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Below is a list of Doll makers around the world by Country 1400s+, included is the Company name, dates of operation, doll mold numbers, identifying doll mark; letters, initials, doll trade names and symbols if known. 


Some dolls or figures are listed by type, as the exact doll makers are unknown. 


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Doll Makers World - Dress-Me dolls, Ethnic doll, Folk doll, International doll, National Costume doll, Souvenir doll, Tourist dolls

Almost every country on this planet made or sells tourist dolls. The exact manufacturers names are unknown, obscure or too numerous to list; they could be made by local artists, individuals, small importers who then dress the dolls in the regions costumes and attire etc. Generally tourist dolls are small sized, low quality and inexpensive, although from the quantity found today, clearly folks did purchase them to commemorate their holiday.  In the USA American market, often a small hard plastic 1950s Dress-Me type doll was used and dressed in locale attire.



Africa, African - Doll Makers - Dolls made in Africa

Brentsend dolls 1915-1920s cloth dolls made by Miss Brent and Mrs. Townsend, Grahamstown, SA & Salisbury, Rhodesia

Marguerite Brunot dolls 1918, Algiers, North Africa, doll mark intertwined MB (trademark registered in France)

Flora dolls 1916-1928, dolls have a wooden head, cloth body, made by Grace & Florence Wheeler

Fertility dolls, Religious dolls

Laubschers Poppen Fabriek dolls 1915-1927, S. Africa


American Doll Makers


Americas - Doll Makers - Dolls made in the Americas

North America Arctic regions - wooden Labrador dolls 1940s+, Labrador Tea dolls 1960s+

 Northern, North, Central, Caribbean, South America - dolls were made by various artists, craftsperson's

Trinidad dolls 1914+, cloth stuffed and dressed as a East India woman, betrothal or marriage dolls


Argentina - Doll Makers - Dolls made in Argentina

Artycal Industria Argentina dolls - ca. 1935+


Austria, Austrian -  Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Austria

A & M, Aich, Menzel, Porzellanfabrik Aich dolls 1918-1930

Ferdinand Andri wooden peasant dolls 1906+

Lilli Roman Baitz, folk art character dolls 1909-1938

  - then 1947-1999 Kunstgewerbatelier Baitz Nachfolger

Milna Crowley & Co dolls 1920s

Henrich Dehler dolls 1889 Vienna

Alf Deller dolls 1907-1921 Vienna

Franz Frankl dolls 1858-1925+ Vienna

D. Freud dolls 1899 Vienna

J. Haller dolls 1851 Vienna

Hauser Co dolls 1922+, also located in Germany

Insam & Prinoth wood dolls 1820-1930 Tirol, German

Auguste Gottfried dolls 1897-1901 Vienna

Grödner Tal dolls; Tuck Comb, jointed wood peg dolls 1700s+

Krauhs Co dolls 1920s-1930s

Leo Katz dolls 1924-1925

Klosterle dolls 1790-1890+, also in Czechoslovakia

Carl Henrich Knabe dolls 1897-1903 Vienna

Josef Kubekla doll mark 4 BTE SGDG 1884-1909 Vienna


Erben G. Lange dolls 1851-1853 Bavaria

Emil Mautner dolls 1912-1925

Anger & Moehling dolls 1848-1870 then Aich, Menzel & Co.

Moroder wooden doll 1800s-1896 verlegers Grödner Tal

Katherine Parr dolls 1914-1927

Johanna Peller-Hoffmann carved turned wood dolls 1907

Fritz Pfeffer China head dolls 1892-1930 Vienna & Germany

Fritz Pfeffer doll mark TP or GP

doll mark TP or GP


Gebrüder Pfeiffer 1894-1930 Vienna, Austria & Thuringia, Ger

  - Gebrüder Pfeiffer; Emil, Max Pfeiffer & Fritz (Pfeffer)

   Marseille bisque head mold A560, 1894

doll mark intertwined initials EP Hubsy 52. Germany


Emil Pirchan turned wood character dolls 1907

Plass & Roesner 1907-1930 Buchau doll mold 1907, 1913

Plass & Roesner doll mark Made in Austria P & R 1907

doll mark Made in Austria P & R 1907

   - see above next, for additional marking

  - Plass & Roesner doll mark continued

Plass & Roesner doll mark Roma PR Austria 1913

doll mark Roma PR Austria 1913


Fraulein Minka Podhajaskaturned wood dolls 1903-1910

Pollak & Hoffmann China dolls 1902-1907 Buchau

Pollak & Hoffmann doll mark P & H 1904

doll mark P & H, doll mold 1903, 1904, then Plass & Roesner


A. Quint dolls 1907-1908

Anton Reichenauer dolls 1853

Moritz Resek, Rezek doll mold 1895 1889-1927

Moritz Resek or Rezek doll mark  MR 1895 175 16 3/4

   doll mark MR 1895 175 16 3/4


Adam Rockendorfer wood dolls 1809-1814

Marianne Roller wood dolls 1906-1908

Johan Anton Runggaldier wood doll verlegers 1800s

Georg Andrea Sauerzapf papier mache dolls 1834-1851

N. A. Schelhorn dolls 1853+

Anton Schlosser dolls 1853+

Adolf Schmeiser dolls 1907+

Franz Schubert dolls 1925+

Prof. Victor Schufinsky turned wood dolls 1909-1910

Josef Schwarz dolls 1899-1910

Alban Leimgrube Schweiglander dolls 1816+

Schwimmer & Rakovsky dolls 1925-1930

Friedrich Seeber dolls 1891-1912 Vienna

Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co dolls 1913-1914

Johann Siedar walking dolls 1907-1908

Karl Sommer dolls 1907-1908

M. Sporlin & H. Rahn dolls 1835-1841

Johann Sadler dolls 1809-1816

Karl Stephan dolls 1907-1910

Friedrich & Josef Treidler dolls 1853+

VonUchatius dolls 1900-1926

Kathrine Wendenburg dolls 1910

Appollonie Wywelecka dolls 1907

Fanny Zakucka Harlfinger painted wooden dolls 1903-1907

Zweybruck Wien Werkstätte dolls (Vienna Workshop)




Australia, Australian - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Australia

Anne Geddes plush dolls 1990s+

Australian Medal Head Doll Works 1930s - doll mark E. F. & Co.

Berlex Co. dolls 1950s

Lindee Toy Co. dolls 1944-1976

Sarah Ellen Midgley cloth dolls ca. 1930s-1950s

Moldex LTD., Pedigree Tri-ang Line Brothers LTD dolls 1956+

Verna Toy Co. dolls 1941-1980s


Belgium - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Belgium

Jeanne Cortot of Le Puy dolls 1917-1922

   - doll mark Bébé Jeannette M.P.H.L

Leo W. Dulmage walking dolls 1920-1923

DeFuisseaux or De Fuisseaux dolls ca. 1909-1913

Eugénie Faugier dolls 2 heads, 2 torso's, 2 skirts 1909

                        Remdeo dolls 1914-1916

Unica dolls 1921-1971

Van Hollebeke dolls 1850s

J. Van Rosen dolls 1912-1914


Brazil, Brazilian - Bonecas - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Brazil

Estrela Company 1937-present, maker of dolls and toys, doll mark ESTRELA

- licensed by Ideal & Mattel to reproduce their products in Brazil

some bonecas names; Bebe, 1963 Miss Universe Ieda Vargas, Linda, Patti Playpal, Susi and many others

Holzer & Cie dolls 1920s-1940s

Joao Perotti Mfg. Obis dolls 1920s-1930s


Canada, Canadian - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Canada

Apple Folk Dolls of Canada - dressed Native North American Indian dolls, dates of operation unknown

J. E. Beauchamp Doll Co. 1918 Montreal, Canada - distributor or agent for Century Doll Company USA

Beaver Doll Company 1950s+

Beaver Doll & Toy Company 1917+

Best-Made Toys LTD. 1960s+

Bisco Doll Company 1917-1920 all bisque baby dolls

Boma Manufacturing dolls, North Vancouver, BC 1980s+ dressed dolls made by Star Doll

Brophey Doll Co 1917 Toronto, Canada - made copies of Madame Hendren dolls

C. & W. Doll & Pottery Company 1919-1921

C & W Novelty Corp. 1954-1959 Toronto, Ontario Canada

CLS bisque marked doll heads ca. 1905 Toronto, Canada

Canadiana Trading Company 1970s+ dressed dolls made by Regal

Carlson Dolls LTD. 1985+ Canada

Cheerio Toy Company dolls 1939-1966 Canada

Commercial Toy Company composition dolls 1917+ Canada

D.D.C - Distinctive Dolls LTD. 1987-1992 Canada

Dee & Cee Toy Co Ltd. or Diamond & Cone, dolls 1938-1962 - now owned by Mattel

- doll marks; D&C, D & C, Dee an Cee, Dee and Cee, Dee & Cee

Dominion Toy Manufacturing. Company LTD. dolls 1911-1932

Eastman's Limited composition dolls ca. 1946+ St. Hyacinthe, Quebec Canada

Eaton & Company dolls 1920s-1930s - Baby Brite doll, same doll lines as Sears, Roebuck & Co. of USA

- advertised dolls made of bisque, black dolls, China, dollhouse, mama, metal and rubber dolls

F an B of Canada dolls ca. 1948, probably a division of the Effanbee USA

Florentine Statuary Company dolls 1917-1932 Toronto, Canada

Freeman Toy Company 1943-1952 Toronto, Canada stuffed animals & composition doll mark FREEMAN TOY

Giltoy Company dolls 1945-1952 Montreal, Canada

Goodtime Toys dolls 1970-1977 Canada, doll mark label GOODTIME TOYS

Hasbro dolls & toys 1960s+ Cooksville, Ontario, Canada

Irwin Toy Company 1926-2001, then Itoy Company 2001-2003, now Irwin Toy 2010+

Mayfair Products Ltd. dolls 1950s-1960s, Ontario, Canada

Mayflower Dolls ca. 1965+ Toronto, Canada, made doll clothes, sold dressed Dawn & friends

Mighty Star Company LTD. dolls 1977+ Canada doll mark 3 MIGHTY STAR CANADA, DOLL C 1965 CANADA

Mormit Products ca. 1945 Canada


Nerlich & Co. 1902-1903 - manufacture and doll distributor

Noma Toys LTD. dolls 1945-1948 Canada, see Cameo Kewpie & Scootles dolls

Northern Native Americas Indian dolls - various tribes; Cree, Heron, Inuit, Ojibwas + many others

Oil Patch Kids dolls 1985-1987 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, soft cloth dolls with a plastic oil can & license

- see the similar Cabbage Patch Kids USA

- doll mark label HONG KONG, plastic oil can well has a paper license

Perfect Doll Company 1948 Canada, composition doll mark PERFECT MADE IN CANADA

Bert Perlman Inc. 1985-1986 Kehagias dressed dolls made for them be Reliable

Earl Pullan Company LTD. 1945-1967 Canada

Regal Toy Company LTD. 1959-1984 Toronto, Canada

Reliable Toy Company LTD. dolls 1920-1991

Rempel Manufacturing LTD. 1952-1968 Canada

Standard Toys LTD 1917+ Canada

Star Doll Manufacturing Company 1952-1970 Toronto, Canada


Superior Doll Company of Canada ca. 1930s composition dolls

TE-RI Products dolls 1972+ Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Tilco International Inc. or Tilly Toy dolls 1940-1978 St. Jean, Quebec, Canada


Topper Toys, Deluxe Reading ca. 1960-1972 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, see the USA doll page

Valentine Doll Company 1949-1959 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, see the USA doll page

Viceroy Manufacturing Co. LTD. 1935+ Toronto, Canada

made copies of Sun Rubber dolls (plus other variations of mark noted below)


Wis-Ton Toy Manufacturing Co. LTD. - Star Doll Division 1983-1991+ Canada

- doll mark C Canada plus a number 26W, 33W plus others, also STAR DOLL

York Toy Specialty LTD. 1958-1953 Toronto, Ontario, Canada




China, Chinese - .玩偶 Doll Makers - Dolls Made in China

Blue Box Toys 1952+

Camay Co. dolls 1950s+ **

Chinese Papier Mache Opera dolls 1930-1940

L. Davis Textiles Co. Limited (Davtex) dolls 1960s+ **

Debbie Doll Co. 1950+ **

Palitoy - diddums dolls were made of cascelloid, but these have different faces than doll noted below

Diddums International 1960s, dolls made in Hong Kong, plastic Pee Wee like dolls dressed in international costumes

Door of Hope dolls 1901-1949

Evergreen Co. dolls 1960s+ **

Fab-Lu LTD. dolls 1950s+ ** - also NYC

Fishel Toys LTD 1978 - present, Hong Kong

Gata, Gatabox LTD. of Hong Kong dolls 1981-1999, then Horsman LTD.

Kader Industries Co LTD. dolls 1948+ **

Knight & Co. dolls of Newchwang 1878

Ada Lum cloth dolls 1930s

Michael Lee dolls 1946-1995, doll mark Micale by doll maker Lee Ming Yang of Hong Kong

   - early dolls are small composition Chinese character dolls and later, larger cloth dolls

Queue - the word for a single plat of hair down back, Oriental or Asian

Mascot Doll Made in Hong Kong 1960s

Walda Antiqued Porcelain dolls 1970-1980s+

** dolls were made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong and sold thru-out the world.


Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovakian, (Bohemia) - Doll Makers - Dolls made in Czechoslovakia

Artel Co doll mark Artelpraha 1900s Prague

Artel Co doll mark Artelpraha 1900s Prague


Miss Marcel Giblet dolls 1921-1922

Adolf Hahn dolls 1897 CK - papier mache and wax dolls

Rudolf Heinz dolls 1911-1925

F. Klemperer dolls 1923-1925

Klosterle dolls 1790-1890+ CK -  now in Czechoslovakia, was in Austria

Gustav Kmel dolls 1906

Moravia was the Toy Center of Czechoslovakia, Moravian dolls

Resek or Rezek, Moritz dolls 1889-1927+, also in Austria - doll mark MR, doll mold 1895

Gisella Weyde dolls 1920-1922


Danish, Denmark - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Denmark

Royal Copenhagen Manufactory doll mark

Royal Copenhagen Manufactory China head doll mark 1772-1925+



English Doll Makers


Europe and America USA - Doll Distributors

F & W Woolworth & Company dolls 1879+


Finland, Finnish - Nukke, Doll Makers - Dolls made in Finland

Amanda Hertman cloth dolls 1876+

Dollitex plastic dolls 1952-1975 - then became Polarnukke plastic dolls1975-1990s

Suomi dolls and toys 1888+

Turku Martha Doll Company 1908-1974 - also known as Turun Martta-Nukketeollisuus and Nukkela,

early dolls have German heads and hands, probably made of bisque


French Doll Makers


Greece, Greek - κούκλA, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Greece

Kehagias dolls 1970s - dolls also made in Canada

Lea of Athens leather and cloth dolls 1950s-1960s

Near East Industries cloth dolls in regional clothes 1920-1930s


German Doll Makers


Hungary, Hungarian - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Hungary

Magyar Asszonyok Nemzeti Szovetseg - National League of Hungarian Women dolls 1909-1926

Zsigmond Liebner dolls, toys 1920s +, Uncle Liebner famous toy dealer in Budapest

Magyar Babavilag - Hungarian Dolldom dolls 1920s

Pápa Pottery doll mark PAPA 1811+

Orszagos Magyar Haziipari Szovetseg - National Hungarian House Industry dolls 1926

Szerelemhegyi Marga dolls 1920s-1930s

Ungarische  Gummiwaren-fabrik dolls 1894-1930


Ireland, Irish - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Ireland

Isobel Dodd dolls 1919

Emily Florence Eaton dolls 1895-1925

Hibernian Novelty Co dolls 1916-1917


Israel, Israeli - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Isreal

Mayer dolls 1950s - rubber


Italy, Italian - Bambola, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Italy

Adrian of Italy cloth dolls

Alberani of Milano dolls 1920s-1930s

Alma Doll Co 1929-1933

Anili Doll Company 1948-1986

Anri wood dolls 1989+

Antenori, Natale  dolls 1917 Rome

Athena, Athena Piacenza dolls 1950s+

Bonomi, Italocremona dolls 1960s+

Burgarella composition dolls 1929-1930s

Capo Di Monte doll mark symbol crown N 1700s+

Capo Di Monte doll mark symbol crown N 1700s+


Castelli di Sabbia 1960s+? - doll mark CS Made in Italy

Consuelo Originals wool cloth vegetable dolls 1920s

Creche doll figure = Holy doll figure 1400s+

E.B.I. cloth dolls 1920s

E.N.A.P.I. cloth dolls 1920s

Effe dolls 1960s+?

Eros cloth dolls of Tirolo 1920s

Famola dolls 1950s

Meyer Fels bisque head dolls mark MF 1890-1930s Milan

Finzi & Bianchelli dolls 1910s, Rome, Florence

   - bisque doll head marked M.R. 48 3/0 (Limoges head?)

   paper label; Finzi e Bianchelli Roma, Frieze

Fiori cloth dolls 1920s

Aldo Folli & Figlio dolls 1960s?

Franco, Mario dolls 1921-1922

Luigi Furga dolls 1872+

Gabar dolls 1960s?

Galetti dolls Milano, Italy 1950s? - doll mark 2 Roosters Italy

Giocattoli Giachetti dolls 1950s-1960s (Giachetti Toy)

Globo Italy 1966+ - dolls, toys

Globo Giocattoli dolls 2006+ (Toy Importer)

   - Kurhn Flow dolls

Italarts & Co cloth tourist dolls 1960s

Karavan cloth dolls 1920s

La Rosa of Milan dolls cloth 1920s

Lenci di Elena Scavini dolls 1919-2001

Magis cloth dolls of Roma 1920s+

Magit of Torino cloth dolls 1920s+

Magiurin of Torino cloth dolls 1950s? +

Mantuan bisque head china dolls ca. 1880-1930

   - Mantua, Italy (possibly by Furga)

Marigio Italian Doll Creations 1980+ porcelain dolls

Marguerin dolls 1920s

Messina Vat dolls of Torino 1924-1930s

Migliorati dolls 1960s-1990s, doll mark Migliorati Italy

Carlos Ottolini dolls 1950s+

Michael Querzola dolls 1950s1960s, doll mark MQ tree symbol

O. Pogliani dolls 1916

Polistil bambola or Palitoys APS  dolls 1960-1993

Pusmo carved court dolls ca. 1400

   - Empress Poppaea Sabina of Rome,

     the supposed origin of the French word poupée doll

Ceppiratti Ratti Doll Co 1960s+,

   - doll mark Made in Italy, a stork carrying a baby symbol

      then Giochi Preziosi co, 1969 now owned by Mattel

Luigi Rolfo dolls 1928-1930s

Sacati cloth dolls of Torino, Italy

Santibelli dolls - saints figure or religious figures 1700-1800s

SAMCO of Italy doll mark - dates unknown, probably 1960s+

SCB Societŕ Ceramica di Bollate Milano dolls, early 1900s+

SEBINO Doll Co 1960s+

S.I.M.A.R.S.A dolls 1928

Sindacato Italiano D' Importazione ED' Esportatazione 1919-1920

S.I.R.E. dolls 1929

S.G.A.T. dolls 1920s

A. Varale & Co dolls 1927-1930

A. Albaerani Vecchiotti dolls 1920s

Zanini & Zambelli Doll Co 1960s+

Alfredo Zellini dolls 1940s+, doll mark AZ




Japan, Japanese - 人形の, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Japan

T. Akiyama dolls 1880

All Bisque Dolls 1915+ various firms

Anekona sassy dolls 1960s-1970s made in Japan

Criterion Toy Co. dates pos. 1960s made in Japan
Dakkachan dolls or embraceable dolls 1960s

Daruma dolls ca. 500 a.d.

Froebel-Kan Co Ltd. of Tokyo bisque dolls 1907+

Gosho-Ningyo - Japanese palace or court doll

Hina-Ningyo - Japanese Festival doll

Holiday Fair cloth dolls 1960s+

Ichimatsu dolls or play dolls 1868+

Iwaisan dolls 1960s+, dolls made in Japan

Japan Import & Export Commission Co. dolls 1914-1923

   Nagoya, Japan and NYC USA

Gofun dolls, made with white oyster shell paste 1600s+

Kabuto - Japanese warrior or warrior's helmet

Kanga Doll - mid- 1900s Edo Genroku Odori (dance)

Kato Kiyomasa - Japanese warrior

Kokeshi dolls 1860+

Kyoto - a Fashion Lady Doll ca. 1900+

Maruei-Oki Doll Co 1925-1930

Meiji Era Geisha dolls  1868-1912

Miyako Boeki Goshi Kaisha dolls 1921-1928

Monotaro - Japanese warrior

Shozaburo Nakayama dolls 1929-1940

Totaro Nakazawa dolls 1929-1940s

Nanikawa, Chujiro dolls 1930s-1940s

Nippon dolls 1920s

   - see Morimura Brothers, USA, Japan doll importers

Okiagari-koboshi - roly poly toys 1300+

Rosko Tested Toys dolls 1950s-1960s Tokyo

Sakura Ningyo - traditional Japanese cherry doll

Nakajima Seisakusho dolls 1919+

Sekiguchi of Japan 1918+, celluloid to vinyl dolls & toys

   - Bebichhichi, Coco, Momoko, Monchhichi dolls 1974+

Shikishima Skokai dolls 1929-1930s

Shimizu Katsuko dolls 1900-1930s

Tajimi Trading Co. 1895, Takito, Ogawa & Co. 1905

   - exporters of porcelain including bisque doll heads

   merged to form Taiyo Trading Co 1919-1920s US CAN

Takada Kinosukee dolls 1930s+

Takara-Tomy Co. Ltd - 1955 & 1924+ Licca-Chan

Yamato Ningyo - Child dolls


Mexico, Mexican - Muńeca, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Mexico

Religious dolls or figures in wax or carved wooden Santos figures 1700s+

Isabel Belaunsaran dolls 1913 - 1" or less silk thread wound around a wireframe dolls with hair, features & clothes

Cornhusk dolls, Folk Art dolls, Traditional dressed dolls

Muńequitas Illusion - Mexican tourist dolls, composition, hard plastic

Plastimarx Company - a division of Louis Marx, made Schaper Li'l Me dolls (also a USA company), now called Schaper Chi Kiss dolls 4" tall 1970s-80s,

Tipica Muneca Mexicana - irrompible (unbreakable) composition Mexican boy dolls, Mexican girl dolls, NASB Nancy Ann Storybook like dolls


Netherlands, Holland, Dutch - Pop, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in The Netherlands

18th to 20th century - Grödner Tal wood dolls, Nürnberg Fille, Peg Wooden, Penny Wooden dolls

Gebruder Douwes bisque head, cloth body doll; Nationale Costuums Damrak 69 Amsterdam R. Eekhoff 1894 Groningen - bisque doll heads by Simon & Halbig

Gerzon dolls 1925-1930 importer and distributor of dolls

- advertised composition head, cloth body dolls similar to Käthe Kruse, celluloid dolls, Kämmer & Reinhardt's Mein

Liebling baby doll, mignonnettes, celluloid Kewpie like dolls, Boudoir dolls, black dolls, Chinese dolls, Oriental dolls.

A. Többen (Tobben) dolls, 1939 worlds fair, hangtag made in Holland, wearing a Dutch costume

Harry VanTussenbroek 1929 art dolls


New Zealand - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in New Zealand

Lincoln Industries dolls 1965–1971


Norway, Norwegian - Dukke,  Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Norway

Ronnaug Petterssen dolls 1930s-1970s


Peru, Peruvian - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Peru

Corporation de Industry Plastics SA - CIPSA 1959+ Lima, Peru



Poland, Silesia - Lalka, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Poland

Thabee Lazarski dolls 1913  - also located in France 1914-1930s

Mask Face Dolls 1920s+ dolls made in Poland

Hogo Roithner & Co wood dolls 1871-1925 +

Schlesische Spielwaren Fabrik dolls 1926-1930

heinrich Schmuckler dolls 1891-1928

H. Weignerova dolls 1929-1930

Friederike Welsch dolls 1925 Breslau, Silesia

Zast dolls 1920s


Portugal, Portuguese - Bonecas, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Portugal

L. Moreira da Rocha - Bébé Jujů dolls

Mascotte dolls by Maria Helena, cloth wired dolls of Portugal 1950s-1960s

Sintra cloth tourists doll - maker(s) unknown


Russia, Russian -  куклы, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Russia

Russian Matryoshka Doll - wooden nesting dolls 1890+

Russian New Year's Tree decoration miniature nationality dressed dolls 1950s+

- miniature one piece head & body doll dressed, non removable Russian provincial costumes, jointed only at the shoulders

E. F. Safonoff hand made papier mache dolls ca. 1840s

Swiecka cloth or leather dolls 1915-1918

Russian Trihedral dolls, three sided wood dolls 1940-1991

Marie Vassilief or Vasilyeff dolls 1910-1926

Scotland, Scottish - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Scotland

John Henry Johnson India rubber, gutta percha dolls 1855

W. Tapp wooden dolls ca. 1860, a Scottish cabinet maker, Montrose, Scotland

Tomac of Scotland cloth doll house dolls 1950s


Spain, Spanish - Muńeca, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Spain

ASI Doll Company - dates unknown - pos. 1990s

Bebe Badalona doll mark B/00 - bisque head, maker, date unknown

Bebe Badalona doll mark B/00 Spain

Bebe Saetaris by JaTiva cloth doll mark - dates unknown

Bebe Saetaris doll mark Fabrica de Munecas, 615 Bert Prado y Pons . Sanc Jativa

   - doll mark Fabrica de Munecas, 615 Bert Prado y Pons . Sanc,

JaTiva Bebe Sćtaris

Berenguer Doll Co - Berjusa - 1944+ (now owned by JC Toys)

Canary Island rag dolls 1920

Casa Pagés cloth dolls 1920s (Lenci like competitor)

Ybo Espara dolls 1888 - made papier mâche dolls, look like porcelain

Famosa dolls 1950s+

José Florido walking dolls 1925

Galia Barcelona Espana cloth wired dancers, matadors, possibly 1950s+

Klumpe cloth wired dolls 1952-1970s

Layna cloth wired dolls of Spain, dates unknown, probably 1950s

E. Llacer dolls Atocha, 19 Madrid, Spain

Macazaga & Idarramendi dolls 1878

Marin Chiclana Cadiz-Espana Doll Factory 1930s Madrid

Mariquita Perez dolls 1938-1976

N.A.T.I. (Novedad Arte Tomalidad Ingenio) dolls 1930s-1950s

Nistis cloth wired dolls of Spain, dates unknown, possibly 1950s

Jamie Pujol e Hijo dolls

Roldan cloth wired dolls 1960s+

Santos doll figures = Saints doll figures 1700s+

T.A.F. (Talleres de Arte Fustde) dolls 1930s Madrid

Vicma Doll Company 1950s+


Sweden, Swedish - Docka, Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Sweden

Lilly Jacobssen Dockatelje >small plastic dressed tourist dolls 1960s+

Rörstrand China Head dolls 1726-1925+ SWE - doll mark red R


Switzerland, Swiss - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Switzerland

Anderegg dolls early 1900s, doll mark Th. Anderegg, wood carved dolls, Montreux, Switzerland

Bucherer & Cie 1921-1935

Mme. Louise Bureau dolls Geneva, Switzerland

- doll mark Au Chaperon Rouge, Madame Louise Bureau, Gene-VA, Rue du Rhone 58, Fabrique de Poupees

Cunique Des Poupees ca. 1910, Lausanne, Place Palud No. 1, K star R 101x 39

Henkel & Co 1950s soap advertising doll

Henri Maillardet automata doll 1805

Heidi Ott dolls 1970s+

Swiss Linden wood dolls 1900s+ Brienz area, various craftsman

Thorens 1883+ doll mechanical music boxes, Edison phonographs + more

Westo marked small celluloid tourist dolls

Wood dolls, Wooden dolls 1900s+


UAE Dubai - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in The United Arab Emirates

New Boy FZOC - Fulla dolls 1999+


Venezuela - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Venezula

Manuela Pereyra dolls 1900-1930


Wales, Welsh - Doll Makers - Dolls Made in Wales

Spencer & Co dolls 1916-1919

Vale of Clwyd Toymakers dolls 1917

Welsh Toy Makers dolls 1919


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