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Ralph A. Freundlich rabbit doll 1930s

Ralph A. Freundlich rabbit doll 1930s

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors with company names beginning with F to G also dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and some details such as doll names and trade marks when known. 

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F & B, Fleischaker & Baum Company (Effanbee) 1910+ NYC

Effanbee doll mark 4g F + B Co NY

F & M Novelty Company 1920-1925

FAO Schwarz department store 1848-1925+

Fab-Lu company, see Bild Lili clones 1950s-1960s

  - Made in British Crown Hong Kong

H. Fabricius Toy & Novelty celluloid dolls 1858-1914

F. A. Fahlbusch doll factory 1892-1896

   - renamed Cincinnati Doll Factory 1896-1898

Fair Amusement Company 1914 NYC

   - Babee, The Eugenic Baby dolls

 Fair & Carnival Supply Co. 1914+, 126 Fifth Avenue, NYC

   - Beach Flirt, Dainty Maid Bewtie, novelty carnival dolls,

     Patent No. 52195, July 16, 1918

Fair & Carnival Trading Company 1914

Fair Trading Company 1921-1925 NYC

Fairfame boudoir dolls 1930s

Fairy Gift Company 1903-1909 Plainfield, NJ

Fairyland Doll Company 1950s+ see Dress me dolls

F.A.M. Doll Company 1917-1919  Weehawken, NJ

    - called The Doll Shop, made Dolly Dainty dolls

F.A.M. Doll Company doll mark Fam Doll Co

doll mark Fam Doll Co

Famous Doll & Toy Corporation 1950s USA

Famous Doll Studio, Inc. 1906-1922  NYC

  - Sani Doll a composition character shoulder head

Famous Plaything Company doll mark Plaything 1930s-80s

    - or Plaything Novelty & Toy Company doll mark

Mark Farmer Doll Company 1950s

   - reproduction china head dolls

Faultless Rubber Company rubber doll mark 1916-1923

made a rubber 1918 Billy Boy doll

Charles Fausel patented a universal joint for dolls in 1896

Federal Doll Mfg. Company doll mark Roze Doll 1917-1926

  Federal Doll Mfg Co doll mark Roze Doll

Fiber Craft Materials Corporation doll mark FCM 1953 +

Fiberoid Doll Products Company doll mark 1927-1930s

Fiberoid Doll Products Company doll mark

Figenbaum & Company doll maker 1884

First American Doll Factory 1892-1896

Fisher-Price Company 1930-1994 - now part of Mattel

Sheila Flagg Doll Company 1947-1985

Edith Flack Ackley Doll Company 1930s

Fleming Doll Company doll mark Tum Tum 1922-1924

Fleming Doll Co doll mark Tum Tum

Flexie Toy Company 1922-1923

Flexo Toys Corporation doll mark tag 1940s+

Flexo Toys Corporation doll mark tag

Flora's Famous Dolls 1915-1928

M.C.W. Foote, Fairyland rag dolls 1903-1909

Fortune Toys Incorporated hard plastic dolls 1950s

Foulds & Freure celluloid doll mark F & Y Inc. 1911-1930+

Foulds & Freure doll mark F & F NY INC

Francesse Doll, saucy walker look a like doll 1950s

Francesse Doll mark tag USA

Franklin Heirloom Mint doll mark FHM 1964 +

Franklin Heirloom Mint doll mark FHM

Madeline Frazier doll mark La Madelon dolls 1940s

Madeline Frazier doll mark La Madelon

Ralph A. Freundlich doll company 1929-1945

Ralph A. Freundlich doll company trademark black and white triangle

Frisch Doll Company doll mark 1950s

    - see Mary Hoyer

Frisch Doll Company doll mark Frisch

Fulper Pottery Company doll mark Fulper USA 1918-1927

Fulper Pottery doll mark

Fun World Doll Company 1960s-1980s 



Gabriel Industries, CBS Toy Company 1966-1978 NYC

Samuel Gabriel & Sons doll maker 1916-1928

CV Gambina Doll Company 2000s

Lewis Galoob Toys Baby Face doll mark LGTI 1990-1998

Lewis Galoob Toys doll mark  1991 LGTI China Baby Face TM

Gardel Industries Mayfair birthstone dolls 1940s+

   - NASB Nancy Ann look a like dolls

Theodore H. Gary & Company 1909

   - fur covered North Pole expedition dolls

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G - continued

Gem Toy Company composition dolls 1913-1931

Gem doll mark label

General Mills Fun Group Inc. doll mark GMFI 1970s

   - see Kenner

  General Mills Fun Group Inc  doll mark GMFI

Gerber Brothers Company 1904+

Arthur A. Gerling Toy Company 1912-1930s, DE, FR, UK

  Arthur A. Gerling Toy Co doll mark

German Novelty Company NYC dolls 1914-1915 U.S.A.

German Novelty Company NYC doll mark G.N.Co, Tipperary Tommy, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. No. 82999

doll label G.N.Co, Tipperary Tommy, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. No. 82999

Ruth Gibbs Doll Company doll mark R.G. 1946+

Ruth Gibbs Godey Lady Dolls, doll mark R.G.

Suzanne Gibson Dolls mark SGD 1961-1990

Suzanne Gibson Dolls mark SGD copyright 1977 Suzanne Gibson signature

Giebeler Falk metal head doll mark Gi-Fa, G 1918-1921

Giebeler Falk doll mark Gi-Fa, G

GI-GO Toys Factory dolls - My Pals Bean Bag Kids dolls 1979+

  - 8" dolls with expressive faces, ie. sticking out tongue, etc.

Gi-GO Toys Factory Ltd. of Hong Kong, China logo

Gilbert Toy Company 1908-1966

Gordon F. Gillespie chalkware Vampie doll 1919-1921

Gordon F. Gillespie chalkware Vampie doll mark 1919

   - made by The West Craft Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Gimbel Brothers department Store doll marks 1887-1986

Gimbel Bros. doll mark 550 Germany G S & H


Gimbel Brothers doll mark label

Gizmo Development Gay Bob doll 1977+

Glad Toy Company plastic dolls 1960s, Brookglad

William Glukin & Company doll mark 1920s NYC

William Glukin doll mark 7001 Patent Pending Wm. Glukin Co.

Gold Metal doll mark No. 3112 Unbreakable 1878+

Golden Ribbon Playthings dolls 1980s

Philip Goldsmith china doll marks 1870-1894

Philip Goldsmith doll mark My Dolly

doll mark My Dolly

Philip Goldsmith doll mark Pat. Dec. 15, 1885

William Farr Goodwin mechanical dolls 1867-1874

Lady Goodwyn dolls 1926-1927

Charles Goodyear rubber dolls 1851+

Goodyear Toy Company patsy type dolls 1923-1925

Gorham Company 1831-1967 - now Lenox

Gove Manufacturing Company doll mark UNEKE 1926-1929

Gove Mfg Co doll mark UNEKE

Grand Doll Manufacturing Company 1923

WT Grant, Kresge, Kmart 1926-1975 - see Uneeda

Grant Plastics Dress-Me dolls 1950s

Graphics International cloth dolls 1983+

Jane Gray (Stokes) Company doll mark Ada May 1915-1927+

Jane Gray (Stokes) Company doll mark Ada May

Ludwig Greiner & Sons papier mache dolls 1840-1890

Ludwig Greiner doll mark Patent Head, Greiner's Patent Doll Heads No. 8 Pat. Mar. '80, '58, Ext. '72

Gre-Poir cloth dolls 1927-1935 - also in France

Grossett & Dunlap publishing company 18987-1982+

John B. Gruelle cloth Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls 1915-1938

John B. Gruelle cloth doll mark Patented Sept. 7, 1915

Gund Manufacturing Company 1898-present

   Gund Manufacturing Company doll mark label

Ida Anzolotta Gutsell doll maker 1893-1924

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