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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1973


Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1973 - Skipper had five new outfits called "Best Buys" and three "Get Up N Go" outfits in 1973.                                Note:  1972 was the last year Mattel gave the outfits names

Skipper Clothes  1964-1970 | 1971-1979    or  Skipper Dolls 1964-1979

Items shown below are for reference

8610 Yellow maxi dress (1973)

8610 Yellow maxi dress (1973)

Best Buys


Yellow maxi dress with ric-rack trim.


8611 Red vest, white & black floral short dress, white socks (1973) Best Buys

Dress with white tricot blouse top and blue attached skirt with flowers, red knit vest, white tricot knee high socks and red Taiwan flat shoes.

8612 Two piece Pink sleep set (1973) Best Buys

Floral robe with tie belt, & pink tricot short gown with white lace trim.


8613 Red coat, white fur trimmed, matching hat (1973)  Best Buys

Red flannel coat trimmed in white faux fur and matching hat.


8624 Shoes & hangers (1973)

Get Ups N Go


Four Skipper hangers, eight pairs of flat shoes, royal blue, white, burgundy, green, hot pink, orange black and yellow.


7713 Sleepwear (1973-1974)

Get Ups N Go

Sleeping bag in floral & eyelet fabric matching hat, one faux white fur cat with pink ribbon round it's neck, two piece pajamas of the same floral fabric, four pink hair rollers, lime green comb and brush.


7714 Ballerina (1973-1974)

Get Ups N Go

White satin tutu with tulle skirt, pink jacket, tights, leotard, ballet bag, comb, brush & ballet slippers with cord ties.


7715 Camping (1973) Get Ups N Go 

Light blue denim jacket, shorts and hat, short sleeve brown print shirt, blue cotton knit knee high socks and white tennis shoes, striped sleeping bag, and black knapsack.

more Skipper Clothes  1964-1970 | 1971-1979    or  Skipper Dolls 1964-1979


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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1973

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