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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1966


Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1966 - Twelve new outfits for Skipper doll and friend Skooter to share in 1966, many of the dolls now have bendable legs.  Francie doll; Barbie and Skipper's cousin is first introduced.

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Items shown below are for reference

1923 Can You Play? (1966)

Sleeveless blue dress with red polka dot ruffle trim, matching red polka dot scarf, red polka dot panties, red Japan flat shoes, jump rope, white plastic ball.

1924 Tea Party (1966)

Sleeveless yellow dress, yellow Japan flat shoes, silver teapot with lid, two aqua cups, two aqua saucers, one aqua plate, two foam cake slices, two spoons, two white place mats, yellow Japan flat shoes.

1925 What's New at the Zoo? (1966)

Red sleeveless dress, white jacket with red edging, red Japan flat.

1926 Chill Chasers (1966)

White faux fur coat, red felt hat, white tricot socks, red Japan flat shoes.

1928 Rainy Day Checkers (1966)

Red and blue plaid dress, red felt vest, red tricot thigh high stockings, black Japan flat shoes, checkerboard, set of 20 plastic checkers.

1929 Dog Show (1966)

White sleeveless blouse with pink Scottie dog pink skirt with two pleats, red Japan flat shoes, white plush dog, red braid leash, box of dog food.

1930 Loungin' Lovelies (1966)


Aqua tricot pajama top, matching bottoms, aqua quilted robe, aqua felt slippers.

1932 Let's Play House (1966)

Long sleeve white and turquoise print dress, turquoise pinafore, one yellow, pink and green handkerchief, miniature plastic doll with glued on white cloth  diaper, pink or blue plastic baby cradle, cardboard Nursery Rhyme book with goose on front, light blue or turquoise Japan flat shoes.

1933 Country Picnic (1966)

Pink, green and blue cotton sleeveless dress with butterfly appliqués, matching bag, pink Japan flat shoes, red checked blanket, red checked napkin, aqua plate, hamburger, hotdog, fork, watermelon, strawberry soda, ice cream cone, thermos with Scottie dog decal and red lid, four color rubber beach ball, orange and black butterfly, butterfly net.

 No sunhat - see Mattel Little Kiddle Millie Middle 1966

1934 Junior Bridesmaid (1966)


Pink taffeta long gown, pink tulle hat, white organdy slip, short white tricot gloves, white socks, pink Japan flats, pink plastic basket with flowers.

1935 Learning to Ride (1966)

Red sleeveless shirt, yellow jodhpurs, black and white riding jacket, short black gloves, black plastic hat, black plastic boots, black plastic riding crop.

1936 Sledding Fun (1966)


Red knit sleeveless shirt, blue knit with attached red knit feet, red calico print jacket with faux fur collar, matching blue bonnet, red knit mittens, red galoshes, red sled.

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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1966

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