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Limbach Porzellanfabrik Dolls 1772-1937 German

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Limbach bisque head, mold 8660, paint eye

Limbach doll mold 8660 bisque head doll face, painted eyes, open smiling mouth, jointed composition body.

Limbach doll mold 8660 clover symbol mark

Limbach doll mark GERMANY 8660 clover symbol

Johann Gotthelf Greiner (1732-1797)  known as the Father of Thurginian Porcelain, came from a long line of German glass makers, he is the son of Johann Gottfried Greiner (1707-1767), of Thuringia, Germany, a glass painter who built the first glass factory in Limbach near Alsbach, Thüringia, Germany.  Gotthelf began working for his father by age twelve making small glasses, by age eighteen he took over the management of the glass factory.

 In 1761 J. Gotthelf Greiner, pottery master Georg Dummler and cousin Johann Gotthelf Greiner (b. 1728-1768) began making hard paste porcelain in their converted former glass factory.

All of the Greiner family owned, rented or managed porcelainLimbach all bisque Penny doll factories made dolls or doll related products, accepted production dates for Greiner dolls are from 1850 to the 1930s. 

Limbach made antique All bisque dolls & figures, Penny Dolls (shown right), bisque head dolls on a jointed composition, kid or wood and springs body; Animal figurines, Child, Dolly face or Character dolls, also mechanical pull toys, China (nanking) shoulder head dolls, black or white figurines, Bathing dolls, small doll house dolls, knick-knacks, as well as many other porcelain products.



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Porcelain Factories associated with Gotthelf Greiner and Family

Porzellanfabrik Sitzendorf Volkstedt 1760 +

 Porzellanfabrik Wallendorf 1764 +

Limbach Porzellanfabrik 1772 + Porzellanfabrik Gera 1779 +
Porzellanfabrik Grossbreitenbach 1783 + Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein 1783 +
IImenau Porzellanfabrik 1786-1796 (rented) Porzellanfabrik Schlaggenwald 1793 +
Closter (Kloster) Veilsdorf Porzellanfabrik 1789 + Porzellanfabrik Tettau 1794 +


  Limbach Porzellanfabrik Doll Mold Numbers Identified

331, 338, 547, 566, 682, 747, 750, 771, 785, 801, 880, 958, 1772, 2780, 4297, 4473 or 4478, 4771, 4886, 5331, 5271, 5274, 5548, 5568, 5701, 5774, 5801, 6248, 6335, 8035, 8552, 7309, 7886, 8008, 8095, Irish Queen 8552, 8553, 8660, 8661, 8675, 8679, 8682, 8822,  8833, 8857, 8867, 8887, 9027, 9109, 9282, 9307, 9771, 9772, 9775, 10,000, 11161, 11456, 80986, P2, P11, P15, P19, P23, P27, P45, P85, P112 (with two faces), P607, usually with Germany or Made in Germany, the Limbach cloverleaf, plus other marks.  


Limbach Doll Marks and Limbach Doll Trade Names

a three leaf clover symbol, a crown, initials ALS in a triangle + Made in Germany

Character dolls; Irish Queen, Max, Moritz      Named dolls; Norma, Rita, Rose, Ruth, Wally


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