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Shop for Betsy McCall vintage dolls 

1951 Ideal Betsy McCall doll face

McCall magazine featured a Betsy McCall one dimensional paper cut out doll with fashions and a story line that began in 1951. Betsy ran in their magazine from 1951 for 44 years until it's demise.  


The Ideal Novelty & Toy company produced the first three dimensional Betsy McCall doll in 1951 she is 14" tall, uses the Toni marked body.  Next came the American Character smaller sized  Betsy's, then Uneeda, Horsman and Robert Tonner is reintroducing Betsy McCall dolls. 


See all the identified Betsy & Family dolls shown below.


Betsy McCall & Family Dolls Identified


1952 Ideal Betsy McCall doll face

1951-1953 Ideal Betsy McCall Doll


Ideal's Betsy is 14" tall, used a hard plastic jointed Toni marked body, with a vinyl head and a brunette saran wig or rooted saran wig glued to her head, brown sleep eyes with real upper eye lashes and painted lower lashes, cute pug type nose and smiling closed mouth.


Doll head marked  McCall Corp

Doll back marked   Ideal Doll P90


Betsy is wearing one of the seven separate outfits available.

1952 Ideal Betsy McCall doll


In 1957 American Character produced a 8" tall Betsy McCall dollThis doll is more posable than the earlier Ideal doll, as she also has bendable knees.  Later still, would bring other sized Betsy's onto the market, also from American Character; 14", 20" with flirty eyes, 22" and the 29" tall Playpal type doll and Betsy's cousin's too; Sandy and Linda McCall who are all shown below.


 8" Betsy Mccall 1958

1957+ American Character

Betsy McCall doll, 8" tall


Betsy in her original camisole, socks and shoes, hard plastic jointed body including jointed knees, hard plastic head, light brown hair rooted into a skullcap or wigged, blue sleep eyes with molded eyelashes and a closed mouth.


Doll marked on back McCall Corporation


The 8" tall Betsy doll are the most common size found and also the most prized Betsy doll by collectors.


The Allison Corp. ca. 1957 Bonita doll, 8" tall, soft vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, walking doll non-jointed knees, is a Betsy McCall clone competitor, it is unknown if or how Bonita is marked.

1957 American Character Betsy Mccall doll face

1957+ American Character

Betsy McCall doll face, 8" tall

Close up of her lovely face

AC 1958-1959 Betsy McCall doll, 14"

1958-1959 American Character, Betsy McCall doll, 14" tall, all plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes with real upper eye lashes, closed mouth.

1959 American Character, Betsy McCall doll, 20" tall with flirty eyes, all plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes with real upper eye lashes, closed mouth, doll marked; McCall Corp. 1958.

AC 1959-1960s Sandy McCall doll, 36"

1959-1960s American Character,

Sandy McCall doll 36" tall


1959-1960s Sandy McCall, 36 or 38" tall with molded hair, Playpal type, he is Betsy McCall's cousin, made also by American Character, marked McCall Corp. 1959 on back of his head, there is also a cousin Linda McCall doll who is Sandy's twin sister.

1961 American Character, Betsy McCall doll. 29"

1961 American Character,

Betsy McCall doll, 29" tall 


1961 Betsy McCall, 22, 29-30, and 36" tall Playpal type, all hard plastic with vinyl head, is fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs and wrists, has sleep eyes and rooted hair, maybe marked on head: McCall 1961 CORP. 

Photo courtesy of Psychadurmont

1964 Uneeda Betsy McCall, (teenager doll) 11 1/2"

1964 Uneeda Betsy McCall Doll 11 1/2" tall.


1964 Uneeda Betsy McCall, 11 1/2" tall (teenage doll),  all vinyl jointed body, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, vinyl head with page boy rooted light brown hair with bangs, sleep eyes with plastic upper lashes, painted lower eye lashes, closed mouth.

1971-1974 Horsman, Beauty Parlor mannequin head

1971-1974 Horsman

Beauty Parlor mannequin head

Note; the head was not sold with the Betsy McCall name at this time.  A vinyl head with long rooted hair no bangs, painted facial features with feathered brows, painted eyes with real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, open smiling mouth with teeth, This head mold is used for the later 1975 Betsy McCall doll, described below.

1974 Horsman, Betsy McCall Beauty Box doll

1974 Horsman

Betsy McCall Beauty Box Doll


1974 Horsman Betsy McCall Beauty Box doll, 13" tall, came with extra hair pieces and non-toxic makeup.

1975 Horsman Betsy McCall doll, 29-30" tall.

1975 Horsman Betsy McCall Doll


1975 Horsman Betsy McCall doll, 29-30" tall, Playpal type doll, uses the head mold from the above 1971 Horsman Beauty Parlor mannequin, thus the same facial features with a plastic jointed teenage body, came wearing a white ruffled eyelet blouse with black attached skirt, black and red beret hat, red open toe sandals, doll marked on head either; B. M. C. Horsman 1971 or Horsman Dolls Inc. 1974.

Additional Betsy McCall Dolls not shown


Over the years it seems every doll company had a shot at producing a Betsy McCall doll; 1986 the Rothschild Doll Company of Massachusetts made 8" and 12" Betsy McCall 35th anniversary dolls, the Tomy Doll Company and Larami Corporation made Betsy dolls, and even today Betsy is being refreshed and re-introduced by the Robert Tonner Doll Company.


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