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Western Doll & Toy Mfg. Company 1918-1920

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1920 Western Doll & Toy doll, 21" tall

Western Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. composition doll, 21" tall,

Sold on 23 JUN 2018 for $44.00 at eBay.

Western Doll & Toy Manufacturing was founded on April 26, 1918 in Los Angeles by Mr. Romeo Caccialanza.  Other principal's were B. Muller and W. E. Jones. 


On March 11, 1920 Mr. Caccialanza filed and was granted patent number 1,297,089.


Doll shown on left, is 21" tall, all composition head and jointed body, she is wigged, has single stroke painted eyebrows, painted eyes, upper and lower painted eyelashes, closed painted mouth with two painted upper teeth.  She has a composition body that is a copy of German antique dolls, jointed at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips and we think knees.


Western Doll & Toy Manufacturing Company doll mark W. D. & T. MFG CO LOS ANGELES

Doll marked W. D. & T. MFG CO LOS ANGELES


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