s

Atlas Doll & Toy Company 1917-1930

Averill Georgene Hendren 1915-1965


Babs Mfg walking dolls 1917-1921

Beehler Arts 1940s

Black dolls

George Borgfeldt 1881-1959

Boudoir dolls 1915+

Bucherer & Cie 1921-1935

Buddy Lee dolls 1920-1962

Butler Brothers 1877-1935

Cameo Doll Co 1922-1970s

Carnival Character Dolls 1918+

Century Doll Co 1909-1928

Dewees Cochran Doll Co 1934-1970s

Harry Coleman walking dolls 1917-1923

Composition Doll Marks 1899+


Dream World Doll Co late 1930s-1950s

Dress Me dolls 1944+

Edmund Edelmann 1921-1933

Eegee Doll Co 1917-1980

Effanbee F & B  1910s |  1920s  |  1930s 1940+  |  Little Lady, Anne Shirley clothes

Eugenia Doll Co 1943-1953


Ralph A. Freundlich 1929-1945 


Hamburger & Co dolls 1889-1910

Hedwig de Angeli dolls 1940s (Hoyer)

Hollywood Doll Co 1941-1956

Horsman 1904-1929 |1930-1940s

Mary Hoyer Doll Co 1925-1970s


Ideal Dolls 1906-1939 | 1940s


Sybil Jason dolls 1935-1940s


K & K Toy Co 1915-1930s

Franz & Hermann Kiesewetter 1907+

Knickerbocker Doll & Toy 1925-1983


Mama dolls 1919+

Manhattan walking doll 1919-1920

Armand Marseille 1885-1950s

Mollyes Doll Co 1929-1970s

Monica Doll Studio 1941-1952

Morimura Nippon Dolls 1915-1926


Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Co 1936-1968

Oriental, Asian dolls 1400+


Paris Doll Corp Peggy 1940s-1956

Patsy Look A-like doll types 1928+

Earle Pullan Doll Co 1945-1967


Quaddy Playthings Co 1916-1920

Jessie M. Raleigh Doll Co 1916-1920

Regal Doll Co 1919-1940

Reliable Dolls 1920-1940s

Roberta Doll Co 1940s-1970s 

Royal Doll Mfg Co 1914-1977


Schoen & Yondorf, SAYCO 1922-1960s

Schoenau & Hoffmeister 1901-1953

Sears Happi-Time dolls 1901-1967

Sewing mannequin doll 1938-1950s

PD Smith Doll Co 1913-1922

Spiegel dolls 1933+

Strobel & Wilken 1864-1930


Terri Lee Doll Co 1946-1962

Tip Top Toy dolls 1912-1921

Trego Doll Co 1918-1921


Uneeda Doll Co 1917-1961


Vogue Doll Co 1922-1972 


Western Doll & Toy Mfg Co 1918-1920


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Composition Doll Marks   A - D   |   E - M   |    N - Z   | Numbers   |   Plastic Doll Marks



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