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Furga Alta Moda dolls Simona, Susanna, Shelia, Sylvie


Furga Alta Moda dolls;

Simona, Susanna, Shelia & Sylvie


Luigi Furga a nobleman from Canneto,Furga Doll mark Mantua Province in Italy, began his doll factory in 1872 and is still in business today.  The first dolls from Furga were made with wax mask heads on a papier mache body, a little later dolls were also made on cloth bodies.  Next they imported bisque heads from Germany to be put on their dolls.  About WW I Furga built their own porcelain factory for bisque heads and all bisque dolls called Mignonettes.  Furga also made doll heads of pastello a type of composition.  By 1929 Furga bisque heads rivaled those of Germany.  They also made pressed felt, composition, hard plastic and vinyl dolls.  Furga dolls are always of good quality. 


Early Furga dolls did not make it to the American market, but were exported to some South American countries and England.  Furga dolls usually found in the USA, are generally from the 1960s-1970s, which were sold through Montgomery Ward, JC Penney, Sears and others. 

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Antique to Vintage Furga Dolls - Bambola Identified


1920s Furga all bisque doll face 7" tall


Furga All Bisque dolls, small size, wigged, glass eyes, painted brows and eyelashes, jointed at neck and hips, painted white socks with a blue stripe at top, black painted shoes, usually doll marked Furga Canneto S. Oglio plus a size numberDoll shown is 7" tall.

Furga Canneto S. Oglio all bisque doll mark

1920s Furga doll mark Canneto

1958 Furga Red Riding Hood doll or Cappuccetto Rosso doll, 17" tall, early Walker doll with a most unusual walking mechanism that has four feet, that literally walks when pushed, the mechanism is a separate cage that replaces the dolls lower body with four feet that rotate and "walk".

Red Riding hood, Furga

1958 Red Riding hood doll, 17"


Furga Child Doll, 11" tall, composition head and body, very long eyelashes, blue sleep eyes, painted closed mouth, dark brown long hair.  Wearing a beautiful gingham red and white check ruffled dress with white ruffled petticoat and bloomers, with a matching parasol. Doll is marked: Made in Italy  O  (O with a line under it). Clothing is marked L. Furga.                                 Photo courtesy Verona


Verona's Child composition doll by Furga

Furga Child Doll 11"


1964 Furga Tonia, 15" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair and lashes, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed hard plastic body.   Dressed in a beautiful velvet coat and skirt with marabou feather trim, marabou purse, gold tone necklace. Tagged L Furga Made in Italy.


Furga Tonia doll 1964

1964 Tonia doll, 15"


1965-1967 Furga Alta Moda Dolls, 17" tall, all vinyl  doll, big large stationary eyes with feathery long real eyelashes, long rooted hair, each dressed in a sleeveless shift with a gold tone S pin on collar and white slip on sandal shoes.   Dolls are marked on neck Furga 17 and just below the neck on dolls body: Alta Moda Furga.


Dolls are: Simona with blonde hair and beauty mark below her left eye, orange dress, Susanna with brunette hair, red dress, Sheila the redhead with blue dress and Sylvie with platinum hair in a lavender dress (seated front).  Additional outfits were sold separately.



Alta Moda dolls by Furga

1965 Simona, Susanna, 

Shelia & Sylvie dolls, 17". 



furga_elisabetta15_1960aface.jpg (7383 bytes)

1967 Furga Elisabetta doll, 15" tall, all vinyl, rooted platinum long hair, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, open mouth, with two teeth, came dressed in pale blue velvet long full coat over a ruffled white petticoat, blue velvet bonnet with fur trim, stockings, shoes and a gold tone waist chain and parasol, doll mark Furga, Made in Italy.


Elisabetta 1960's

1967 Elisabetta doll, 15"


1960-1970s Furga Little Adrianna or Adrianna doll, 13" tall, all vinyl, rooted hair, real eyelashes, another beautifully dressed doll with great detail on the dress, petticoat, has a hat, parasol, probably stockings & shoes.  She has wide sleep eyes in blue, rooted hair & lashes, and those cute two front teeth showing between her open mouth.  Marked FURGA on neck, clothes tagged L FURGA, Made in Italy.


Furga Little Bo Peep doll 1960-70s

1960-1970s Little Adrianna or Adrianna doll, 13"

1970 Furga Tina & Tilly
dolls, 7" tall, all soft vinyl with rooted hair, sleep eyes, dolls marked FURGA.  Shown is a 1970 Sears ad.

1970 Furga Tina & Tilly dolls, 7"


Tina & Tillly description

1970 Tina & Tilly doll description Sears ad


1973 Furga Mia doll, 19" tall, this doll is a little more casually dressed than others and still incredible, with beautiful cupid bow lips, wide blue eyes and a glorious mane of platinum long hair tied up in bows, doll mark FURGA ITALY.  


1973 Furga Mia doll, 19"

1973 Mia doll, 19"

Additional Vintage Furga dolls not shown

Furga antique bisque Dolly Face doll, bisque socket heads, wig, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed composition body, usually marked: Furga Canneto S. Oglio plus a size number, clothing also possibly tagged.


Furga Baby Dolls, 7-16" tall, or Furga Child type dolls, 11-19" tall, all vinyl, or vinyl head and limbs with a cloth body, jointed body, rooted hair, closed mouth and usually marked Furga Italy.


1950 Furga Chichi wind up mechanical Baby doll, 13" tall, bisque painted head with lightly molded painted hair, sleep eyes with real long upper eyelashes, closed painted mouth, body torso made of cloth with wind up mechanism with key in back with string attached to move legs and head moves, jointed at neck shoulders and hips, composition like full arms and bent partial lower legs, doll marked on one leg and one arm Italy, came dressed with bonnet and dress tagged Made in Italy.


Furga Lady Doll or Fashion type doll, 16-25" tall, all hard plastic or combination HP and vinyl, wigged or rooted hair, sleep eyes, open or closed mouth, usually marked Furga Italy and clothing is also tagged.

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