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Buddy Lee black doll head with painted side-glancing eyes

Buddy Lee black doll with painted eyes

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors with company names beginning with B - C, also dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and some details such as doll names and trade marks when known. 

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Babs Manufacturing Walking dolls 1917-1921

Babs Manufacturing doll mark


Baby Barry Toy dolls by Universal Toy Company 1950s

Baby Phyllis Doll composition dolls 1919-1929

Baby Phyllis doll mark 24014


Baby Outfitters doll mark Bo-Peep American 1917-1918

Baby Outfitters doll mark Bo-Peep American


Bach Brothers cloth doll mark Bye Bye Kids 1908-1909

Bach Brothers doll mark


Baer & Strasburger doll importers 1922-1928 NYC

Dosher Bahner Company 1921-1925 NYC

Baker & Bennett composition doll mark BB 1902-1916


Bal Dolls Incorporated hard plastic dolls 1950s

Margaret Ball cloth dolls 1885-1892 Brooklyn, NY

Balos Dollcrafters Classics by Charles A. Berry 1984 Chicago

    - French male or female (14") fashion doll reproductions

Baltimore Bargain House 1881-1919

  - then American Wholesale Corp. 1920-1929

L. Bamberger & Company cloth dolls 1892-1930s

L. Bamberger doll mark IKWA

doll mark IKWA, doll distributor


Barbie dolls vintage 1959+

Martha Battle doll mark Evangeline 1937

Martha Battle doll mark Evangeline


Bawo & Dotter 1838-1913 Limoges, NYC, Karlsbad

Bawo & Dotter doll mark B & D, B & D Ltd, Pat. Dec. 7/80, Barclay Baby Belle Germany

doll mark B & D, B & D Ltd or Pat. Dec. 7/ 80,

or Barclay Baby Belle Germany


Be and Sales Company 1960s, 70s? Michigan

Beaver Doll & Toy wood dolls 1916-1917  NY/CAN/ENG

The Beaver Doll & Toy Company doll mark Beaverability

doll mark Beaverbilt, Beaverbeasts, Beaverability


Beck Manufacturing composition dolls 1888-1921

Beecher Baby Missionary Ragbabies 1893-1910

Beehler Arts Doll Company 1950s

Beers, Keeler, Bowman Company doll mark BKB 1922-1923

Beers, Keeler, Bowman Co doll mark


Bell Toy Company 1920 - see Arcy Toy Company

Bellas Hess composition dolls 1914-1920

Belle Doll & Toy Corp 1952-1958, then F & B

Gisela Bennati costume dolls 1923 Chicago

Sol Bergfeld & Son Company dolls makers 1923-1928

   - then National French Fancy Novelty Company 1928-1930

Sol Bergfeld & Son doll mark Charlotte  

doll mark I am Charlotte 1924-1927


Berman & Anderson, Inc. 1970s ? USA

Berry & Ross Company composition dolls 1919

Berwick Doll Company doll mark Pat. Apr. 12-21 1918-1925

Berwick doll mark Pat. Apr. 12-21


Bester Doll composition dolls mark BDC Inc. 1918-1921

Bester Doll Company doll mark BDC INC inside a circle


Bibi Products Company, Inc. Culver City, CA 1967-1980 import

    - Peter Figuren Laffen man, woman, clown, jester heads,

     wall decor battery operated laugh / squirters, Austria & Korea

Bible Doll Company 1948-1960s

The Bijou Doll Company composition 1915-1917 NYC

Bikin Corporation USA 1986-1992 & Hong Kong, China

   - Disney fairy tale characters in vinyl

Bimco Doll Company 1918

Bimblick Toy Company NYC wood segmented dolls 1926-1930

  - Bettie doll was sued by Cameo for infringement of Margie

Bing Brothers Art Doll Company 1900-1928

Bisc Novelty Manufacturing Company 1914-1917

   - see Ernst Reinhardt

Black dolls

Blechman & Sons Charm composition doll 1922-1927 NYC

Bleier Brothers composition dolls 1920s

Block Doll Corporation 1951-1958

Charles Bloom Doll Company boudoir dolls 1919-1930+ NYC

- doll mark Patented June 2, 1925, No. 1540384, Chas. Bloom

doll mark Patented June 2, 1925, No. 1540384, Chas. Bloom


Bloomingdale's department store sold dolls 1891+

Blossom Doll Company boudoir & cloth dolls 1920s-1940s NYC

Blossom Products Corp. doll mark 5 doll faces Quints 1930s PA

Blossom Products doll mark Quints with 5 doll faces


Blue Bird Doll Company 1929

Blue Bonnet Sue Company storybook dolls 1950s

Blum-Lustig Toy Company 1924-1929 NYC

H. J. Blumberg Company a department store in NYC

   - sold 1960s Playpal type dolls marked AE

(The) Bobbs-Merrill Company doll mark T.B.M. 1903-1985

Bobs-Betty Company rubber cloth dolls 1919-21 Carlsbad, CA

Boggs & Buhl bisque head doll distributors 1894-1895

James A. Bolton composition kissing dolls 1926-1927 NY

Bonnytex Products rubber squeak toys 1950s-1960s

Bonser Doll Company Products cloth dolls 1925-1930+

Bonser doll mark I Am A Bonser Doll

also distributed thru Wyse-Bailey Company


George Borgfeldt Company 1881-1959 doll distributor


Boston Pottery Company doll mark B.P.D. Co. 1920

Boston Pottery Company doll mark BPD


Boston Store distributed various dolls 1886-1915 Chicago, IL

Boudoir Dolls 1920s-1930s

Boutique Travelers Inc. dolls 1970+ WPB, FLA

DeWitt C. Bouton cloth dolls 1899+

Jack Bouton & Company composition dolls 1901-1930+ NYC

Bouton-Woolf Company., Inc. composition dolls 1929+

Bradley Import Company dolls 1954-1984 then Hasbro

Bradford & Company cloth dolls 1925-1927 St. Joseph, MI

Charles F. Braitling doll accessories 1868-1896 Bridgeport, CN

   - doll belts, goggles, hosiery, shoes, skates

    - successor Frederick K. Braitling 1897-1946

Brian Swim wind-up dolls 1950s

Emma L. Bristol Doll Company 1860 / 1886-1900


Brookglad Creations, Glad Toy Company 1950s-1960s

Broadway (doll) & Toy shop 1861-1913 NYC

Bev Brown House doll mark BCB 1980s

Bev Brown doll mark BCB, Brown House Dolls reproduction 1983


Mayotte Browne doll mark Otsy Totsy Dolls 1922

Mayotte Browne doll mark Otsy Totsy 1922


Hattie B. Bruckmann Doll Company papier mache dolls 1917+

Albert Bruckner Doll Company 1901-1930

Albert Bruckner or Horsman Babyland cloth doll mark Pat'd July 8th 1901


Major Edward W. Brueninghausen dolls 1875-1924 NYC

Jeanne de M. Brumback, The Cheerio doll trademark 1927 NY

Brunson Doll Company, Becky composition doll, Holyoke, MA

Buddy L Corporation, Luv Buds dolls 1982+

Buddy Lee Dolls 1920-1962

Butler Brothers Company 1877-1935

Butterick dolls & doll clothing patterns 1875+ NYC

The Buzza Company cloth dolls with painted faces 1927 MN

Charlot Byj doll artist 1957-1988

    - doll figurines may be marked with a date on bottom of foot

     dolls, figurines, ornaments + were made for Byj by Goebel

Lee M. Byrd doll trademark Friendly Bugs 1927 Oakland, CA

















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C & C Doll Company 1960s? New York, NY

CBS Toy Company 1982-1987, then Viewmaster

Cabbage Patch Kids cloth dolls 1977+ (Xavier Roberts)

Cabbage Patch Kids cloth doll mark Xavier Roberts


Cady Doll Manufacturing Company 1920s-1940s Tempe, AZ

California Bisque Company doll mark CBD Co MS 1925+

California Bisque Doll Company doll mark CBDCO MS


California Doll Corporation (CDC) 1950s

Cameo Doll Company 1922-1970s

Elaine Cannon (artist) nut head folk dressed dolls 1930s-1950s

Capital Toy Company composition dolls 1923-1930s

Carlson Doll Company 1946-1997

Carnival character dolls 1912+

A.S. Cartwright Doll Company 1880-1917

N. D Cass & Company doll label 1918-1927 Athol, MA

N. D Cass & Company doll mark Athol, MASS toys

Funny Face Family dolls of white wood, peg jointed


Cast Distributing Corporation 1950s

Cawood Novelty Company, Cutie dolls 1920s

Celluloid Novelty Company mark CNCo 1874-1891

Celluloid Novelty Company mark CNCo. intertwined


Central Doll Manufacturing Company 1917-1921

Century Doll Company doll mark CDCO 1909-1928

Century doll mark CDCO

see Doll Corp of America & Domec


J. Cey Doll Company, Inc. 1950s-1960s Brooklyn, NY

J. Cey Doll Company, Inc. doll mark J-CEY 20-333, 20


Characteristics Doll Company doll mark triangle symbol 1950s+

    - hard plastic dolls

Characteristics Doll Company hard plastic doll mark triangle symbol


Martha Chase cloth stockinet doll trade mark 1889-1970

Martha Chase doll mark Chase stockinet doll face symbol


Dominico Checkeni wax doll mark 1866-1885

first USA patent for wax multi-face doll


J. Chein Toy Company tin head dolls 1907+ NYC

Chessler Company Durable Dolls 1920-1930 Baltimore

   - cloth dolls, composition head dolls,

   Flo a walking talking doll 1921-1922

Chicago Doll Manufacturers 1918

Chicago Novelty Company 1921

Children's Novelty Company (Frank A. Hays) 1909-1910

   - wife Margaret Gebbie, sister of Grace Drayton

   Bobby Bobbykins, Dolly Dollykins dolls

WA Cissna & Company 1897-1898+

Cissna & Co doll mark Ruth

doll mark Ruth


Citro Manufacturing Company hard plastic dolls 1950s

H. B. Claffin & Company 1912-1914 NYC

    - trade name 1913 Cupid-Eye doll & Königskinder doll

Clausen & Company doll makers 1922

Robert J. Clay Mechanical Creeping Baby Doll

Robert J. Clay patent 112550, Mar. 14, 1871

   - patent 112550, Mar. 14, 1871


George Clarke Mechanical Creeping Baby Doll

George Clarke doll mark  patent 118435, Aug. 29, 1871

   - patent 118435, Aug. 29, 1871


Emma C. Clear doll mark HDDH 1908-1925+

Emma Clear doll mark H.D.D.H., Clear 1944

   - Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital mark HDDH


Cocheco Doll Company 1827-1893+ see Lawrence


Dewees Cochran Doll Company 1934-1970s

Dewees Cochran doll mark AA 58/#7


Dewees Cochran doll mark symbol 1953


Herman Cohen composition dolls 1920s-1949

  - see House of Puzzy

L. Cohen & Sons composition dolls 1923-1929

L. Cohen & Sons doll mark ELCO  

doll mark Elco


Cohen & Lyon Doll Company 1862-1865

  - distributed Autoperipatetikos, walking dolls

Roxanna E. McGee Cole muslin cloth dolls 1868-1907

    - Molly Hunt Cole continued making the cloth dolls 1907-1930s

Harry H. Coleman walking dolls 1917-1923

College House Company cheerleader dolls 1966 NYC

Collingbourne Mills cloth dolls 1920s

Collingbourne Mills doll mark RBC


Colonial Doll & Toy Manufacturing Company 1915-1920

Colonial Toy Company doll mark Colonial Doll Made in USA


Columbia Doll & Toys Company 1917-1922

Emma Adams Columbian cloth dolls mark 1891-1910 NY

Columbian Doll Emma E. Adams Owsego Centre, NY doll mark


Colombo Doll Company, Inc. 1960s+ New York City, NY

    - Walking dolls , Glamour dolls plus others

Columbus Merchandise Company 1917+

Commonwealth Corporation dolls 1950s

Commonwealth Corporation doll mark W 1, WI


Community Craft Toys Company cloth dolls 1920s+

Composition Doll Marks

Composition Novelty Company dolls 1924-1953+ Brooklyn, NY

Confetti Doll Company doll mark 1930s

Confetti Doll Company doll mark


Continental Toy & Novelty 1929

Morton Converse & Son 1909-1926 Winchendon, MA

   - 1921 Siam Soo doll, Siamese dancer on a gramophone

Cook's Flaked Rice Company cutout cloth doll 1899-1900

1899-1900 American Rice Foods Manufacturing Company, Miss Flaked Rice doll label

advertising doll marked My name is Miss Flaked Rice


Co-Operative Manufacturing Company 1873-1874 Joel Ellis

Cosmopolitan Doll Company 1950s

Creata Doll Manufacturing Company1960s-1980s

Creations, Inc. Company cloth felt dolls 1970s

Crescent Toy Manufacturing Company 1907-1921

Joseph David Cronan doll mark Mazel Tov 1919-1920

Joseph Cronan doll mark Mazel Tov


Bing Crosby Production BCP Company celebrity dolls 1945-1979

Crown Doll Manufacturing Company 1927-1929

Crown Toy Manufacturing Company 1930s-1940s

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