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Cuno & Otto Dressel, Uncle Sam Doll, 13" tall

Cuno & Otto Dressel, Uncle Sam doll, 13" tall

Photo courtesy Lebarn

The Dressel family toy and doll business in Sonneberg, Germany has a long history and operated for a very long time, it passed from one generation to the next, by 1873 the company was known as the Cuno & Otto Dressel Factory. 

Dressel purchased bisque doll heads from noted manufacturers such as: Simon & Halbig, Ernst Heubach, Gebrüder Heubach, Limbach and Armand Marseille, Schoenau & Hoffmeister and possibly others.  Dressel expanded to three factories in which; dolls were produced in Sonneberg, metal toys in Nurnberg and wood toys in Grunhainichen, Germany. 

Cuno & Otto Dressel produced dolls of bisque, celluloid, china, composition, hard paste, papier mache, wax or wood; Täuflinge or baby, child, lady and portrait dolls. 

See below for Cuno & Otto Dressel doll marks and doll mold numbers


1896 Dressel Portrait Doll Series, 10-15" tall, bisque heads with portrait face, glass eyes, composition jointed body.  Some Cuno & Otto Dressel character dolls names are;  Admiral George Dewey doll, Admiral William Thompson Sampson doll, Admiral Winfield Scott Schley doll, Admiral Charles Dwight Sigsbee doll, President William McKinley doll, Richmond Pearson Hobson doll, Buffalo Bill doll, a Farmer doll, Old Rip doll.


Some Dressel doll trade names: 1903 Fifth Avenue dolls, 1907 Jutta doll molds 1348, 1349, 1909 Bambina dolls, 1910 Jutta Baby doll molds 1912, 1920, 1912 Poppy Doll (School boy), Superior, Victoria, Holz-Masse (wooden composition) 1926 Sonny or Sunnie a baby doll.  The Jutta doll is named for Countess Jutta, a patroness of Sonneberg.

Cuno & Otto Dressel, Poppy Doll, 14" a schoolboy

Cuno & Otto Dressel 1912 Poppy Doll, a schoolboy, 13-14" tall, bisque shoulder head, molded painted hair, plus some may have flocking, painted single stroke brows, painted upper and lower eye lashes, stationary fixed glass eyes, closed mouth.  Cloth or leather stuffed jointed body with bisque or composition lower arms, cloth or composition lower legs.  Doll is marked with an oval label on his stomach Trade, winged helmet symbol, Mark, Poppy Doll, Germany.  Doll mark on back of head 10/0, probably indicating a size or model.  Bisque flange heads marked 5/0 on all composition jointed bodies have also been found and there may be other sizes or similar markings, too.

Cuno & Otto Dressel, Jutta Baby, 24", mold 1914

Cuno & Otto Dressel 1910 Jutta Baby Doll, 24" tall, bisque socket head, multi stroke painted eyebrows, painted upper and lower eye lashes, sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth.  Composition jointed bent limb baby body.  Marked on back of head Made in Germany, four pointed star, 1914.


Photo courtesy of littlemarz


Some Cuno & Otto Dressel Identifying Doll Marks

Cuno & Otto Dressel symbol winged helmet doll mark

Cuno & Otto Dressel doll mark

winged helmet symbol





Poppy Doll

Cuno & Otto Dressel four point star 1912 doll mark

Cuno & Otto Dressel doll mark

Four point star, doll mold 1912


Letters + number;

A, C, D, ED, R, S




C & O. D





S & H


Jutta Puppen





made in Germany

S. 8.

S.  D.+ number.


Cuno & Otto Dressel Identifying Doll Mold Numbers

93 1348 1349 1468 1469 1776
1848 1849 1893 1896 1898 1912
1914 1920 1924 1925 2736 6969

Limbach doll mold 8679 is a pouty character boy doll


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