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1922+ Louis Léon Prieur antique bisque Mon Cheri doll 16" tall

1922+ Louis Léon Prieur bisque head Mon Cheri doll 16" tall, stationary glass eyes, painted lashes, multi stroke eyebrows, open mouth with teeth, pierced ears,  jointed composition body, mark shown below.


The House of Prieur was managed by generations of the Prieur family and claimed they were the oldest house of this type in Paris, France. 


Mme. Louise Amandine Prieur began making doll clothes as early as 1840.  By 1861 Mme. Prieur filed for bankruptcy, however she paid off all her creditors by 1865. 


Creditors included Claude Blampoix, Carl Heinze of Thüringia, Morhardt of Nürnberg and heads bought from François Gaultier.


Prieur made bebes doll heads of all kinds, human, mohair or Thibet wigs, doll clothing; hats, lingerie, parures, doll shoes, umbrellas and other accessories and doll furnishings.


In 1915 Louis Prieur registered the doll trade marks Mon Petit Rimailho and Mon Petit Trésor.  Around 1928 the House of Israël and Prieur joined under the leadership of Mr. L. Salomon.


Son Claude Bastide Louis Prieur and his sister Louise Prieur formed a doll accessory company in 1868 called L. Prieur et Fils, their doll shoes are marked CM or CP.


Louis Leon Prieur doll mark Mon Cheri LP Paris

Louis Leon prieur doll mark Mon Cheri LP Paris 03

Claude Prieur doll shoe mark CM
Claude Prieur doll shoe mark CM
Claude Prieur doll shoe mark CP
Claude Prieur doll shoe mark CP


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