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What's the difference between an antique China head and a reproduction doll? 

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Reproduction China head doll faces

Photo courtesy of Virtu Doll

Reproduction China head

Photo courtesy of Wild Rose Cottage Antiques.

Here are China Head Doll collector and expert Virtu Doll's

tips for identifying vintage reproduction dolls


All photos shown are reproduction China head dolls


1) Antique China dolls won't have fine crazing in the glaze that many reproduction dolls have (1st photo, bottom left head).                          



2) The quality of the porcelain body is more like fine China in the antique dolls. The lesser quality reproduction dolls often are made of a softer pottery like material.



3) Antique China's often have small black specks embedded in the glaze, it is dust that settled on them during the firing process, and is known/called "peppering".



4) Paint is applied with a sure quick consistent flow of color on the antique China heads. The reproduction dolls are usually painted in a less polished and more hesitant way.



Photo's and all content courtesy of

Virtu Doll, Wild Rose Cottage Antiques, the China Doll experts,

Thank you for sharing your tips and information



6.  If a China head says "Jane Smith 1972" on the back of the plate itis a home made reproduction doll, not an actual antique China head doll.


See photo at right ----------------->

of a Japan China head Doll kit.


7.) This doesn't distinguish antique from reproduction, but the earlier China heads are usually pressed into the mold, later antique China heads were poured into the mold and are smoother inside.  

Reproduction Japan China head doll kit
Hartfeldt reproduction China head doll mark Hartfeldt
In the 1980s to 1990s Hartfeldt made reproduction China head dolls marked Hartfeldt, origin is unknown

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