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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1966-1967


Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1966-1967 - Ken had ten outfits available (the 1400 series) in 1966.  These outfits sold only one year, are just as highly sought by collectors as those of the same era Barbie 1600's fashions and are noted for their high quality and high values. 

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1418 Ken Time To Turn In (1966-1967)1418 Time To Turn In (1966)


Navy with red polka dot pajama top, matching pull on pajama pants, gray plastic razor with cord.



1419 Ken TV's Good Tonight (1966-1967)1419 TV's Good Tonight (1966)


Red cotton robe with belt, red plastic cork sandals, beige portable television with Midge face.  Co-ordinates with Ken's time to turn in pajamas.



1420 Ken Jazz Concert (1966-1967)

1420 Jazz Concert (1966)


Light blue and brown sport shirt with a light blue collar and waistband with five white buttons on front, light tan zippered pants, white knit socks, white tennis shoes.


1421 Ken Seein' The Sights (1966-1967)

1421 Seein' The Sights (1966)
Red and navy tweed jacket with matching checkerboard half lining, navy zippered pants, white short sleeve dress shirt, red tie, red knit socks, black shoes.

1422 Ken Summer Job (1966-1967)

1422 Summer Job


 Gray lined jacket, gray zippered pants, white & olive striped short sleeve shirt, olive tie, olive knit socks and black shoes.

1423 Ken A Go Go (1966-1967)

1423 Ken A Go Go (1966)

Red striped short sleeve shirt, gold zippered pants, red knit socks, white tennis shoes, black faux fur wig, guitar with black strap (same as Ken in Hawaii), microphone (same as Solo in Spotlight).

1424 Ken Business Appointment (1966-1967)

1424 Business Appointment (1966)

Navy and white tweed overcoat with a collar and lapels and three buttons over snaps for closure, black felt fedora hat, black vinyl gloves, black vinyl briefcase with handles and a Mattel Daily newspaper.

1425 Ken Best Man 1966-1967

1425 Best Man


White dinner jacket with half white lining, black zippered pants with soutache braid down each outside pant leg, white long sleeve lace & pearl trimmed tux shirt, red satin cummerbund, red satin bowtie, black knit socks, black shoes.  This outfit is interesting because it was made specifically for the Allan doll.

1426 Ken Here Comes the Groom (1966-1967)

1426 Here Comes the Groom (1966)
Dark gray lined frock coat with white carnation boutonničre, pin-stripe gray zippered pants, light pearl gray fleece vest with white double button front, white long sleeve wing collar tux shirt, gray silk ascot tie with pearl, gray plastic top hat, gray plastic flocked gloves, black socks, black shoes.

1427 Ken Mountain Hike (1966-1967)1427 Mountain Hike (1966)


Same as 1412 Hiking Holiday in 1965  green sweater, khaki shorts, white socks and brown shoes. 


This outfit consisted of a red bulky turtle neck sweater, tan khaki zippered shorts, white knit socks, white shoes.

1967 Ken



Ken Braniff Pilot (Wards exclusive 1967)

Braniff Ken Pilot Uniform 1967

Braniff Ken Pilot - Montgomery Ward exclusive 1967


Designed by Emilio Pucci, sold only in Montgomery Ward department stores, made in Hong Kong, not made by Mattel. This was the only outfit made for Ken in 1967.  It co-ordinates with Barbie's Pucci hostess outfits - very rare and Hard to Find. It's a black unlined jacket with four gold braids on the sleeves, double breasted with silver tone buttons that have the "BL" logo on them, silver pilot wings, tagged Made in Hong Kong, black pants with snap closure, white long sleeve shirt with larger than Mattel sized snaps, black socks and shoes (marked Hong Kong - and they did not fit Ken well - too small - ouch) and a black plastic pilot's cap with BI logo on front & marked Marx inside.


Ken Clothes  1961-1967 | 1969-1976     Dolls  Ken  | Allan

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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1966-1967

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