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Arrow Rubber & Plastics doll mark diamond with an arrow inside

Arrow Rubber & Plastics doll mark diamond with an arrow inside


Other Arrow Rubber & Plastic doll marks are 13-P, 14, 21, a backwards 42, 52, 74 and Arrow Plastic 18.

Arrow Rubber & Plastics Corporation made thousands of hard plastic, rubber and vinyl dolls in the USA from the late 1940s, until sometime in the 1960s.  Edward Mobley designed dolls and toys for Sun Rubber, later for Arrow Rubber an can be noted from his name in their respective markings.

Arrow is a doll and toy maker mainly known for knock off or look a likes dolls, that were reasonably priced and of fairly good quality and rubber animal and small doll squeak toys.       

This is about all we can tell you about Arrow, as very little is known about his company.

ca. 1950s Arrow Rubber & Plastics crying baby doll 16" face 


ca. 1950s Arrow Rubber & Plastics Baby doll, 16" tall, rubber head, molded hair, sleep eyes, open mouth, plastic jointed body or vinyl magic skin one piece body, the doll mark is unknown, probably Arrow Rubber or Arrow Plastic.


Arrow 1959 Baby doll, 10"

1959 Arrow Rubber & Plastics Baby doll, 10" tall, one piece molded rubber body with molded attached and painted panties, molded painted hair, inset stationary eyes, doll marked The Edward Mobley Co. 1959 Mfg. By Arrow Rubber & Plastics Corp.

Arrow 1956 Lady Doll, 25"

1956 Arrow Rubber & Plastics Lady doll, 25" tall, hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted saran hair, blue sleep eyes, twist waist, high heel feet, wore fancy dress usually of satin fabric, petticoat and a rose flower on side of skirt, doll marked Arrow Plastic.


1958 Arrow Rubber & Plastics Lady doll, 31", similar to the one shown at above, wearing different outfit, doll marked Arrow Plastic.


ca. 1960s Arrow Rubber & Plastics Fashion doll, various sizes, high heel feet, sleep eyes, hard plastic with vinyl head and rooted hair, dolls may be marked 52, 54, 541 VH-2 A, VH-7, V18 or just an A on the lower back or similar.

ca. late 1950s to early 1960s Arrow Rubber & Plastics Betsy Wetsy look a like doll, 12"

ca. late 1950s to early 1960s Arrow Rubber & Plastics Betsy Wetsy look a like doll, 12" tall, drink n' wet doll, vinyl head with short curly blonde rooted hair over molded hair, sleep eyes, real brushed upper eye lashes, painted lower lashes, open mouth with hole for a bottle, five piece plastic jointed body at the neck, shoulders and hips, bent legs, wearing her original red, blue, yellow plaid dress with white butterflies, doll marked with an Arrow symbol.

Photo courtesy of Lydia /Eclectic Aesthetique

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