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Kenner Blythe doll 1972

Kenner had two divisions in 1985: Parker Brothers and Kenner Products once a subsidiary of General Mills. 


Kenner produced hard plastic, cloth and vinyl dolls, perhaps best known for the popular Star Wars action figures, Blythe dolls and the Strawberry Shortcake doll series.  


Kenner Products and Parker Brothers were acquired by Hasbro in 1991.


See the many Kenner dolls identified below


Vintage Kenner Dolls and Action Figures Identified

1972 Kenner Blythe doll, 11 1/2-12" tall, all vinyl, has rooted hair in several different hair colors and eyes change color.  See the link beneath the photo for more details. This is a hot vintage item and very pricey. 



 Cincinnati, Ohio

 © 1972 G. M. F. G. I.

Patents Pending

 Made in Hong Kong 

(G.M.F.G.I = General Mills Fun Group Inc.)

Blythe dolls have been reissued in the the last few years. 

blythe_brunette1.jpg (12410 bytes)

1972 Blythe doll, 11 1/2"

1972 Kenner Gabbigale doll, 18" tall, white or black doll, hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with  rooted hair, painted eyes, closed/open mouth, battery operated talker.  Marked: 1972 Kenner Products Co 99 on head & Gabbigale 1972 Kenner Products General Mills Fun Group Inc. Pats Pending on back.

kenner_gabbigale1972.jpg (12840 bytes)

1972 Gabbigale doll, 18"

1972 Kenner Garden Gals doll, 6 1/2" tall plastic jointed doll, rooted hair with a bent hand to hold a watering can.

kenner_garden_gals.jpg (11255 bytes)

1972 Garden Gals doll, 6 1/2"

1973 Kenner Baby Alive doll, 16" tall, all vinyl with jointed body, painted eyes, rooted blonde hair, battery operated drink wet doll. Came with romper, food packets, bottle & spoon, doll marked: 1973 G.M.F.G. Inc. Kenner  Products Div Cinti, OH Made in Hong Kong.

kenner_baby_alive.jpg (17000 bytes)

1973 Baby Alive doll, 16"

1973 Kenner Jenny Jones and Baby dolls, all vinyl Jenny is 9" tall the baby is 2 1/2" tall. both all vinyl.

kenner_jenny_jones.jpg (10949 bytes)

1973 Jenny Jones doll 9"

1974 Kenner Boy Scout Bob doll (white) Steve (black), both  9" tall, with molded hair, painted eyes, articulated body, wearing an authentic boy scout uniform. Marked: 1974 G.M.F.G. Inc. Kenner Prod Cinti, Ohio NO 7000 Made in Hong Kong.

kenner_boy_scout_bob.jpg (10869 bytes) 

1974 Boy Scout Bob

Action Figure, 9"

dustyface.jpg (7462 bytes)

1974 Kenner Dusty doll, 11 1/2" tall, her black friend is same size Skye.  Dusty is marked: GMFGI 1974, has long platinum hair, tanned skin tone, wrists that rotate, she originally came in a pale blue sport swimsuit with her daisy logo appliqué, which is her favorite flower.

Photos courtesy Tara Salvatore.

Kenner Dusty Doll 1974

1974 Dusty doll, 11 1/2"


1975-1977 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man action figures; all 13" tall; Lee Majors as Steve Austin (two figures; Bionic man with equipment and Bionic Grip 1977), The Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Richard Andersen as Oscar Goldman, Big Foot, Masketron Robot, Woman Robot. 

Kenner Jaime Sommers, The Bionic Woman doll 

Kenner Jaime Sommers doll 13"

1976-78 Kenner Cover Girls: Darci doll, Dana doll and Erica doll, all 12 1/2" tall, came with blonde, brunette, or red rooted hair, Dana has black hair and Erica has red hair, dolls are posable vinyl, rooted hair & painted faial features.  Darci is marked: GMFGI 1978

1976 Darci doll, 12 1/2"

1976-1990's Kenner Stretch Armstrong action figure,13" tall, heavy stretch vinyl that can stretch to four feet and then return to original shape, not marked.

kenner_stretch_armstrong.jpg (28107 bytes)

1976 Stretch Armstrong 13"

1977 Kenner Baby Won't Let Go doll, 17" tall, vinyl head, vinyl and hard plastic body, rooted hair, painted eyes, hand grips when her arm is lifted, wears an original baby type outfit, several markings: 26150 1977 96, or 45202 28100.

kenner_baby_let_go.jpg (20082 bytes)

1977 Baby Won't Let Go doll 17"

1978 Kenner Hardy Boys; Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson dolls, 12" tall, all solid vinyl dolls representing the celebrity two boys from the Hardy boys TV series 1970s.

kener_hardy_boys.jpg (36345 bytes)

1978 Hardy Boys dolls

1980-1986 Kenner Strawberry Shortcake dolls, 5" tall and lots of accessories.

55080strawberry_berrykin.jpg (19857 bytes)

1980s Strawberry berry-kins

doll, 5"

1981 Kenner Indiana Jones doll, 12" tall, action figure celebrity doll.

kenner_indiana_jones.jpg (27106 bytes)

1981 Indiana Jones, 12"

1984 Kenner Rose Petal doll, 7" tall, scented doll.

kenner_rose_petal.jpg (18752 bytes)

1984 Rose Petal doll, 7"

1991 Kenner Arnold Schwarzenegger, 13 1/2" tall action figure that talked doll.  Celebrity doll.

kenner_arnold_swartz.jpg (15332 bytes)

1991 Arnold Schwarzenegger

doll 13 1/2"

Additional Vintage Kenner Dolls not shown


1972 Kenner Sippin Sue doll, Sippin Sam dolls, 6" tall, small vinyl dolls with painted facial features and hair, dressed as a cowgirl and cowboy, each have a hole in the mouth for a straw, came packaged with a cup with hands shaped to hold onto the rim.  General Mills advertising dolls.  Cups are marked GENERAL MILLS 1972 --- KENNER PRODUCTS SIP ALONG.  Unknown how/if dolls are marked.

1972 Kenner Sweet Cookie doll, 18" tall.

1970s Kenner Butch Cassidy doll or Sundance Kid doll, 4" tall, famous personality dolls.

1973 Kenner Charlie Chaplin doll, 14" tall, all cloth, personality celebrity doll.

1974 Kenner Baby Yawnie doll, 15" tall, vinyl head with a cloth body.


1974-1978 Kenner Star Wars action figures, doll heads are marked GMFGI 1978 and on the dolls body. Ben-Obi-Wan Kenobi 12" tall, Boba Fett 13" tall, C-3PO 12" tall, Chewbacca 12" tall, Darth Vader 12" tall, Han Solo 12" tall, IG-88 15" tall, Jawa 8 1/2" tall, (Princess) Leia Organa 11 1/2" tall, Luke Skywalker 12" tall, R2-D2 a 7 1/2" tall robot, Stormtrooper 12" tall, Yoda 9" tall.


1976 Kenner International Velvet doll, 11 1/2" tall, celebrity doll portrayed by actress Tatum O'Neill.


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