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Terri Lee reproduction vinyl doll face

Terri Lee reproduction vinyl doll head

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors with company names beginning with T, also dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and some details such as doll names and trade marks when known. 

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T. T. Company dolls 1930s

T. W. Toy & Novelty Company dolls 1922-1923

James Scholly Taft Company doll mark DA6 1910-1917 NH

James Scholly Taft doll mark DA 6

Taiyo Trading Company composition dolls 1919-1920s

(merger of Tajimi Company & Takito, Ogawa Company)

Taiyo Trading Co, Tajimi, Takito doll mark T flower symbol

doll mark T flower symbol;

Talking Dolls & Novelty Company 1913+

Tambon Company dolls 1913

HH Tammenn 1881-1962, see Arrow Novelty

Taylor-Woolfenden Company 1902+ Detroit, MI

   - mail order cloth dolls 24 1/2" tall plus others

Marion Curry Tebbets cloth Petiekin dolls 1921-1930+

Misses Tebbets doll mark Petiekin Honey, Trade Mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., Pat. May 13, 1924

doll mark Petiekin Honey, May 13, 1924

Ted Toy-lers Company 1924-1928

Terri Lee Doll Company doll mark symbol 1946-1962

Terri Lee doll mark  symbol

Thomas R. Thompson doll mark Tots-Toie 1919+

Thomas R. Thompson doll mark Tots-Toie

Three in One Doll Corporation composition dolls 1946+

   - 3 in 1 company multi-face Trudy doll

Anson B. Tiffany dolls 1856-1865 Hartford, Conn.

Tillicum Toy Manufacturing Company 1926-1930

Timely Toys, Inc. 1949-2011 NYC & St. Louis, MO

Timely Toys, Inc doll mark label Sanitized Cindy Snow Doll Timely Toys

Cindy Snow doll 1958 and Timely tin wind up toys

Tiny Town Dolls 1949-1950s

Tip Top Toy Company doll mark TTT 1912-1921

Tip Top Toy Co doll mark TTT

Togs & Dolls 1950s, see Terri Lee

Tonka Toy Company 1955-1991 now Hasbro


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Robert Tonner Doll Company, Inc. 1991-2018

Robert Tonner Doll Company, Inc. doll mark  2013

Totsy Doll Company 1960s, see Barbie Clones

Toy Products Manufacturing Company dolls 1925-1930

Toy Products Manufacturing Company doll mark

(The) Toy Shop composition dolls 1922-1929

The Toy Shop doll mark intertwined TS

doll mark intertwined TS, AIAX

Toy Tinkers Company 1923+

Toys "R" Us dolls & toys 1948-2018 Wayne, NJ

    - Geoffrey LLC is a subsidiary

Toytime Incorporated Company 1981+ NYC

Transogram Company Inc. dolls 1915-1971 NYC

Transogram Company Inc. composition doll mark Transogram Co Inc New York

Travertine Art Company 1927-1928

Trego Doll Company doll mark 1918-1921

Trego Doll Co doll mark in an oval

Treng Manufacturing Company doll mark TREMACO 1926-1927

Treng Manufacturing Co. doll mark TREMACO

Trion Toy Company Inc doll mark 1911-1921

Trion Doll Co doll mark

Tri-Star International, Limited 1960s+

   - Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

Trixy Toy Novelty Company dolls 1926-1931 Boston, MA

Helen Trowbridge doll designer 1910-1922

Tru-Craft Doll Company, made doll clothes 1930+

Miss Fannie Turgeon dolls 1986-2004

   - by Donna Gilbert, reproduction dolls

Tut Manufacturing Company 1923-1924

Tut Manufacturing Company doll mark label Tu-Tankh-Amen Dolls

doll mark Tu-Tankh-Amen Dolls

Twinjoy Doll Company 1925-1929

Twistum Toy Factory 1919-1921

   - Archie Pagliacci doll

Tyco Toys 1926-1997 now Mattel

A. Boots Tyner Originals, Sugar Britches baby dolls 1980s

  and Boots 'N Friends, sold the above reproduction doll molds

A. Boots Tyner doll mark Sugar Britches Reproduction

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