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Albert Bruckner Dolls 1901-1930

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1901 Albert Bruckner Babyland Rag cloth doll 13"

1904 Albert Bruckner, for Horsman, Babyland Rag Cloth Doll, 13" tall

Albert Bruckner of New York City, manufactured cloth mask faced dolls from 1901-1930.  He was by trade a lithographer, while watching a friend work on a rag doll, he conceived the idea of embossing the features on with a mask.  He patented the idea in 1901 and established a full line of rag dolls using this method.

Some of Bruckner's dolls were sold as part of Horsman's Babyland Rag Doll series.  They made both white and black rag dolls and also topsy-turvy dolls, which when turned upside down, an entirely different doll is displayed and the clothing or skirt would cover the torso and head of the other doll.

By at least 1925 Albert Bruckner's sons succeeded him, who then introduced Mama dolls, as well as the cloth rag dolls.


Albert Bruckner Babyland cloth doll mark Pat'd July 8th 1901

Albert Bruckner Babyland cloth doll mark Pat'd July 8th 1901



Albert Bruckner Doll Made In U.S.A. label

Albert Bruchner Doll Made in U.S.A. label


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Additional Albert Bruckner dolls not shown


1925-1930 Mama dolls, 13-28" tall, composition head and limbs or partial limbs, cloth body possibly with cloth upper limbs, wigged, sleep eyes, open or closed mouth.  While ads for Mama dolls have been found for Bruckner, no doll has been positively identified as a Bruckner made doll, which leads one to conclude, the dolls are likely unmarked.



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