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1952 A & H Marcie dolls Tom Corbett &  Dr. Joan Dale space cadet TV series dolls 7 1/2"

1952 A & H Marcie dolls,

Tom Corbett and Dr. Joan Dale dolls 7 1/2", Space Cadets TV series

A & H Doll Manufacturing, Inc. of New York City, are probably best known for their small 8 to 12" tall, hard plastic dolls from 1947 to the early 1960s. 


In 1952 hard plastic dolls were considered rather expensive to produce, a 12" tall doll was originally $8.95. 


Today collectors enjoy the historical outfits, space cadets, brides, grooms, cowboy or cowgirl, etc. outfits found on A & H dolls, which are now usually very reasonable (except the space cadets shown on left). 


If adding to a doll collection, the small size means you'll have plenty of room to . . . collect them all.


Vintage A & H Dolls Identified

1952+ A & H  The Doll of Destiny is a Donna doll 12", all hard plastic, head turning walkers, mohair wig, sleep eyes with molded lashes, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, have oil cloth shoes with ties, socks, removable detailed historical costume, usually with attached slip, petticoat, pantaloons and hat. 


The Doll of Destiny Donna doll's are similar to Dress Me dolls at 12" and better quality with non-removable clothing.  Dolls are marked Pat's Pend or Pat's Pending on back, clothing or the box has Doll of Destiny and dolls name on it, these are the first known hard plastic dolls that were dressed in authentic historical costumes.


Donna dolls were also sold as brides and other costumes.

1952 A & H  The Doll of Destiny, Molly Pitcher doll 12"

1952 The Doll of Destiny,

Molly Pitcher doll is 12" tall

There were twelve dolls in The Doll of Destiny series;

Priscilla Alden, Marie Antoinette, Empress Eugenie, Empress Josephine, Elizabeth Woodville Grey, Mary Todd Lincoln, Molly Pitcher, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Isabella, Queen Victoria, Betsy Ross and Martha Washington.



1953 A & H Gigi doll 8"

1953 A & H Gigi doll


8" tall, all hard plastic, head turning walker, Ginny look a like, sleep eyes, dressed in a pink organdy dress, bonnet, purse, shoes and socks, fashions available separately, Gigi dolls are unmarked.


8" Gigi's Lil Sister baby doll has molded hair and a nursing mouth.



1954 A & H Marcie Daily Dolly 9"

1954 A & H Marcie Daily Dolly


9" tall, all hard plastic, head turning walker, sleep eyes, wigged, fashions available separately, similar to her smaller sized buddy the Gigi doll shown at left. 


Marcie Daily Dolly doll is unmarked.



1956 A & H Julie walking doll 8"

1956 A & H Julie walking doll 8"


I walk, I sit, I sleep, dress me, curl my hair Julie's box reads. 


Julie is 8" tall, all hard plastic jointed walker body, sleep eyes, glued on wig, came with separate fashions that fit other 8" tall walking dolls. 


Gripper snaps have "Rau Sklits" on them.  A & H's Julie doll is unmarked.


1961+ A & H Marcie Dolls, 8" Prize Package dolls

1961+ A & H Marcie dolls, 8" tall, Belles in Bells, Teens in Bells, Gigi in Bells, Lil Sister in Bells.  *Winner of 1961 Silver Award for original bell packaging.


Dolls are jointed at the neck and shoulders only with stationary straight legs, molded painted shoes, sleep eyes, painted lower lashes, mohair glued on wig.  These are basically a Dress Me Doll.  On the bottom of the bell is the company name, A & H and A Marcie doll on it.  Some dolls have a tag sewn into a dress seam.  A & H Belle dolls are unmarked



ca. 1960s A & H Marcie Birthstone Belle Dolls, 8"

ca. 1960s A & H Marcie Birthstone Belle Dolls, 8"

left, January Garnet doll on right, October Opal doll

Photoi on left;  ca. 1960s A & H Marcie Birthstone Belle Dolls, 89" tall, just like the above Marcie Belles dolls, but each doll was named after a month and the associated birthstone ie. January - Garnet, February - Amethyst and so on, each dressed accordingly. 


A & H Doll Labels, Marks or Slogans

A & H Manufacturing doll mark The Marcie Doll label

A & H Manufacturing doll mark label symbol of a dressed doll, written on the skirt The Marcie Doll, The Doll of Destiny

A & H Manufacturing doll mark label this is a Marcie Doll

A & H Manufacturing doll mark label this is a Marcie Doll

A & H Manufacturing Doll slogan;


Ken Murray TV glamour Cowboy

(Ken Murray television show 1950-1953)

I like the wide open spaces, song sheet music title by Ken Murray and Laurie Anders, from the Ken Murray TV show


A & H Manufacturing Doll Resources:

Small Dolls of the 40s & 50s Identification & Value Guide book in 2002 by Carol J. Stover.
Hard Plastic Dolls Identification & Price Guide vol. I in 1985, 1987, 1990, Hard Plastic Dolls II Identification and Price Guide book in 1989 both by Polly and Pam Judd and continued research across the Internet since 1999 which we share with you.


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