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Composition Girl doll molded painted curly hair, painted eyes, cloth stuffed body, unmarked

Composition Girl doll 14" tall, molded painted curly hair, painted eyes, cloth stuffed body, unmarked, unknown USA doll maker.

To help identify your doll, you'll need to know what the doll marks, letters, words and numbers mean found on composition dolls that were made between 1899 to the early 1950s.

Composition doll's are basically made from a paste or "wood flour" of sawdust and glue, it is a heavy, dense material the coloring which can be almost white, gray or brown, hand and feet features are not as distinct as later hard plastic dolls, the doll was then airbrushed with oil paint and sealed. 


If no country is listed, doll was made in the USA

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E to M Composition Dolls Marked with Letters, Text


Eagle Doll - Eagle Doll company

ED & TM Co Inc - Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg Co

EDMA - European Doll Mfg Co Inc

E G - Eugene Goldberger, Eegee

E I H or  E. I. H.©1910 - Horsman

EIH © ADC,  EIH copyright ADC - Horsman, Aetna

EIH © ADCo, EIH copyright ADCo - Horsman, Aetna

EI © HC - Horsman (Baby Horsman)

EI HC2 INC RMB © 1929 - Horsman

EIH © Co Inc, EIH copyright Co Inc - Horsman

EICO - Cohen & Sons (English)

EL - unknown USA doll maker

Elco - L. Cohen & Sons

Elektra T NC NY - Elektra Toy & Novelty Co

ELITE - Elite Doll Co, Elite Creations Co

Ellar - Ellar Novelty Co

EM & S - Gebrüder Metzler & Orloff German

NENCo, (looks like ENNCo) - New Era Novelty Co

ESCO - Sommer, E. L. & Company (rubber)

ET & N Co, E. T. & N Co - Elektra Toy & Novelty

ETAN Co NY - Elektra Toy & Novelty Company

EUGENIA DOLL - Eugenia Doll Company


F - unknown USA, Effanbee or Fiberoid ??

FADF - American Doll & Toy Co, Aetna Doll Co

Fam Doll Co - Fam Doll Company

Famlee - Berwick Doll Co, European Doll Mfg Co

FanB USA - Effanbee Doll Company

FB or F & B or F & B U.S.A. -Effanbee Doll Co

F + B - NY  Dco, F + B Dco 6cj NY - Effanbee

© FDP Co - Federal Doll Mfg Company

Federal Doll Company - Federal Doll Mfg Co

FEMA - Beck Manufacturing Co

Fiberoid - Fiberoid Doll Products, Alexander,

    Borgfeldt, Domec, K & K, Mary Hoyer + others

Flexo Toys Pat. Applied For - Flexo Toys Corp

Florentine Toronto - Florentine Statuary Co CAN

Fly-Lo Copyright G. S. Putnam - dist. by Borgfeldt

Foreign 72-x2 - unknown doll maker

FP - Frank Popper England

FP 21, 22, 23 - Fairways House Products England

Freeman Toy, Toronto - Freeman Toy Co CAN


GB - George Borgfeldt

GEM 401 - Gem Toy Company

Genuine Madame Hendren Doll - All

Genuine Twinkie Doll Copyr 1916 Eye Pat

    Twinkies Specialty - Ideal

Georgene Baby - Averill

Germany 971 - Just Me type doll, unknown

Gisela - Personality Doll, Spain

GN Co - German Novelty Co of New York City

GTC - Giltoy Company, CAN

GOLD DOLL - Eegee or Eugene Goldberger


Harriet © Flanders - Averill Little Cherub doll

HB or HBC - Hudson Bay Company, Canada

HB Co - Taiyo Trading Company, New York USA

HBP - unknown USA doll maker

H © C - Horsman - H copyright C.

H © Co - Horsman - H copyright Co.

HCQ - unknown USA, some distributed by Averill

HG on back BELLE CO 11 D 52 - unknown USA

Hollywood Doll - Hollywood Doll Mfg Co

Honey Child - American Doll Co

Hotsy Totsy - Arthur Gerling Toy Co

Howdy Dowdy Bob Smith - Cameo

Hug Me or Hug-Me - Gem Toy Co, Regal Doll Mfg

Hug Me Kiddie Pal Dolly - Regal Doll Mfg


IDC - Imperial Doll Company

IDL, IDL Made in England - unknown England

IN & T CO - Ideal Novelty & Toy Co.

ISCO - Indestructible Specialties Co.

IT - Louis Amberg & Son, Horsman


J (backwards) - WWI Nurse doll, unknown USA

JK or J & K - Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler, USA, GER

JKF - possibly Jacobs & Kassler, USA, GER

Jedco - Jeanette Doll Co, see Ralph A. Freundlich

Jiminy Cricket WD PR KNT Co USA © - Knickerbocker

Joy Des & Copyright by J.L. Kallus - Cameo

Just-Lyk - Natural Doll Company

JUNO - metal head by Karl Standfuss German 


K & K or K & KX - K and K Toy Company

KB - Kellow & Brown Company

KS, K & S - unknown American USA doll maker

Kanko - Albert Kahn & Company

Keeneye - Victor Keney

Kewpie - Cameo Doll Co, by artist Rose O'Neill

Kewtie, Kewty - Arranbee

Kiddiejoy, Kiddie Joy - Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler

Kiddie Pal, Kiddie Pal Dolly, Kinky - Regal Doll

Kiddykin - Charles Perls Mfg Company, England

Kurly Head - Arranbee Doll Co.


L - Lackenmacher, Lakenmacher Co NY, USA

L A & S - Louis Amberg & Son

L A S - Louis Amberg & Son

L C - Laurie Cohen, Australia

L D Co - unknown USA doll maker

L S & S - Louis Amberg & Son

LM & S - unknown USA doll & tin toy maker

LQD - L.Q.D. Company

LW & CO - Toddling Toodles doll by Louis Wolf

Lambkins, © Lambkins - Effanbee

Life-Like Doll or Lyf-Lyk doll - Averill

Lignumfibro - New Toy Mfg Co

Lil Sis - Toy Products Mfg. Co.

Lili - with hair bow loop, unknown USA


M 16 - Louis Amberg & Son, George Borgfeldt

M & S - M & S Shillman

MAT - Maiden America Toy Mfg. Co.

MBC - Beehler Arts Doll Co.

MDC - Modern Doll Company

MD & T C NY - Modern Doll & Toy Company

MTC DOLLS or MT Co - Modern Toy Co Inc

M.V.D. - Moo-V-Doll Mfg Company

Madame Hendren - Averill Mfg Co trade name

Made in Belgium - UNICA, probably others

Made in USA Newbisc - New Toy Mfg Co

Mae Starr Doll - Effanbee

Mark - unknown USA, 1920s walking doll

Martianna composition doll - unknown doll maker

METRO CO, METRO DOLL - Metropolitan Toy & Doll Co

Midolly DOLLS - New Toy Mfg Co


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