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Identifying Vintage

Midge Dolls 1963-1967


Midge Hadley is Barbie's best friend and is 11 1/2" tall, she shares Barbie's extensive wardrobe but . . . not her man,

as Allan is her boyfriend. 


Doll Mark  The main markings are found on the left side buttock.


Vintage Midge Dolls For Sale 

Midge; titian, blond, brunette dolls 1963


860 Midge doll Straight Legs 1963-1967


The titian Midge originally wore a chartreuse and orange swimsuit, blonde Midge's swimsuit is in two shades of blue

and the brunette Midge is in a pink and red swimsuit.


The Midge doll has a vinyl head with rooted hair in a shoulder length flip with bangs, painted blue eyes, freckles, non twisting waist and non bending legs with a full figure and body markings like her best friend Barbie doll.   See below right for complete doll markings.


(860) Titian Midge in box 1963

(860) Midge doll Straight Legs



Straight legs, blonde, brunette or titian saran hair, hard plastic body, blue centered eyes, freckles, (some have teeth), two piece nylon swimsuit (see above for correct hair and swimsuit colors), white open toe heels, and black wire stand.  There are rare dolls that have side glancing eyes or eyes of colors other than blue and this would make the values higher.


Mark: Midge T.M. 1962 Barbie 1958 by Mattel, Inc.


1964-1966 Midge doll - the same doll as 1963 with the word "Patented" added as a last line on the markings.


1967 Midge doll - same doll as 1966.

1080 Midge 1965

(1080) Midge doll Bendable Legs 1965-1967


Bendable legs, new shorter hair style in blonde, titian, or brunette, new multi-color one-piece striped swimsuit, turquoise open toe heels, blue ribbon hair band, new gold wire stand. (some intaglio markings as Miss Barbie).  



Mark:  (engraved) 1958 Mattel, Inc.

U.S. Patented U.S. Pat. Pend.


1966-1967 Midge doll - same as 1965, added to markings last line  (raised print)  Made in Japan. Late in 1966 all the markings were raised instead of part engraved.

4035 Color N' Curl 1965


4035 Barbie and Midge dolls Color N' Curl set 1965


One molded Barbie doll head with blue headband, one molded Midge doll head with orange headband, four wigs, wig stand, battery operated hair dryer, color changer solution and miscellaneous hair items.


There are other sets on Barbie's page, but this is the only one that featured the molded head Midge.

4035 Midge head w/orange painted headband1009 Wig Wardrobe 1965

(1009) Midge doll Wig Wardrobe 1965


One molded Midge doll head with orange headband, three wigs; titian pigtails, blonde swirl n curl, brunette topknot pouf.

Japanese New Midge 1965-1966

Japan New Midge doll 1965-1966


Japan New Midge doll 1965-1966

Available only in the Japan market, the New Midge came with molded brown hair with a center part and no bangs, has a blue painted headband, brown side glancing painted eyes, no freckles, straight non-bending legs and body as the USA Midge doll. 

She looks very different than the USA sold Midge doll.

Note:  Mattel's Midge doll was discontinued from 1968 until the late 1980s in the USA market.

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Identifying Vintage Midge Dolls 1963-1967 

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