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Goss & Company bisque head doll face English

William Henry Goss & Company doll

Below is a list of past Britain, British, England, English or United Kingdom antique doll makers from the 1680s on, included is the Company name, date of operation, doll mold numbers, identifying doll marks, labels, letters, initials, doll trade names and symbols. 

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English Doll Makers


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A & A Merchandising Products Company LTD. 1941+

A. Hyman Abrahams & Sons Company 1913+

L.D. Abrahams Toy Company 1917+

Rudolph Ackerman Print Shop paper dolls 1764-1834

The Acorn Toy Company LTD. 1944+

   - doll & toys trade mark; acorn on oak leaf 31st October 1944

Airfix Products Industries, LTD. 1939-1977+

    - acquired doll manufacturers Semco LTD. in 1962

Albany Toy Company soft toys & dolls 1919

Frederic Aldis Pierotti wax dolls mark label 1878-1901

Frederic Aldis wax dolls mark label 11 & 13 Belgrave Mansions SW

doll mark 11 & 13 Belgrave Mansions SW

Thomas Aldred Pierotti wax dolls 1881-1903

All British Doll Manufacturing Company 1915-1919

   - composition, kid, papier mache dolls & doll wigs

All British Doll Manufacturing Company doll mark Allbrit

doll mark Allbrit

Alliance Toy Company cloth dolls 1917-1920

Richard & Sons Allwin Doll Company doll mark ALLWIN 1935+

Richard & Sons Allwin Doll Company doll mark ALLWIN

- Shirley Temple look a like dolls

Amanda Jane LTD. 1952-2007  

  - plastic or vinyl Amanda Jane & Amanda Jane Baby dolls

Gabriel Mentech Assael United Agencies 1919-1945+

   - wholesaler of English & French dolls & toys

Art Fabric Mills cloth rag dolls 1913-1916 London

Art Toy Manufacturing cloth dolls 1919-1923 & NYC

Art Toy Mfg. doll mark label 672300

Art Toy Manufacturing Co doll mark Misska

doll mark Misska, trade name; Bathing Jeff

Art Statue Company dolls 1917-1918

   - composition heads & parts supplier

Atlantic Rubber Company Limited doll mark Toggy 1923

Atlas Manufacturing Company  1914-1918

   - cloth dolls, British ceramic heads & hands

Mabel Lucie Attwell artist, doll designer 1914-1962

   - designed Bambinas for Chad Valley

   and others including Roddy Doll Company .

   Diddums dolls, Pooksie doll, Caresse dolls

Austen & Haben Company 1916 Peckham, England

   - British ceramic & cloth dolls



E. W. Bagley doll heads & parts maker 1924-1925

Charles W. Baker distributed cloth dolls 1916-1923

Bailey & Baxter wax dolls 1916

   - unglazed porcelain dolls dipped in wax

William Bailey Company doll mark KLIPTIKO 1916+

William Bailey doll mark KLIPTIKO

Bainbridge & White Company store sold dolls 1922

John Banister English & Dutch dolls & toys 1800s

A. Barker doll maker 1926

Henry Barnett doll manufacture agent 1921-1926

Henry Barnett doll agent 1921-1926

Barnett, Isaacs & Company doll maker 1922-1926

Batger & Company composition & wax dolls 1915-1922

John Batt & Company doll mark bat symbol 1883

John Batt doll mark bat symbol

Anthony Bazzoni composition & wax dolls 1828-1878

Victor Baumann doll maker 1897-1929 London & Nürnberg

Beaver Doll & Toy wood dolls 1916-1917 NY/CAN/ENG

The Beaver Doll & Toy Company doll mark Beaverability

doll mark Beaverbilt, Beaverbeasts, Beaverability

Bedington, Liddiat & Company import / export dolls 1875-1930+

Bell & Francis character dolls 1906-1923

Henry S. Benjamin Company doll mark Victory Doll 1917+

Henry S. Benjamin Company doll mark Victory Doll

Mabel Bland-Hawkes cloth dolls 1918-1930

Bluebird Toys Plc 1980-1998

   - now owned by Mattel USA

Boudoir dolls 1915-1930s

Borough British dolls 1915-1920

Braxted Doll Village Industries 1918-1928

Britannia Toy Company  dolls 1919-1926

British National Doll mark BND 1930-1960

British National doll mark BND

British Products Mfg Company  dolls 1917

British Toys dolls 1915-1920

  - Nottingham Toy Industry, Shanklin Toy Ind.

Brown & Richie Company LTD. dolls date ??

   - doll mark APEX + symbols a crown, lion on a shield,

     BR inside a square, English China, glassware maker

Brown, Westhead & Moore Co doll mark B.W.M. & Co 1859

   - in 1891 took over S. Hancock & Sons

Brown, Westhead & Moore doll mark B.W.M & Co.



Cascelloid LTD 1919-1968

   - also known as Palitoy Company

Cauldon Potteries 1774-1925+

Chad Valley Doll Company  1897-1978

Charm Toys 1940s

Childs & Sons papier mache head doll mark mid-1800's

Child's & Sons doll mark 51 Kings Road, Brighton, label

Chiltern Toy Works dolls 1908-1920+

    - 1920-1967+  H.G. Stone & Company LTD.,

    1967+ sold to Chad Valley

Classic dolls, see Speights LTD 1900-1924

Cobo cloth dolls 1870s+ Bailiwick Guernsey

W. Cohen & Son dolls 1924-1930s

S. Coleman wax dolls prior to 1867


Nos. 6, 7, 11, 12, & 26, Ground Floor

   Pantheon, Oxford Street Entrance

Frederick Cooper & Son 1915-1920

Corinthian Bazaar wax dolls after 1867

W.H. Cornelius dolls 1924

Cowan, de Groot & Ross dolls 1922-1930 London

Mrs. Clara Coxeter dolls 1865-1870

Crabet Shape Company mask faced dolls 1916-1918

William Henry Cremer Junior & Son doll mark 1862-1900


Cremer Dolls Toys Games 210 Regent St.

Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Company  1889-1940s

Crown Staffordshire H.J.H. doll mark

doll mark Crown Staffordshire H.J.H.

Curry & Company  wood block jointed dolls 1912-1913



Dean's Rag Book dolls 1903+

Dell & Company dolls 1918-1922

Dennis, Malley & Company doll mark demalcol 1921-1924

Dent & Company of Windsor, England 1897

Dent & Company doll mark 261 dep Germany

doll Queen Victoria bought for a God-daughter,

marked 261 dep Germany (Bahr & Proschild head)

Deptford Toy Making Industries 1917-1919

Diamond Pottery Company . bisque heads 1908-1925+

Diamond Pottery Co doll mark Diamond

   - doll mark < Diamond >

Diamond Tile Company 1940s

T.A. Dixon noxid composition dolls 1918-1920

Doll Manufacturers 1917-1920 Tunbridge Wells

   - British ceramic heads, mask face, black & Hindu

Doll Pottery Company  British ceramic heads 1916-1920

Doll Pottery doll mark mark D.P.Co English Make

doll mark D.P.Co English Make, doll mold 161, 654305

Dolls Supplies 1915-1921 Liverpool & London

Dolphitch Mfg Company  wax dolls 1909-1918

Dorothy doll mark Dorothy 9082 made in England, unknown

Dura Porcelain Company doll mark Benco Dura 1915-1918

 - also known as Empress Pottery

 Dura Porcelain Company doll mark Benco Dura

B. Dutch doll maker 1922-1926


East London Toy Factory 1915-1928

   - Babies in the Wood, Dolly Dimple rattle doll 1917

East London Federation Suffragettes Factory doll mark E.L.S.F.

East London Federation of Suffragettes Toy doll mark E.L.S.F.

Eccles rubber dolls 1921-1926

   - also called New Eccles Rubber Works

Georg P. Eckardt  (Eckart) doll mark GEO 1820-1930+ & GER

Eckardt & Co doll mark GEO

E continue above

E continued

Hans E. Eckardt (Eckart) doll mark horse drawn cart 1895+

Hans E. Eckardt (Eckart) doll mark horse drawn cart

Walter & Ronald Eckardt (Eckart) 1920-1925

Charles Edwards doll maker 1852-1865

John Edwards wax dolls 1868+

Edwards & Pamflett doll mark Cecily Doll tag 1918-1923

Edwards & Pamflett doll mark Cecily Doll tag

Eisenmann doll mark Einco 1881-1940 London, Furth, Bavaria

   - known as King of the Toy Trade

Eisenmann doll mark Germany Einco

Elite Doll Company 1915-1918

Elite Doll Co mark Dep. Elite U.S. 1

British ceramic head doll mark Dep. Elite U.S.1

Ellison, Rees & Company doll mark Ellarco 1915-1920

  - then (Leon) L. Rees & Company 1920-1963

 Ellison, Rees & Company doll mark Ellarco

Empire Porcelain Company founded 1896-1967

  Empire Porcelain  doll mark 70. Empire Stoke-on-Trent

doll mark 70. Empire Stoke-on-Trent 1916+

Empress Pottery - see Dura Porcelain Company

English Doll Mfg Company  1916-1917

English Rag Dolls 1892

English Toy Mfg Company  1914-1915

Stephen Erhard celluloid doll mark S.E.S, S E & S  1887-1930

Stephan Erhard doll mark S.E. & S.

Joseph H. Evans & Sons wax dolls 1868-1881

Joseph Evans doll mark 114 - 115 - 116 Newgate St. London

doll mark Manufacturers and Importers

114 - 115 - 116 Newgate St. London E-C



Falcon Pottery Works - see William Henry Goss

J. K. Farnell & Company  dolls 1871-1968

   - renamed Twyford Works 1968-1970

   JK Farnell & Company doll mark Alpha Toys Made in England

Farnell's Alpha Toys label Made in England

Samuel Finburgh cloth WW 1 soldier doll 5th June 1915



G. B Made in England doll mark, unknown

G. B Made in England doll mark, unknown

Gamages dolls 1878-1972 Holborn, London

   - department store, Gamages catalogue

Georgian wood dolls 1750-1800

S. Godfey doll mark sheaf of wheat SG 1880

S. Godfey doll mark sheaf of wheat, SG

C. Gooch wax dolls made by Charles Marsh 1865+

C. Gooch doll mark C. Gooch Soho Bazaar made by Chas. Marsh

doll mark C. Gooch Soho Bazaar Chas. Marsh

William Henry Goss & Company dolls 1858-1934

Gourdel, Vales & Company  doll mark Thumbs Up 1921

Grecon dolls 1930s-1940s, owner Margarete Cohn

   - felt dollhouse dolls with metal feet



Fr. Haas & Company doll mark Fr. H & Co Patent

Fr. Haas & Co doll mark Fr. H & Co.

Hamley Brothers doll mark Fums Up Thumbs Up 1760+



mark Hamleys Doll Repaired, 64 Regent St. W

   distributed Admiral John Jellicoe dolls

Hammond Manufacturing Company dolls 1916-1919

S. Hancock & Sons dolls 1857-1930+

  - also called; Gordon Works, Corona Pottery.

   doll mark S. H. & S. English Make

 doll mark NTI  BOY English Make

Hancock doll mark NTI  GIRL English Make

 doll mark NTI  GIRL English Make

Hilda Cowham,  Hancock's designer doll mark

Laurie Hansen & Company doll mark tag 1915-1921

- 9-15 Whitecross Street, London EC

Laurie Hansen & Company doll mark The Laurie Toys & Games tag

Harwin & Company doll mark The Educational Doll 1911-1921

Harwin & Company doll mark button the educational doll

Hewitt & Leadbetter 1914-1920

  - also know as Willow Pottery or Hewitt Bros.

Hewitt & Leadbetter, Hewitt Bros, Willow Pottery doll mark H & L Willow England

doll mark H & L Willow England

William Higgs wood dolls 1733

Elizabeth Horne dolls 1890 South Hampstead, Middlesex

   Elizabeth Horne doll mark The Real Dolls House Female Toy Making

doll mark The Real Dolls House Female Toy Making Depot

R. Hovenden & Sons doll mark Lon RH don  & Sons 1820-1929

R. Hovenden & Sons doll mark Lon RH don  & Sons




Leonard Ibbetston doll maker 1917-1920

Imperial Toy Company 1915-1919

International Toy Company 1926-1929 & USA

Abraham & Henry Isaacs doll mark The Cherub Doll 1881-1891

Abraham & Henry Isaacs doll mark The Cherub Doll

Anne Alice Ivimey doll mark Dollit 1906 East Surrey

Anne Alice Ivimey doll mark Dollit

Izzard Importer doll mark label 136 Regent Street 1860-1878+

Izzard Importer doll mark 136 Regent St. 136



Keats & Company dolls 1916

Keen & Company 1913-1933 see next

Julius Kohnstam, Keen Company dolls 1913-1933



L 5 C inside diamond RD (or BD) England doll mark, unknown

L C RD England doll mark, unknown

Henry Lamplough dolls 1916-1925+

Lang & Company rubber dolls 1865-1869

Lawton Doll Manufacturing Company 1920-1930+

    - composition Cupid Kewpie dolls 1920-1922

Thomas Lee doll maker 1857

Liberty & Company of London 1906+

   - distributed Mdvanii dolls by Billy Boy 1989+

London Rag Dolls 1865-1905


English Doll Makers  <A-L>  M-Z



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