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1986 Annette Himstedt Barefoot Children series Ellen doll 26" tall

1986 Annette Himstedt Barefoot Children series Ellen doll 26" tall

Brief history of German artist and sculptor Annette Himstedt who began making her dolls from 1986 until 2009.  Dolls have a hard vinyl swivel head with a cloth lower torso, vinyl arms and legs, inset eyes, real eyelashes, feathered eyebrows, human hair wig, bare feet or made in porcelain and are beautiful character representations of real children.


Himstedt dolls are marked with Annette Himstedt's signature on back of the doll's neck and on lower back plate, each doll came with a wrist tag, clothing is labeled and a certificate of authenticity was included.

Annette Himstedt doll mark signature

Annette Himstedt doll mark signature



List of Himstedt dolls information:

1986 Barefoot Children doll series 26" tall

Bastian, Ellen, Kathe, Paula, Fatou and Lisa dolls

1987 American Heartland doll series 19-20" tall

Timi and Toni dolls

1988 The World Children doll collection 31"  tall

Frederike, Kasimir, Makimura, Malin, Michiko dolls

1989 Reflections of Youth doll series 26" tall

Adrienne, Ayoka, Janka, Kai dolls

1990 Dolls;  Annchen  Babies; Fiene, Taki  dolls

1991 Dolls Bibbi & Freeke, Lilliane, Neblina, Tinka  dolls

1993 Dolls Kima, Lona, Tara, Jule dolls plus others

2009 Farewell Homstedt series dolls (5) collection

Antha, Kateri, Mei Mei, Ping Mei and Ole a boy dolls


Annette Himstedt Doll Resources:

Annette Himstedt Collector's book by Schwatlo, Annette Himstedt's dolls Facebook group



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