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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1969


Ken talking 1969Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1969 - Ken disappeared from the market after 1967 and does not reappear until 1969 with a beefier more muscular body (that's why there are no outfits for Ken in 1968). Ken and friends got four new outfits and one Sears Exclusives in 1969, these new fashions will be a bit large for the previous slim Ken. 

Ken Clothes  1961-1967 | 1969-1976   or   Dolls Ken 1961-1976 | Brad, Curtis

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1111 Talking Ken 1969-1970

1111 Talking Ken 1969-1970


Ken is shown to see the newer body size - all new head and body, Ken's been working out and it shows, a much more muscular body, new solid red trunks and jacket with bronze buttons.

1428 Breakfast at 7 (1969-70)

1428 Breakfast at Seven 1969-1970


Yellow and orange plaid pajama top, plaid pull on pants, matching plaid trimmed orange fleece robe with tie belt, orange boxer shorts, brown plastic slippers, gray razor with cord.

1429 Rally Gear 1969-1970

1429 Rally Gear 1969-1970 


Brown vinyl double breasted jacket, striped long sleeve shirt, light tan zippered pants, brown cowboy boots.

1430 Town Turtle 1969-1970

1430 Town Turtle


Blue double breasted jacket unlined, white Nehru long sleeve shirt, blue mini-check zippered pants, blue knit socks, black loafer shoes.

1431 Guruvy Formal 1969

1431 Guruvy Formal 1969


This was the same outfit that came in the gift set  #1595 Sears Exclusive Fabulous Formal Set (1969) except it is with a red faille jacket. Red faille jacket unlined, red & gold brocade vest, white long sleeve shirt with attached gold lame` tie, white zippered pants, white knit socks, white loafer shoes.

1595 Fabulous Formal 1969 Sears

1595 Fabulous Formal gift set

1969 Sears


As well as the fashions this included a Talking Barbie, Talking Ken each in their original swim suits, Barbie's 1871 Romantic Ruffles now in yellow and Ken's 1431 Gurvuy Formal with the only difference being a yellow faille jacket instead of the red jacket.

  more Ken Clothes  1961-1967 | 1969-1976   or   Dolls Ken 1961-1976 | Brad, Curtis


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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1969 

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