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Cosmopolitan Ginger Ice Skating doll 1955

Cosmopolitan 1955 Ginger Ice Skating doll

The Cosmopolitan Doll Company (CDC) of Jackson Heights, NY USA  was founded by Kathryn Kay, a former sales representative for the Vogue Doll Company. 

They produced a large number of  hard plastic and vinyl dolls during the 1950s.  They are probably best known for their Ginger doll who was produced from the same plastics manufacturer - Commonwealth Plastics Corp. -  as Vogue's Ginny doll and Doll Bodies, Inc. Lingerie Lou doll. See below more Cosmopolitan dolls identified.


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Hard Plastic dolls 1950s

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Vintage Cosmopolitan Dolls Identified


1954 Cosmopolitan Ginger doll, 7 1/2-8" tall, all hard plastic with glued on wigs, early dolls had painted eyelashes, sleep eyes usually in blue, but also came in green, brown or lavender (doll has lavender hair too), straight leg non-walkers or walkers, some are bent knee walkers and may have jointed elbows too, doll is unmarked, and came with a doll, lined and stitched saran wig, panties, socks and shoes.  Clothing was sold separately. Ginger dolls were sold to many other manufactures who then redressed and resold the dolls under their own name.  Beside a large clothing wardrobe there were other accessories such as; hats, stands, wigs, skates and shoes, books, luggage, gift sets, a cardboard house, patio and lawn furniture. 

Some of the Ginger outfits were; nurse outfit, (3) Mouseketeer costumes; Talent Roundup, Mickey Mouse sweater and Mousekarade that each included a Mickey mouse mask.  Also a  Davy Crockett, Mexican outfit, Disney Costumes, Girl Scout and Brownie costumes, fairy's, ballerina, ice skating, roller skating, brides and bridesmaids, princess, space girl, rocket pilot, formal gowns, beach clothes a majorette and a fireman and many others. Clothing is tagged Fashions for Ginger Cosmopolitan Doll & Toy Corp. Jackson Heights, N.Y.


1956-1957 Mindy doll, 7 1/2 - 8" tall, was sold by Active Corporation who used a Ginger doll.

1954 Cosmopolitan Ginger Miousekeeter doll

1954 Ginger doll Mouseketeer

Mickey Mouse sweater

ginger8cosmopolitan50s.jpg (13572 bytes)

Ginger taffeta red dress, lace trim

551ginger_iceskating1.jpg (13061 bytes)

1955 Ginger Ice Skater doll


1957 Cosmopolitan Miss Ginger doll, 10-10 1/2" tall, Little Miss Revlon like competitor, has a vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, vinyl teen type fashion body, jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips with high heeled feet, pierced ears and painted finger nails, marked on head: Ginger


Outfits usually came with a dress, silk stockings, high heel shoes and jewelry and of course a full wardrobe of outfits to choose from.

cosmo-ms-ginger-bxd1.jpg (21839 bytes)

1957 Miss Ginger doll

1957 Cosmopolitan Cha Cha Heel Ginger doll, 8" tall, "Ginger Grows Up, The First 8" Doll with the all new Cha Cha heel" her ad states, vinyl head with rooted hair,  sleep eyes, hard plastic, head turning walker body, jointed at neck, arms and hips, medium heeled feet. 


This doll is rare, as the high heeled Little Miss Ginger doll was more popular. Marked on bottom of feet and on her shoes: Ginger

Cosmopolitan_cha_ginger1957.jpg (8931 bytes)

1957 Cha Cha Heel Ginger doll

1957 Cosmopolitan Little Miss Ginger doll, 8" tall, vinyl head rooted hair, sleep eyes, rigid vinyl body, teen type fashion doll with high heel feet, jointed at neck, arms and hips, marked: Ginger on bottom of dolls feet, on the high heel shoes and clothing tags.

little_miss_ginger1957a.jpg (27574 bytes)

1957 Little Miss

Ginger doll

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