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Composition Girl doll molded painted curly hair, painted eyes, cloth stuffed body, unmarked

Composition Girl doll 14" tall, molded painted curly hair, painted eyes, cloth stuffed body, unmarked, unknown USA doll maker.

To help identify your doll, you'll need to know what the doll marks, letters, words and numbers mean found on composition dolls that were made between 1899 to the early 1950s.

Composition doll's are basically made from a paste or "wood flour" of sawdust and glue, it is a heavy, dense material the coloring which can be almost white, gray or brown, hand and feet features are not as distinct as later hard plastic dolls, the doll was then airbrushed with oil paint and sealed. 


If no country is listed, doll was made in the USA. 

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Composition Dolls Marked with Letters or Text


A - Averill, Ideal

ABC - A.B.C. Doll Shop by A.B. Cole, John & Lucinda McCourt

ABC Toys - A.B.C. Toy Company

ABD Co - American Bisque Doll Co

ACor A.D.C. - American Character Doll Company

ACO, Inc. - Averill Company

Acorn symbol A.D.C. American Made - Acorn Doll Co

Acorn symbol - Babs Mfg Company

A & D - unknown doll American USA

ADAM - unknown carnival doll American USA

ADC intertwined - American Doll Co,  Kewpie like dolls

ADC - American Made inside an acorn cap, - Acorn Doll

ADC - American Doll Co.

AD Co - American Doll and Toy Co., Aetna Doll Co

AD CO - Madame Alexander Doll Co.

ADT, ADT Co - Atlas Doll & Toy Company, Chicago, IL

AE - Allied Grand Doll Manufacturing Co, Inc.

AF & C Superior 2015 - A. Fleischmann & Cramer GER

AGDC - Allied Grand Doll Mfg. Co.

AIAX - The Toy Store, Sears Aunt Jemima doll

Aime - reproduction of antique doll body, doll maker ??

Alex or Alexander - Alexander Doll Co.

AM - American Character, American Doll Co, Averill Doll,

           Armand Marseille (German)

AM © Co, AM copyright Co, AM Co - Averill Doll Co

AM Doll CO. - American Doll Co.

A.P. - Les Artas du Papier France

APEX - Brown & Richie, Daddy's Queen doll

AS - August Steiner German

AT, A T - possibly Atlas Doll & Toy Company

AX - Madame Alexander Doll Co, Molly-es

AZ - Alfredo Zellini dolls, Firenze, Italy, La Norina doll

Acme Toy or Toyshop - Acme Toy Co.

AMBISC - Louis Amberg & Son

Am Char or Amer Char, -  America's Wonder Baby Dolls,

   America's Wonder Dolls - American Character Doll Co.

Amfelt - Louis Amberg, George Borgfeldt

AMUSO - August Möller & Sohn German

Alberani Milano - Alberani of Milano Italy

Angel symbol - Schilling & Zitzmann

Anne Shirley - Effanbee

ARCY - Arcy Toy Manufacturing Co.

Art Craft USA in an oval - 1918-1920 ArtCraft Toy Products   in 1921 became Art Playthings Corp.

Atlantic Toy Co - Atlantic Toy Company

Aug. 4, 1919 - unknown doll maker, wooden Walking Doll


B & B - Baker & Bennett Company

BDC, BDC Inc, BDCO - Bester Doll Company

BKB - Beers, Keeler, Bowman Company

BND - British National Doll England

Baby Blossom - Cameo Doll Co

Baby Brite - Averill Hendren

Baby Bumps - Horsman

Baby Hendren - Averill Doll mfg. Co.

Baby Joy - by Royal Toy Mfg. Co.

Baby Mine - Ideal

Baby Petite - American Character Doll Co.

Baby Sandy - Ralph A. Freundlich

Baby Violet - Abraham & Strauss Co

Baby Wobbles - Paramount Doll Company

Babyette - Effanbee Babyette doll

Beck Doll - Beck Manufacturing Co.

Bo-Peep American - The Baby Outfitters Company

Bottletot - American Character Doll Co.


British Made star symbol M - Britain unknown


C  with an o inside - American unknown

© copyright - unknown American doll maker

© 1924 M.N.S. copyright 1924 MNS - Horsman Ella Cinders doll

© B. Lipfert, By B. Lipfert - Ideal Snoozie doll

© By Grace Corry, copyright by Grace Corry - Averill, Little Brother doll & Sister doll

© D, copyright D - unknown, possibly Canada or USA

© FDP Co - Federal Doll Manufacturing Company

© Grace Storey Putnam  - copyright Grace Storey

      Putnam, Bye-Lo Baby doll, various distributors

© L, copyright L - unknown USA doll maker, WW I Nurse

© PPP, copyright PPP, P Puppet -

     Peter Puppet Playthingsdoll mark Circle X

Circle L, circle with a L inside - USA unknown doll

Circle X, circle with an X inside - Arranbee Nancy, Alexander Princess Elizabeth, Vogue   Cynthia + others

CD, C & D, C and D, CDC - Century Doll, Doll Corp. of


CPM - Charles Perls Mfg. Co. (England)

CAPO - Non-breakable Toy Co.

Campbell Kids - American Character, Horsman

Charmo Toys Reg US Pat Off - Cameo Streak puppy dog

Commercial Toy Company Canada - mark on shoulder

Confetti Dolls - by Confetti Doll Co.


D&C, D & C - Dee and Cee, Diamond and Cone Doll CAN

DP or D.P. - Dora Petzold (German)

DTC, DTCo, DTCO - Dominion Toy Mfg Co. Canada

DTMC, DTMCO - Dominion Toy Mfg Co. Canada

DV or Dee Vee - Davis & Voetsch - The Dee Vee Doll Co.

Darling - Irwin & Company

Dapper Dancing Dolls - S & H Novelty Doll Co.

DECO - Otto Denivelle, Averill, Effanbee Doll Co.

Deans Doll British - Dean's Rag Book Dolls

Dee an Cee - or Diamond and Cone Doll Co. Toronto, CAN

Dee and Cee or Dee & Cee - or Diamond & Cone, Canada

DEEandCee - Dee and Cee Toy Co. Canada

Des Pat. 8-24-15 1914 Kate Silverman © - Maiden Toy

DOE - Ideal Doll & Toy Co.

DOLL CO - Toddles by Vogue

Doll Corp. of America - also known as Century Doll Co.

Dolly Dimple Liverpool - Nunn & Smeed England

Domec - DOMEC Toy Co., merged with Century Doll Co & then became Doll Corp. of America

DOMINION SHIELD - Dominion Toy Mufg. Co. CAN

Drayton © - Grace Gebbie Weiderseim Drayton

   - Dolly Dingle doll, Bobby doll Sis doll, distributed by Averill

DRB Co, D.R.B. Co. Lo., DRBC - Dean's Rag Book Dolls

Dream Baby - Arranbee


Eagle Doll - Eagle Doll company

ED & TM Co Inc. - Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg. Company

E.D.M.A. - European Doll Mfg. Co. Inc.

E G - Eugene Goldberger, Eegee

E I H or  E. I. H.©1910 - Horsman

E.I..H. © A.D.C.,  E.I.H copyright A.D.C. - Horsman, Aetna

EIH © ADCo, E.I.H copyright A.D.Co. - Horsman, Aetna

EI © HC - Horsman (Baby Horsman)

E.I. HC2 INC RMB. © 1929 - Horsman

E.I.H © Co Inc - Horsman - E.I.H. copyright Co. Inc.

EICO - Cohen & Sons (English)

EL - unknown American USA doll maker

Elco - L. Cohen & Sons

Elektra T NC NY - Elektra Toy & Novelty Co

ELITE - Elite Doll Co USA, also known as Elite Creations

Ellar - Ellar Novelty Co.

EM & S - Gebrüder Metzler & Orloff German

NENCo, (image looks like ENNCo) - New Era Novelty Co

ESCO - Sommer, E. L. & Company (rubber)

ET & N Co. or E. T. & N Co - Elektra Toy & Novelty Co

ETAN Co. N.Y. - Elektra Toy & Novelty Company

EUGENIA DOLL - Eugenia Doll Company

F - unknown American USA, possibly Effanbee or Fiberoid

FADF - American Doll and Toy Company, Aetna Doll Co

Fam Doll Co - Fam Doll Company

Famlee - Berwick Doll Co, European Doll Mfg. Co.

FanB USA - Effanbee Doll Company

FB or F & B or F & B U.S.A. -Effanbee Doll Company

F + B - N.Y.  Dco, F + B Dco 6cj N.Y. - Effanbee Doll Co

© FDP Co - Federal Doll Mfg Company

Federal Doll Company - Federal Doll Mfg Company

FEMA - Beck Manufacturing Company

Fiberoid - Fiberoid Doll Products, Alexander, Borgfeldt,

      Domec, K & K, Mary Hoyer + others

Flexo Toys Pat. Applied For - Flexo Toys Corporation.

Florentine Toronto - Florentine Statuary Co. Canada

Fly-Lo Copyright G. S. Putnam - dist. by George Borgfeldt

Foreign 72-x2 - unknown, Europe, Japan, So. American?

FP - Frank Popper England

Freeman Toy, Toronto - Freeman Toy Co. Canada


GB - George Borgfeldt

GEM 401 - Gem Toy Company

Genuine Madame Hendren Doll - All

Genuine Twinkie Doll Copyr 1916 Eye Pat. Twinkies Specialty - Ideal

Georgene Baby - Averill

Germany 971 - Just Me type doll, unknown

Gisela - Personality Doll, Spain

GN Co - German Novelty Company of New York City

GTC - Giltoy Company, Canada

GOLD DOLL - Eegee also known as Eugene Goldberger


Harriet © Flanders - Averill Doll Mfg. Co. (Little Cherub)

HB or HBC - Hudson Bay Company Canada

HB Co - Taiyo Trading Company, New York USA

HBP - unknown USA doll maker

H © C - Horsman - H copyright C.

H © Co - Horsman - H copyright Co.

HCQ - unknown USA, some distributed by Averill

HG on back BELLE CO 11 D 52 - unknown USA doll maker

Hollywood Doll - Hollywood Doll Mfg. Co.

Honey Child - American Doll Co.

Hotsy Totsy - Arthur Gerling Toy Co.

Howdy Dowdy Bob Smith - Cameo

Hug Me or Hug-Me - Gem Toy Co, Regal Doll Mfg.

Hug Me Kiddie Pal Dolly - Regal Doll Mfg.


IDC - Imperial Doll Company

IDL Made in England - unknown England doll maker

IN & T CO. - Ideal Novelty & Toy Co.

ISCO - Indestructible Specialties Co.

IT - Louis Amberg & Son, Horsman


J (backwards) - WWI Nurse doll unknown USA doll maker

JK or J. & K. - Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler, USA & GER

JKF - possibly Jacobs & Kassler, USA & GER

Jedco - Jeanette Doll Company, see Ralph A. Freundlich

Jiminy Cricket W.D. PR KN.T. Co. USA © - Knickerbocker

Joy Des. & Copyright by J.L. Kallus - Cameo

Just-Lyk - Natural Doll Company

JUNO - metal head by Karl Standfuss German 


K & K or K & KX - K and K Toy Company

KB - Kellow & Brown Company

KS, K & S - unknown American USA doll maker

Kanko - Albert Kahn & Company

Keeneye - Victor Keney

Kewpie - Cameo Doll Co designed by artist Rose O'Neill

Kewtie, Kewty - Arranbee

Kiddiejoy, Kiddie Joy - Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler

Kiddie Pal or Kiddie Pal Dolly or Kinky - Regal Doll Mfg.

Kiddykin - Charles Perls Manufacturing Company, England

Kurly Head - Arranbee Doll Co.


L - Lackenmacher or Lakenmacher Company NY, USA

L. A & S - Louis Amberg & Son

L. A S - Louis Amberg & Son

L. C - Laurie Cohen, Australia

L. D Co - unknown USA doll maker

L S & S - Louis Amberg & Son

LM & S - unknown USA doll & tin toy maker

LQD - L.Q.D. Company

LW & CO - Toddling Toodles doll by Louis Wolf & Co..

Lambkins, © Lambkins - Effanbee

Life-Like Doll or Lyf-Lyk doll - Averill Madame Hendren

Lignumfibro - New Toy Mfg Co

Lil Sis - Toy Products Mfg. Co.

Lili - with hair loop for a ribbon, unknown American maker


M 16 - Louis Amberg & Son, George Borgfeldt

M & S - M & S Shillman

MAT - Maiden America Toy Mfg. Co.

MBC - Beehler Arts Doll Co.

MDC - Modern Doll Company

MD & T C NY - Modern Doll & Toy Company

MTC DOLLS or MT Co - Modern Toy Co, Inc.

M.V.D. - Moo-V-Doll Mfg. Company

Madame Hendren - Averill Mfg. Co. trade name

Made in Belgium - UNICA, probably others too

Made in USA Newbisc - New Toy Mfg Co

Mae Starr Doll - Effanbee

Mark - unknown American USA, 1920s walking doll

Martianna composition doll - unknown doll maker

METRO CO, METRO DOLL - Metropolitan Toy & Doll Co

Midolly DOLLS - New Toy Mfg. Company


N - 4 - the 4 is backward, unknown USA doll maker

ND or ND Co © 1922 - Natural Doll Co.

ND Co for JMR Co -  Natural Doll Co.

NTI - Nottingham Doll Mfg. Co. England

NAJO - National Joint Limb Doll Co.

Nancy - Arranbee Doll Co.

NATIONAL DOLL CO - National Doll Company

Nenco - New Era Novelty Co.

Newbisc The World's Doll - New Toy Manufacturing Co

Nibur inside a diamond - Nibur Novelty Co.

NINI KASPA - Julius Bernhold France

Nunsuch - Numm & Smeed England

Nutoi in a diamond, Made in USA, Newbisc - New Toy Mfg.


Oteecee - Original Toy Company cloth dolls


PA - unknown American USA doll maker

PM - unknown American USA doll maker

PP or PPNZ - Plastic Products made in New Zealand

Paramount Doll C - Paramount Doll Company

Pat Appld - Horsman & Lu Jon twist waist black dolls

Pat App'ld For - 24" Patsy type twist waist, Horsman ?

Pat Apr 12-21 - Berwick's Famlee dolls

Pat Pending Gerling Toy Co - Arthur Gerling Toy Co.

Pat. Pending - Unknown USA, Wondercraft Co. (swing n' Sway doll)

Patent In The USA, Other Patents Pending, Patents Applied For In Other Countries 30336 - on leg Coleman

     walking doll

Patent Pending - Effanbee

Perfect Made in Canada - Perfect Doll Company Canada

Perfect - Perfect Toy Manufacturing Company USA

Pete Des & Copyright by J.L. Kallus - Cameo

Petite, A Petite Doll, Petite Sally - American Character

Petite America's Wonder Baby Dolls - American Char.

Pinocchio W Disney Prods Made in USA - Crown Toy

Phyllis - Bouton-Woolf Co., Inc.

PL - Natural Doll Company

Plastex - Palitoy Company

Playmate - George Borgfeldt

Plaything - Famous Plaything or Plaything Novelty & Toy

Princess - Unbreakable Doll Company

Princess Ann - Princess Ann Doll Company

Princess Elizabeth - Alexander

PULLAN - Earle Pullan Doll Company Canada

Puzzy c HOFP USA - House of Puzzy H. Cohan


Quaker Lity, Quaker Quality - Quaker Doll Co.

Quan Quan of California - unmarked Oriental dolls

R - (on lower back) Unknown USA American doll

R & B - Arranbee

R & B Doll Co - Tony Sarg Mammy doll sold by Borgfeldt

R B Dolls - Barron Reisman

RBL - Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz

RCA Radiotrons - Cameo

R F L (inside a 3 leaf clover) - on some dolls by Averill Co.

R T Mfg Co. - distributed by Averill Mfg Co.

Regal - Regal Toy Mfg Co. USA

Ritzy Chubby Baby Dolls - Natural Doll Co. 

Rosebud - Horsman

Royal - Royal Doll Mfg


SD - Standard Doll Company

S & Co. - David & Voetsch Co.

SK Novelty - S. Kirsch & Co.

ST - Shirley Temple made in Japan

Sally Petite - American Character

Sayco - Schoen & Yondorf

Seco - Strauss, Eckhardt & Co.

Shirley Temple + a number - Ideal

Sico, Sicora - Loeffler & Diller Co. or Eduard Schmidt

Sizzy c HOFP USA - House of Puzzy H. Cohan

Skippy © O L Crosby - Effanbee Doll Company

Skookum Bully Good Indian - Arrow Novelty Company

S'Kooter Kid - New Era Novelty Company

Streak Des & Copyr. Jos. L Kallus - Cameo Streak dog

Sugar Baby - Effanbee Doll Company

Sunshine Line - Century, Marseille German, Sears


T-23 - Ideal

T & P Co. - Toy Products Mfg. Co.

The Emma Doll - possibly Jane Gray Company

TS - The Toy Shop

TS 156 - Louis Amberg & Son

TT Co - Horsman Uncle Sam's Kid, A. Kahn Kanko dolls

TTT - Tip Top Toy Co.

The Judy Girl - Regal Doll Mfg. Co.

The Mary Hoyer Doll - Mary Hoyer Doll Company

The New Toy Co. - New Toy Manufacturing Co.

Timpo Toy - Toy Importers Ltd. of England

Timpo Toys - Toy Importers Ltd. of England

Tobie Copyright 1932 - unknown USA doll maker

Toddles - Atlas Doll & Toy Company, Chicago, ILL. USA

Toodles - American Bisque Dolls (a paper label)

Tootse - dist. by Butler Brothers

Toy Company - Acme Toy Co.

Toy Products Mfg. Co. - Toy Shop

Triangle symbol on back - unknown, possibly German

Trion - Trion Toy Co, some dolls were distributed by Averill

Trulie - Permolin Products

Tum Tum - Fleming Doll Co.


U ©, U copyright symbol - Uneeda Doll Co.

US Patent 1621434 1793395 - Ideal 1927 Cuddles doll

USA - Averill, Effanbee, Ideal

Uneeda - Uneeda Doll Co.

UNIS - Union National Inter Syndicale France


V - same hair loop doll as marked Lilie, unknown USA

V inside a diamond - composition, cloth doll, USA

VK - Vera Kent (Australia)

Vanity - Mama doll by an unknown USA doll maker


W & W - unknown, pos.Wislizenus & Wernicke after 1931

WD - Walt Disney

WD Co or WDC - unknown USA, probably Well Made Doll

WD & T Mfg Co. Los Angeles - Western Doll & Toy Co

W-K-S INC - Victor Keney - boudoir dolls - Keeneye

WMD, WMDC, W.M.D., W.M.D.C. - Well Made Doll Co.

WOL or WOL-CAL - Giltoy Company Canada

WOMOE or WOMOL  - unknown

"We" Dolls - Toy Products Mfg. Company


YamaYama Doll - New Era Toy & Novelty Company

Yankee Doll - Mitred Box Co.


Zaiden - Colonial Toy Manufacturing Company

Zenith - unknown doll maker


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