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1965 Hasbro Dolly Darlings doll hatbox series - dolls are 4 1/2" tall and came packaged in a plastic hat box with a clear cover.  All these dolls came with molded hair.  Six dolls in the Series: John and his Pets, Karen Slumber Party, Betty or Beth Supermarket, Cathy Party, Suzie School, Shary Vacation dolls.


1966 Hasbro Dolly Darlings doll Prototype - These prototype dolls are all from the Don Levine collection who was a Vice President at Hasbro, you can see an early dolly darling head of Debbie who became the Fancy Pants doll and a board with eight of the new redesigned and rooted hair dolls for the soon to be produced dolls in 1967.


Dolly Darling - Shary Vacation

1965 Dolly Darlings Hat box and Prototypes


  debbie1.jpg (9074 bytes)

1966 Debbie Dolly Darling doll

1967 Hasbro Dolly Darlings doll boxed - New packaging either blue or dark pink cardboard boxes with clear plastic wrap, all dolls now have rooted hair. 


1968 Hasbro Dolly Darlings doll carded series - Now packaged on a pink or green cardboard hang tag with a clear bubble cover, all dolls now have rooted hair.

Hasbro, Dolly Darling, Tea Time 1967

Dolly Darlings doll boxed or carded 1967-1968


1967 Hasbro Dolly Darlings doll Playrooms - Four dolls with playrooms in this series, each came in a room with a doll:  Tea Time in a bedroom, Slumber Party in a bathroom, School Days in a living room, Casual in a kitchen.


ddhouse_box.jpg (25093 bytes)

1967 Dolly Darlings doll Playrooms


1967-1968 Palitoy Dolly Darlings dolls, UK, United Kingdom, Britain - These dolls were boxed just like the pink boxed dolls sold in the USA.  Six dolls in this series - Sleigh Ride, Tam O' Shanter, Sunny Days, Lounge Suit, Strawberry Fair, Outdoor Sporty. 


Only Sunny Days was sold in both the USA and the UK market, the other five dolls are UK exclusives.


England 1967-1968 Hasbro Dolly Darlings dolls

1967-1968 Dolly Darlings dolls Palitoy 


1968 Hasbro Flower Darlings dolls,3 1/2" tall, seven dolls total in this series;  Lily, Violet, Daisy Daphne, Dahlia, Rose, Chrysanthemum dolls. 


Original artwork Don Levine collection a VP at Hasbro when dolls were made in 1968.


1968 Hasbro Lily doll

1968 Flower Darlings dolls


Hasbro Dolly Darlings clone dolls


Merry Manufacturing Company dolls called Miss Merry Playmate dolls,

Modern Toys 1970s Mascot Stewardess dolls made in Hong Kong and probably other doll makers.



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