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ca. 1935 Carl Bergner, Shirley Temple look a like, 23" doll mark CB Germany

ca. 1935 Carl Bergner Shirley Temple doll look a like character doll, 23" tall, bisque socket head, single stroke painted eyebrows, real upper eyelashes, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with six upper teeth, dimples in cheeks, composition jointed body, doll mark CB intertwined inside a circle Germany as shown on left.

Carl Bergner of Sonneberg, Thüringia, Germany is best known for his bisque multi-face dolls first patented in 1904 to 1905.  The dolls have two or three faces each with a different expression; crying, laughing, sleeping, white or black faces, that can be rotated from the top of the head. 


Bisque head dolls have a cloth body with composition limbs or all composition jointed body.  Bergner also made high quality single face bisque head dolls and some Carl Bergner bisque doll heads were made by Simon & Halbig.  In 1908 tthe copany name was changed to Carl Bergner Nachf.


Carl Bergner doll mark CB intertwined in a circle Germany

or C.B. found on their multi-faced dolls, doll mark CABENA (1930s)

Carl Bergner doll mark CB Germany in a circle.

Carl Bergner doll mark CB in a circle


Carl Bergner Doll Mold Numbers Identified

407    450    527    725


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