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Shop for Deluxe Reading vintage dolls

Shop for Deluxe Reading vintage dolls


1970-1973 Topper Dawn doll, 6"

1970-1973 Topper Toys Dawn doll, 6"

Deluxe Reading sold their dolls and toys under a number of different company names; Deluxe, Deluxe Reading, Deluxe Premium Corporation, Deluxe Topper, Deluxe Toy Creations, Topper Toys and Topper Corporation.


They are probably best known for the Dawn doll series by Topper Toys.  Deluxe Reading dolls were sold in the 1955 to 1973 through supermarket's and are often referred to as Grocery Store Dolls. They were an inexpensive alternative to department store dolls, although of similar quality. 

Some Deluxe Reading doll markings;

A, A-1, AE, AHH, AHHH, AHHK, K-10, PTN, SG, VH and 14R     

Note: A, AE and 14R were marks used by other doll makers.

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Deluxe Reading Vintage Dolls Identified


1955 Deluxe Reading Little Red Riding Hood doll, 23" tall, hard plastic head, magic skin kapok stuffed body, rooted blonde hair in braids, blue sleep eyes with real lashes, open mouth with teeth, dressed in polka dot dress with red cape with hood, white socks and black mary jane shoes, came with a book and basket, doll is marked 20.

1955 Little Red Riding Hood, 23"

1955 Little Red Riding Hood doll, 23"

1957 Deluxe Reading Nancy the Nurse doll, 22-24" tall, stuffed soft miracle one piece vinyl body, bending arms and legs, flat feet, short washable saran rooted hair, sleep eyes, came dressed in a white nurse uniform with red heart buttons down the front, navy cape, white stockings and white vinyl shoes and some nurse's accessories.  Doll mark PTN 64, PTN 70, PTN 72.

1957 Nancy Nurse, 24"

1957 Nancy the Nurse doll, 24"


1958 Deluxe Reading Betty the Beautiful Bride doll, 30" tall, soft miracle vinyl, bending arms and legs, washable saran hair, came with white bride gown, veil, lace gloves, complete with simulated pearl jewelry (tiara and pearl necklace), high heel shoes, descriptive plaque, blue wrist tag, stain glass plaque and a 45 LP single record of Bing Crosby's song "Because".  The doll shown is marked on her neck 108.  Another marking is 31 with Arrow Rubber & Plastics symbol of an arrow inside a diamond.


Also dolls: Sweet Amy doll marked A-1, 22" tall, Rags to Riches doll, 24", Sweet Janie doll, 24", Sweet Judy doll, 24". 


Sweet Ann doll, Sweet Gail doll (marked on neck: SG), Sweet Rosemary doll, Darling Debbie doll, Beautiful Gail doll and Cinderella doll are all 30" tall -  some these of these dolls were dressed as bridesmaids in blue, pink or lavender ruffled dress's similar to Betty's white bride gown, some have pierce ears with pearl earrings, these dolls are all very similar and if out of costume and without a box or wrist tag may be indistinguishable as to which doll it originally was. Many of these girls have a doll marking of AE plus a number, another doll mark is K-10Cinderella also came dressed in a beautiful pink ball gown.


1958 Betty the Beautiful Bride, 30"

1958 Betty the Beautiful Bride doll, 30"


1958-1965 Deluxe Reading Candy Fashion Doll, 20 & 24" tall, all vinyl fashion doll, sleep eyes, rooted blonde bubblecut hair, fully jointed body including elbows and knees with high heel feet, doll was sold in grocery stores, made by Deluxe Premium, had an extra outfits and dress forms, marked: 21HH.  An 18" articulated Candy Fashion doll was reproduced in 2006 by Charisma, along with her famous wardrobe.


See also 1962 Pam Fashion doll, is the same doll as Candy only with brunette hair and same markings.


1958 Candy Fashion doll, 20"

1958 Candy Fashion doll, 20"

Late 1950-1970s  Deluxe Reading Fashion doll, 20" tall, rooted hair, sleep eyes, fully jointed body, high heel feet, marked: 14R on back of neck, dressed in several different costumes. 


Note: 14R marked dolls were sold by several different doll makers.  See our Hard Plastic Doll Markings page for more information.   

Deluxe Reading Fashion doll, 20" tall

Late 1950s Deluxe Reading

Fashion doll, 20"

Late 1950s to 1970s Deluxe Reading Little Miss Fashion Doll, 20 or 24" tall,  vinyl head with short curly rooted hair, sleep eyes, jointed hard plastic body with flat feet, came with four outfits; cowgirl outfit with hat and boots, pajamas, party dress and snowsuit, unsure how marked.

1950s Deluxe Reading Little Miss Fashion Doll, 20"

Late 1950s Deluxe Reading Little Miss Fashion Doll, 20"


Late 1950s Deluxe Reading Miss Canada Doll, 20" or 24" tall, (same doll as Sweet Janie doll sold in the USA) vinyl head with short rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth and jointed body with high heel feet.  Miss Canada is marked with a small bump on the lower back. 


Photo courtesy Ms. Hasting

1950s Miss Canada doll, 20"

Late 1950s Miss Canada Doll, 20"


1958 Deluxe Reading Lovable Louise doll, 24" tall, all vinyl, sleep eyes, rooted saran bubble cut hair style, jointed hard plastic body; at the neck, shoulders and hips, high heel feet, lovely satin gown with big picture hat.


1958 Deluxe Reading Lovable Linda doll, 24" tall, came in a beige dress similar to Louise's shown here.


1958 Lovable Louise, 24"

1958 Lovable Louise doll, 24"


1962 Deluxe Reading Pam Fashion doll, 21" high heel fashion model doll, part of the Candy dolls series, doll marked on neck 21HH and marked on lower back  AE.



Photo N/A

1962 Pam Fashion Doll, 21"


1962 Deluxe Reading Suzy Smart doll, 24" tall, vinyl head, battery operated talker, sleep eyes, rooted blonde hair, hard plastic body, jointed knees;  came with a plastic red, yellow and black desk chair and easel, she wears a schoolgirl plaid jumper with white short sleeve shirt and black ribbon tie, and a matching plaid beret with black shoes, doll marked D3-422, D3-450 and possibly others.


1962 Suzy Smart, 24"

1962 Suzy Smart doll, 24"

1963 Deluxe Reading Nancy Nurse doll, 20 1/2" tall, (similar to the Suzy Smart dolls), battery operated talker, rooted short curly hair, sleep eyes, unsure how she was dressed or marked.

1963 Nancy Nurse, 20 1/2"

1963 Nancy Nurse doll, 20 1/2"

1963-1970 Deluxe Reading Penny Brite doll, 8" tall, all vinyl, rooted short curly hair, painted eyes. 


See the Penny Brite doll, clothes and gift set page.  

1963 Penny Brite doll, 8"

1963-1970 Penny Brite doll, 8"

1964 Deluxe Reading Miss Beauty Parlor doll, 24" tall, same head mold as Suzy Smart doll but she is not a battery operated talker, came with a beauty parlor chair and supplies, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, hard plastic body, jointed knees, shown in original outfit, doll marked 220, 346, D3-33, D6 24 and possibly other marks.

1964 Miss Beauty Parlor doll, 25"

1964 Deluxe Reading Betty's Beauty Parlor doll, 21" tall, hard plastic and vinyl body, vinyl head with rooted hair in a bob with bangs, sleep eyes, has chubbier limbs than the slimmer doll below, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips and knees, shown in her original yellow and red dress, doll marked Deluxe Reading Co 1964.

1964 Deluxe Reading Betty's Beauty Parlor doll, 21"

1964 Betty's Beauty Parlor doll, 21"


1964-1967 Deluxe Reading Suzy Homemaker doll, Beauty Parlor version, 24" tall, hard plastic and vinyl, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips and knees, rooted bubble cut hair-do, sleep eyes, red dress with short sleeve white blouse, had separate accessories of a Beauty Salon chair and a Hair Boutique that could be bought separately, doll marking is unknown.

1964 Suzy Homemaker,

Beauty Parlor version, 24"


1964 Deluxe Reading Suzy Cute doll, 7" tall, all vinyl, move her arm and the face changes expression, rooted blonde hair, blue eyes, drink and wet doll, came in a yellow plastic crib with three outfits. Additional outfits were available separately and there was; a swing set, stroll, plastic dresser, carriage, bathinette and feeding chair.  Marked on head;  Deluxe Reading Corp. 1964 268 GX.


1964 Suzy Cute doll, 7"


1965 Deluxe Reading Baby Boo doll, 21", a battery operated doll, marked on back:  CAT NO 1813 C DLR Corp. 1965 Made by Deluxe Reading Corp.  and on head:  55 Deluxe Reading 1965.


Baby Catch A Ball doll, battery operated doll.


Little Miss Fussy doll, battery operated doll, 18" tall.


dr_baby-boo.jpg (12499 bytes)

1965 Baby Boo doll, 21"


1965 Deluxe Reading Topper Toys, The Go-Go's dolls, all 6" tall, vinyl dolls, bendable body, rooted hair, painted eyes (8 dolls in the series);  Brenda Brush, Cool Cat, Hot Canary, Private Ida, Slick Chick, The Swinger, Tom Boy, Yeah Yeah, marked: 1965 Deluxe Reading.  Box has Topper Toys emblem on back.

Photo's N/A


1965 Brenda Brush doll, 6",

an artist with paint brushes, palette

dr_coolcat1965gogo.jpg (12244 bytes)

1965 Cool Cat, 6",  folk singer with guitar

dr_gogo_slick_chick_letsplay1.jpg (12517 bytes)

1965 Slick Chick, 6",  with her black poodle

Photo courtesy of Vicki

gogos_swinger_topper65a1.jpg (10737 bytes)

1965 The Swinger, 6" a dancer with bracelets

dr_tomboy_gogo1965.jpg (10489 bytes)

1965 Tomboy, 6", has a black eye, came with her baseball bat



1965 Hot Canary, 6"

singer with microphone


1965 Private Ida, 6",

with a spy case


1965 Yeah Yeah, 6",

the stewardess

1966 Deluxe Reading Baby Magic doll, 18" tall, sleep eyes, rooted hair, drinks, nurses, cries real tears and goes to sleep by herself.  Had a magic thimble that is magnetic.  There was also a Tiny Baby Magic doll, 10 1/2" tall in 1968.

1966 Baby Magic doll, 18"

1969 Deluxe Reading Baby Peek N' Play doll, 18" tall, battery operated or Baby Tickle Tears doll, 14" tall.

dr_baby_peek1.jpg (19804 bytes)

1969 Baby Peek "N Play doll, 18"


1970-1973 Topper Toys Dawn dolls, 6" tall, all vinyl doll with rooted hair, jointed body, legs have a wire inside which in some cases is prone to show a greenish mark over time.  Other family dolls are: Angie, Dale, Gloria, Long Locks and Jessica.  Three male dolls were later introduced, Gary, Ron and Van. Dawn had a huge wardrobe and accessories to collect.  Dawn's counterpart in Britain was named Pippa made by Palitoy.  The Dawn doll was a small sized competitor to Mattel Barbie dolls and is the same size as Mattel Rock Flower dolls and can share their wardrobe.


1970 Topper Dawn doll, 6"

1971 Topper Toys Smarty Pants doll, 18" tall, hard plastic jointed body, talker with battery compartment in tummy, rooted sort blonde hair, sleep eyes with real upper lashes, open slight smiling mouth doll marked Topper Co. 19 71, by Topper Toys Company.

1971 Smarty Pants doll, 18" 


Deluxe Reading dolls not shown


ca. 1958 Deluxe Reading Sweet Amy Dress-Me doll 22" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic walker jointed body with voice box and grill, doll mark A-1 or unmarked.


1959 Deluxe Reading Paula Marie doll, 24" tall, one piece stuffed body and limbs, vinyl head with short curly rooted hair, sleep eyes, real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, closed mouth, doll marked VH-25 on upper back A on lower back.


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