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Mx Oscar Arnold antique bisque head doll for Welsch & Co


Max Oscar Arnold Dolly face doll, 15 - 30" tall, bisque socket head, composition and wood body, wigged, glass eyes, painted lashes, open mouth with upper teeth, Doll marked: MOA 200 Made in Germany Welsch, for Welsch & Company, distributed by Bing Brothers.

The Max Oscar Arnold Doll Company was located in Neustadt, Germany from 1878 - 1930, they are best known for their mechanical Talking, Walking dolls and Bathing dolls.  About 1906 they began making phonograph dolls called Arnoldia dolls, that spoke in three languages, had a phonograph inside the body and were advertised to be used to teach children language lessons, manyMOA 200 Made in Germany mark, for Welsch & Co records were available as well.  In 1919 the Max Oscar Arnold doll company purchased the Gebrüder Knoch doll Company.


Some Max Oscar Arnold doll company markings are; initials of MOA inside an eight pointed star, a mold number, Made in Germany, an eagle, a disc with the eight pointed star with MOA in the center, or a winged gargoyle type creature holding a box with MOA inside.

Arnold also made bisque heads for Welsh & Company.


Max Oscar Arnold - MOA - Identifying Doll Mold Numbers

54  150  200  201  250


Antique Max Oscar Arnold - MOA Dolls not shown

Max Oscar Arnold Dolly Face dolls 15 - 28" tall, bisque shoulder head on kid body, wigged, glass eyes, painted lashes, open mouth with upper teeth. 

Max Oscar  Arnoldia Doll, 30" tall, bisque socket head on composition and wood body with a phonograph inside, mohair wig, sleep eyes, painted lashes, open mouth with upper teeth, some dolls marked: Arnoldia 54 14.


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