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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1967

Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1967 - Twelve new outfits in 1967 for Skipper doll and friend Skooter.  New this year are dolls with twist n' turn waists and bendable legs so dolls are more posable than before.


Skipper Clothes 1964-1970 | 1971-1979  or  Dolls Skipper | Skooter, Ricky, Tiff, Fluff


1938 Beachy-Peachy (1967)

1938 Beachy Peachy (1967)


Yellow floral two piece swimsuit, beach dress, yellow painted metal headband, pink plastic tote with daisy flower, yellow Japan flat shoes.


Note:  The beach dress has also been found in #1924 Tea Party fabric.

1939 Flower Showers (1967)


Blue vinyl raincoat, matching hood, blue and pink belt, pink galoshes.

1940 Rolla Scoot (1967)


Orange bell-bottom pants, pink sleeveless sweater with flower appliqué, pink Japan flat shoes, red roller skates with clear straps and black wheels.

1941 All Spruced Up! (1967)


Black and white tweed long sleeve dress, white hat, white vinyl shoulder bag, white lace thigh high stockings, black Japan flat shoes.

1942 Right In Style! (1967)

Green floral dress, green or blue tunic, matching floral hat, short white tricot socks, black plastic granny eyeglasses, green or blue Japan flat shoes.

1943 Popover (1967)


Long sleeve white lace dress, hot pink vinyl jumper, white lace hood, white lace thigh high stockings, white Japan flat shoes.

1944 Jamas N Jaunties (1967)


Floral sleeveless jumpsuit, matching night cap, matching bloomers, half slip, four pink plastic hair rollers, pink felt slippers.

1945 Hearts N Flowers (1967) Blue or Green Version


Lime green floral jacket, jumper, matching cap, yellow vinyl bag, yellow ribbed knit socks, green arithmetic, yellow English books, tan, and red  pencil, black vinyl book strap, black granny eyeglasses, yellow ankle boots.

1946 Glaid Plaids (1967)


Plaid coat, matching skirt, fuchsia top, knit cap, belt, plaid purse, light yellow lace thigh high stockings, white ankle boots.

1947 Lolapaloozas (1967)

Sleeveless halter top, bell bottom pants, shorts, sleeveless striped top, short sleeve jacket, matching skirt, soft pink Taiwan flat shoes.

1948 Velvet N Lace (1967)


Red velvet dress, matching coat, short white tricot gloves, white socks, soft black Japan flats or soft flats with foil buckles.

1949 All Prettied Up (1967) 


There are two different lace versions.  Long sleeve pink dress, white lace thigh high stockings, white Japan flat shoes.


Skipper Clothes 1964-1970 | 1971-1979    Dolls Skipper | Skooter, Ricky, Tiff, Fluff

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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1967

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