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Shop for Madame Alexander dolls

1998 Alexander Cissy Diamond Beauty doll, 21" tall, 75th anniversary

1998 Alexander Cissy Diamond Beauty doll, 21" tall,

75th anniversary, limited edition of 715 pieces,

was available as a white or black doll

The Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923, is still in operation today in New York, NY USA.  Dolls found on this page are the continuation of the hard plastic on into vinyl headed dolls. 


Most of these dolls will be clearly marked on their back or head with an Alexander marking and clothing tags usually give the doll characters name on a tag sewn into a seam.


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Alexander Dolls Identified 1970s+


1976-1989 Alexander First Ladies Doll series, 14" tall, vinyl dolls with rooted hair, used the Mary Ann or Martha face mold.  Dolls based on the 36 USA President's "First Ladies".  


Series One 1976:  Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Martha Randolph, Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams


Series Two 1979: Sarah Jackson, Angelica VanBuren, Jane Findlay, Julia Tyler, Sarah Polk, and Betty Taylor Bliss


Series Three 1982:  Abigail Fillmore, Jane Pierce, Harriet Lane, Mary Todd Lincoln, Martha Johnson Patterson and Julia Grant


Series Four 1983: Lucy Webb Hayes, Lucretia Garfield, Mary McElroy, Frances Cleveland, Caroline Harrison and Mary McKee


Series Five 1985:  Ida McKinley, Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson, Edith Wilson and Florence Harding


Series Six 1989:  Grace Coolidge, Lou Hoover, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower and Jacqueline Kennedy.

1976-1989 First Ladies series;


1976 Alexander Elizabeth Monroe doll, 14" Mary Ann face mold

1976 Elizabeth Monroe doll, 14" Mary Ann face mold



1982 Alexander Julia Grant doll, 14" Martha face mold

1982 Julia Grant doll, 14"

Martha face mold


1980-1985 Alexander Portraits of History Doll Series, 12" tall, uses the Cissette head mold, vinyl head with rooted hair, plastic body, some of the dolls in this series: Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, Napoleon and Josephine, plus others.

1980s Alexander Cleopatra, Marc Anthony dolls 12"


Cleopatra & Marc Anthony

1984-1990 Madame Alexander doll, as herself, 8, 10 or 21", all sizes were usually dressed in pink gowns.  Some were released as limited editions.  The 21" size was part of the Portrait series.   Doll shown is Madame Alexander 21" tall dressed in a pink silk or satin gown with chiffon scarf.

Madame Alexander herself doll 21"

1990 Madame Alexander

doll, 21"

1997-1998 Alexander Cissy doll, Secret Armoire trunk set - unsure of all that came with this but it was a trunk covered in pink moiré fabric with a vanity with pull out drawer, bench, mirror and came with a 21" Cissy doll dressed in lingerie and a pink night gown and marabou trimmed robe.


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Photo N/A


1997-1998 Cissy - Secret Armoire trunk set

Madame Alexander Doll Resources:

Collector's Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls 1948-1965 in 2006 by Linda Crowsey,

Madame Alexander Dolls: one to four Collectors Price Guide in 2003 by A. Glenn Mandeville,

Collecor's Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls 1900-190 books, vol. I in 1999, vol. II in 2003 by Ursula R. Mertz,

Madame Alexander Dolls, An American Legend book in 1999 by Stephanie Finnegan Lia Sargent,

World of Alexander-kins book in 1985 by Patricia R. Smith, plus many other books.

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