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Louis Wolf & Company Dolls 1870-1928 Germany

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Louis Wolf for Hertel, Schwab 1914 Our Fairy doll,

all bisque Googly doll mold 222, 11" tall

The Louis Wolf Company operated four factories in Sonneberg, Thüringia, Nurnberg and Bavaria, they were also located in Boston, Massachusetts and New York City as importers, distributors and assembly of dolls. 


Many of Wolf's bisque doll heads were made by Armand Marseille.  In 1928 Louis Wolf merged with the Bing Company to form the Bing-Wolf Corporation.

See below for more Louis Wolf information, doll names, doll molds and history of dolls sold or distributed by Wolf


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In 1892 Wolf registered the trade name Cinderella (CM Bergmann)

1905 advertised celluloid and Minerva metal head dolls,

1906 Featherweight kid body dolls, American rag dolls, Knockabout dolls

1907 Columbia (CM Bergmann), Young America, kid body Surperba (by Ernst Heubach), composition Mangolin dolls

1910 Queen Louise (Marseille), Schilling, E.U. Steiner's walking & sitting dolls

1911 My Companion and Excelsior dolls (possibly Kestner)   1913 Baby Irene and Little Jimmy dolls

1914 Our Fairy, Majestic, 975 Line, Baby Belle, Chubby all bisque boy in a Union suit designed by Thomas E. Stutson

1915 exhibited over 700 character dolls at the Chicago Toy Exhibit, added a Japanese department to Company

1916 Baby doll mold 152 (Hertel, Schwab) marked L. W. & Co., Perfection dolls, Utley's Rollinson dolls

1917 agents for Emkay Doll Mfg Co

1918 the Wolf American offices refused shipment of dolls made in Germany, though they had paid for them in 1914.

1919 agent for Giebeler-Falk Doll Co, Kutie Kid, Mama dolls  1920 Mickey dolls by Bandeau Sales Co.

1921 Grunty Grunts and Smiley Smiles a two in one doll

1925 represented 400 doll makers;  from America, Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Germany,

Wolf was the agents for; Schreyer & Co (Shuco), W. G. Muller, Seyfarth & Reinhardt,

Strasser, American Stuffed Novelty Co., Lindstrom mechanical dolls.

1925 Baby Sunshine, Happiness doll line, Pretty Peggy dolls

1927 Baby Tunes doll, Baby Dahne made by Hoest & Henderson  

1928 distributed Kammer & Reinhardt dolls


Louis Wolf identifying doll molds & doll marks

LW & C, L. W. & Co, Our Fairy label, doll mold 40, 152, 200, 222, 2015


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