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left Cindy Lou, right Mary Hoyer

Richwood Toys, Inc. was located in Annapolis, Maryland USA and was a small family operation, they sold hard plastic dolls in the late 1940s to 1950s.


This is their vintage Cindy Lou doll, shown on left, who is a 14" tall doll, made of hard plastic, often is found with a jointed body with hip-pinned legs and a head turning walker, but also as a non-walker, saran wig, sleep eyes with the Mary Hoyer doll mold.  Dolls were sold in a taffeta slip, panties, socks and shoes with tiny curlers or as a dressed doll.           

Photo at left courtesy of Lina


Above photo; Left, Cindy Lou in a red skating outfit with auburn braided wig, she is wearing ice skates so she looks a little taller.  Right, a Mary Hoyer doll in a white and turquoise skating outfit with a wig of medium length auburn hair. 


It's believed by collectors that Richwood bought the Mary Hoyer doll mold "blanks" with the generic mark: Made in U.S.A. inside a Circle on their back (without the Mary Hoyer name), and then wigged and re-dressed them and maybe painted the faces, too. The lip paint on the Richwood Cindy Lou's is often darker and more vibrant than on the Hoyer dolls, but cheek blush is often pale or non-existent.  These dolls may sometimes be mistaken for the Hoyer doll which commands a higher price and has more documentation available.  Dolls may only have been available on the East coast of the USA, which is where the company was located.



Vintage Richwood Cindy Lou Doll and Clothes Identified


Left is a Mary Hoyer doll with medium length auburn wig, in a pale pink ballerina tutu with satin bodice and tulle, pleated crown and ballerina slippers.


Right, Cindy Lou with auburn braided wig wearing a pink crocheted skating outfit and ice skates, which make her a little taller, but both dolls are 14" tall.


The Mary Hoyer doll and Cindy Lou doll comparison photo's are courtesy of Lina's personal doll collection.  Thanks for sharing with us, great dolls!

Here is a photo by Andrea showing the Cindy Lou walker dolls hip-pinned, hinged leg construction.  Also note the extra ridge under the back neckline, which is part of the head turning mechanism.   These were originally meant to be a walker version of the Mary Hoyer doll - but for whatever reason Hoyer chose not to use this walker body type - and instead sold all of the dolls to Richwood. Richwood also bought the non-walking body type from Hoyer, too.


Thanks Andrea!

Fashion booklet showing:

Sun Dress, 

School Dress 


Daytime Dress.

Fashion booklet showing:

School Dress

Daytime Dress


Evening Dress.

Fashion booklet showing:

Nightgown and Negligee

Skating Costume


Ski Suit.

                  Cindy Lou doll in the Ski Suit

Felt hat, mittens, and jacket; gabardine-type pants, oilcloth ski boots attached to wooden skis and ski poles with oilcloth straps to wrap around the mittens. 

The jacket has the tiniest buttons (1/8", I think) in the front under a flap, so tiny I can't get the top one fastened! There's a back belt on the jacket with a tiny button, too. The turquoise-colored pants snap in the back and have stitched-in creases.            

Photo courtesy of Andrea.

Cindy Lou doll wearing the outfit Dress Coat

along with her matching red felt hat.

Fashion booklet showing:

Dress Coat

Fashion booklet showing:

Dress Coat

Christmas Coat


Formal Evening Dress.

Cindy Lou doll wearing her Christmas Coat.

Photo courtesy of Andrea.

Christmas Coat,  includes the red with white faux fur hat, red coat with white faux fur wrap collar, white muff and red boots.

The lovely fashions of the Cindy Lou doll represent the highest style and finest quality available on any 14" doll. Her wardrobe of teenage American clothes is fully removable and is made of the finest materials.  The clothes are available separately so that a complete wardrobe may be obtained.  The beautifully constructed saran wig maybe washed, combed and curled.  Each doll comes complete with tiny hair curlers.  Cindy Lou, Model CL 900 and description, and Tea Dance Dress.

Fashion Booklet showing:

Beach Outfit

Lounging Pajamas


Shirt and Shorts.

Other than noted: photos are courtesy of Andrea!   Many thanks to all who shared their photos.

related  Mary Hoyer Dolls   Hoseley Party Dolls   de Angeli / Hedwig Dolls

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