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  Eisenmann & Company googly doll face

Eisenmann & Company googly doll face

Below is a list of past Antike Puppen Hersteller, German doll makers from A to G; Company names, dates of operation, doll mold numbers, doll marks. labels, letters or initials, trade names and symbols. Names beginning with Porzellanfabrik or similar, are listed under name of owner or town.  Abbreviation Gebr. = Gebrüder (brother or brothers).


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Note:  C and K, C and Z, I and J - can all be spelled phonetically and interchangeably in German and in old script ß equals the SS sound

Abicht & Company 1897-1914 Illmenau, Thüringia

Abt & Franke 1865-1922 Hanover, Prussia

   - Hannoversche Puppenfabrik

Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanfabrik 1922+

 see founder Rudolph Heinz & Co 1858-1922+   

J. B. Albert Jr. toys & games 1851-1909 Frankfurt

All Bisque Doll Menu 1880+ various

ABG Alt, Beck Gottschalck 1854-1941

  - also called Porzellanfabrik von Alt

Alt & Koch Toy Factory 1882-1920 Ohrdruf, Thuringia

Amberg & Hergershausen rubber 1924-1925

Amberg & Hergershausen doll mark AHABE, Elfenhaut

- doll mark AHABE, Elfenhaut

Louis Amberg & Son 1878-1930 Sonneberg, USA

Louis Ammer 1893-1903

Franz Angermüller 1927-1928 Coburg

   - Fancora Wunder Baby doll

Hugo Anschutz 1895-1898 Oberlind

Antique Mechanical Dolls 1850-1900s  

Anton-Russell Doll Co 1924-1925

Lothar Apfelbaum & Batzner celluloid 1925-1927

Arlington Toy Co 1920-1924 & USA

J. M. Arnold celluloid dolls 1918-1934

Max Oscar Arnold doll mark MOA 1877-1931

H. A. Arnoldi Doll Co 1899-1909

Else Arrenberg Doll Co 1920-1930

  - doll trade mark Arrenberg


R. Backhausen 1891-1897

Bagge & Hanck 1920 Bavaria

Bahr & Proschild 1871-1919

Lilli & Roman Baitz composition dolls 1909-1938

Fritz Bartenstein multi face dolls 1880-1905

  - doll mark Deutscher Bartenstein U.S.P. No 243752 Heinrich Bätz doll mold 871, 1913, 1914 in 1913-30

Lissi Bätz Dolls & Toys Company 1989+ & HK

    - doll mark LB inside a triangle

Bauer & Richter celluloid dolls 1922-1927

   - also called Rodaer Puppenfabrik

Oskar Bauer doll mold 300, 400 in 1926

Emil Bauersachs dolls 1882-1920s

 doll mark EBVR, EBASO

Bauersachs & Henninger 1882-1884

  - acquired by Arthur Schoenau in 1884

Karl Baumann doll mark KB 1922

Bawo & Dotter 1838-1913 Limoges, NY, Karlsbad

   - doll mark B & D, B & D Ltd, Pat. Dec.7/80

   Barclay Baby Belle Germany

Bayerische celluloid dolls 1897-1926

Iris Beaumont art doll mark IB 1922-1926

Bébé Tout en Bois wood dolls 1901-1914

  - accepted as French, probably German

Adelbert Beck dolls 1910-1941+

Gebrüder Beck dolls 1881-1913+

Gebrüder Beck & Glaser doll mark TPK 1897-1941

Gebrüder Beck & Glaser doll mark TPK

   - small doll house dolls

Richard Beck & Company doll mark RBW 1903

Beck & Schulze doll mold 176 1883-1930

Belton Type antique dolls 1870s-1900

   - accepted as French, probably German  

Albin Berghold dolls 1903-1924

CM Bergmann dolls 1888-1931

CM Bergmann doll mark Cinderella-Baby

doll mark Cinderella Baby

Josef Bergmann papier mache 1883-1891

S. Bergmann Jr. & Co doll mark PN 1920

Carl Bergner doll mark CB 1860-1930s

Carl Bergner doll mark CB Germany in a circle.

Rolf Berlich cloth doll mark hand 1920-1924

Emile Berliner gramophone dolls 1890-1894

   - see Kammer & Reinhardt

Berliner celluloid dolls 1895

   - also called Kuntz & Co

Berliner Pupperfabrik 1890-1925+

   - also called C. M. Schmalfuss

L. Bierer doll mark mold 101 1845-1930

L Bierer doll mark symbol head 101/K Made in Germany

Fritz Bierschenk doll mark FB 1880-1930

Fritz Bierschenk doll mark F1B Germany

Bild Lilli 1950s

Bing Brothers Co doll mark WW 1882-1932

  - 1917 Concentra, a holding company

Bing Kunstlerpuppen und stoff - SpielwarenGesellschaft 1921-1932

Emil Bischoff doll mark EB 1863-1892 Sonneberg

Emil Bischoff doll mark E.B.

L. M. Bischoff dolls 1894-1903 Sonneberg

Bisque Antique Doll Menu 1860+

Ernst Bohne China dolls 1854-1930

Ernst Bohne doll mark anchor symbol EB

doll mark anchor symbol EB

Bohnke & Zimmermann 1902-1922

George Borgfeldt dolls 1881-1959 USA, exporthaus

George Borgfeldt dol mark GB

Boudoir dolls 1915-1930s

Resi Brandl doll mark RB Bufli 1923-1924 Berlin

Resi Brandl doll mark RB Bufli

Hermann Brandner mechanical dolls 1921-1922

Hugo Brennecke dancing dolls 1922 Halle

Ernst Bruchlos Doll Factory 1894-1922

Georg Bruchlos doll mark GMS 1883-1930+

Georg Bruchlos doll mark GMS

Valentin M. Bruchlos doll mark VMB 1902-1929

Brückner & Och doll mark BO 1918-1930 Stockheim

Max Buchhold porcelain factory 1910-1930s Lauscha

Oskar Buchner doll mark OB Teddy bear 1923-1925

Oskar Buchner doll mark OB Teddy bear symbol

H. Buhl & Sohn dolls 1780-1920s Grossbreitenbach

H. Buhl & Sohn doll mark HBGG

H. Buhl & Sohn doll mark HBSG

H. Buhl & Sohn doll mark B-S 2 Germany

possible H. Buhl doll mark B-S 2 Germany

Paul Buhl doll mark Tago 1910-1925+

Paul Buhl doll mark Tago

Burggrub Porzellanfabrik 1901-1953

  - see Schoenau & Hoffmeister

Theodor Buschbaum doll mark TEBU 1859-1928

- doll mold 700

Wilhelm Buschow celluloid dolls 1869-1929

Buschow & Beck metal head dolls 1888-1930s

Butler Brothers 1877-1935 USA & GER


Cantzler & Hoffmann celluloid dolls 1906-1951

then 1952-1980s Caco Company W. Germany

 Canzler & Hoffman doll mark Caho

   doll mark Caho before 1952

Caco Company doll mark Caco

  - doll mark Caco after 1952

Augustin Friedrich Carl doll mark Schieler 1921-27

Augustin Friedrich Carl doll mark Schieler

Max Carl & Co China dolls 1891-1905

Robert Carl doll mark RC 1895-1929

Robert Carl doll mark Germany RC

Catterfelder Puppenfabrik 1884-1930s

    - bisque heads by Kestner, doll mark CP

    C - continued above

   C - continued

Celba Celluloid Warenfabrik 1923-1960s

   - also called Schoberl & Becker

Schoberl celluloid dol Cellba marking - mermaid inside a shield

  - doll mark mermaid symbol inside a shield

China Head Doll Menu 1840s-1900s

Closter Veilsdorf Porzellanfabrik China dolls

  - or Kloster Veilsdorf Porzellanfabrik 1760-1930

   doll mark trefoil, CV, doll name Mabel,

    doll mold 500, 503, 532, 900

Cloth Doll Menu 1860+

Marguerite (Grete) Cohn doll mark Grecon 1920-1950s

    - 1920 in Berlin, Germany & 1940 in London, England

Marguerite Cohn doll mark Grecon

Max Cohn dolls 1911-1922

Conta & Bohme China dolls 1804-1937

Crämer & Heron ( Craemer & Heron) 1892-1920s

   - doll mold 22, 1893+ doll trade name Baby Ruth

   also Mengersgereuth Porzellanfabrik 1908-1930s

Creidlitz or Rose Schulz Co doll mark 1908-1923

Creidlitz or Rose, Schulz Co doll mark

Curnen & Steiner 1890s-1910+

Curnen & Steiner doll mark C & S

doll mark C & S Germany on a ribbon


Carl Daum 1921-1925

Carl Debes & Sohn dolls 1905-1906

Theodor & Fanny Degenring 1881-1930 Gehren

   - Günthersfeld Porzellanfabrik doll mark two crossed

     swords initial G inside a circle

Theodor Degenring, Günthersfeld Porzellanfabrik doll mark two crossed swords initial G in side a circle

doll mold 1514, 1563, 1566, 1569, 1571

Ad. Dehler 1895-1914

Carl Dehler dolls doll mark D.G. 1883-1884

Carl Dehler dolls doll mark D.G.

doll trademark Musikpuppe

E. Dehler doll mark ED, EDH 1866-1921

E. Dehler doll mark EHD

Karl Dehler Bébé Diamant 1931

Wilhelm Dehler doll mark WD 1872-1894

Wilhelm Dehler doll mark WD#

dist. in Paris, France, England, USA

Delly Puppenfabrik GmbH doll mark 1925 Stuttgart

Demalcol GmbH doll mark 1921-1924

Dennis Malley doll mark Demalcol

Dennis, Malley Co. London & Germany

DEP Dolls 1880s+

DEP doll mark 8

Josef Deuerlein before 1907-1925+

    - see successor Kohler & Rosenwald

doll mark IDEN, a teddy bear in a circle

   with a banner and Hercules or Kolundra

Deutsche Kolonial Kapok Werke 1925

Deutsche Kolonial Kapok doll mark Dekawe Spieltere & Puppen 

 stuffed toys marked DEKAWE Spieltiere & Puppen

Diamont Doll Co. 1950s

M. Dieckmann doll mark STF, dates unknown

Johannes Gotthilf Dietrich 1919-1928

Johannes Gotthilf Dietrich doll mark Igodi, Jgodi

doll mark Igodi, Jgodi

Erich Dittmann celluloid EDI doll 1945-1967

Erich Dittmann doll mark Edi D.R.M.G, Edi Germany, Edi Puppen

doll mark Edi D.R.M.G, Edi Germany, Edi Puppen

Matz Dittmer rubber dolls 1890s

Dittrich & Schön metal head dolls 1886-1890

Nicol Bernhard Dobrich dolls 1878-1899

   - doll mold 304, 305, 2722, 4200, 4480

Doll Glossary and doll terms explained

Gebrüder Döring stuffed dolls 1907-1925+ Thür.

Dornheim, Koch & Fischer 1860-1937 Gräfenroda

Dornheim, Koch & Fischer doll mark 882 10 DKF

doll mark XV over DKF, doll mold 882

   bisque figures with Dresden type flowers 1880-1890s

Julius Dorst wooden dolls 1839-1930s

Julius Dorst doll mark HD

Julius Dorst doll mark HD inside a star Fabrik-Marke

Julius Dorst doll mark D, clown symbol in a circle

doll mark HD, star HD, D with clown symbol

Cuno & Otto Dressel mark winged helmet 1789-1942

Cuno & Otto Dressel doll mark symbol winged helmet ED

Fritz Dressel doll factory 1901-1927

    - doll mold 201, 202, 203, 210, 211, 212, 220, 225,

   230, 240

Hugo Dressel Toy Export 1881-1897

   - 1897 joined Leven & Sprenger

Dressel, Kister & Co China dolls 1840-1925+

Dressel & Kister doll mark a staff DKP

doll mark DKP, symbol of a staff

Dressel & Koch doll mark D & K 1894-1897

Dressel & Koch doll mark 9/0 D & K dep

   - 2nd name Koch & Weithase 1897-1902

   - 3rd name Hering & Weithase 1902+

Dressel & Pietschmann Doll & Toy Factory 1923

Dressel & Pietschmann Doll & Toy Factory doll mark D & DC

doll mark D & PC

Wilhelm Dressel 1895-1913

Henrietta Dunker doll factory 1923 Hamburg

Henriette Dunker doll mark Mein Stern

doll mark Mein Stern in a six pointed star


Earthenware Dolls 1844+

D. Eberhardt 1909-1920

Johannes Chr. Eberlein 1853-1926

   - bathing dolls, dolls heads

O. Eberwein & Co doll trademark Strandfee 1923

Eck. Berthold doll mark a stags head 1876-1882

Berthold Eck doll mark deer head Fabrik Marke

Gebrüder Eckardt (Eckhardt) 1820-1930+, UK, USA

Gebruder Eckardt doll mark 540 - 4 GEO 5

doll mark GEO, doll mold 540, 992 Our Pet doll

- see also Strauss & Eckhardt Co. New York

Rud Eckardt dolls 1895 Prussia

W. & R. Eckardt (Eckart) dolls 1924-1930+

Heinrich Eckert 1901-1905

Rudolf Eckold 1920-1921

Hermann Eckstein doll mark ECCO 1899-1920

Hermann Eckstein doll mark ECCO

Eckstein & Co 1924-1925

Edmund Edelmann doll mark Melitta 1921-1933

Edmund Edelmann doll mark Melitta

Gustave Ehrlicher or Erlicher 1903-1908

Louis Ehrlicher 1907-1920

Christian Eichhorn & Sohn mark CE & S 1909-1930

Christian Eichhorn doll mark CE & S

Edwin Ferdinand Eichorn 1895-1918

Franz Eichorn 1895-1918

Martin Eichhorn 1889-1930s

Eisenmann & Co 1881-1940 Furth, Bavaria, London

Eisenmann doll mark Germany Einco

doll mark Einco, doll mold 126, 8723, 8764

   - Eisenmann was called King of the Toy Trade

Eisenmann doll mark Einco 87 Heubach 64 Germany

doll mark Einco 87 Heubach 64 Germany

Isidor Eisenstadt & Co 1895-1902

Erzgebirge wood dolls 1920s

E. Escher Jr. doll mark locomotive 1880-1905+

JG Escher & Sohn doll mark IGES 1790-1928


Fashion Lady Dolls 1860-1930s

Fasold & Stauch doll figurines 1903-1972

Carl Feiler & Co doll mark CF & Co 1900-1903

Carl Feiler doll mark C.F. & Co.

B. Fichtmuller (possibly) doll mark B.F. 1915+ Koppelsdorf

Arno. Fischer doll mark FA PAF, Fischer 1907-1925+

Arno Fischer doll mark PAF

Bernhard Fischer Taufling wax dolls 1864-1911

Louis Fischer dolls 1897-1918


   F - continued above

   F - continued

Fischer, Naumann & Co 1852-1938

Naumann Fischer doll shoe mark FNC

- Fischer, Naumann doll shoe mark FNC

Fischer, Naumann doll mark FNJ

Fischer, Naumann doll mark 1852-1927 75

doll mark FNC, FNI, FNJ, Fr. H & Co Patent

Adolf Fleischmann papier mache dolls 1844-1881

   - Factory of Dolls & Toys, Sonneberg

   Fleischmann & Craemer doll mark 1881

then A. Fleischmann & Cramer 1881-1927+

Fleischmann & Craemer doll mark A.F & C. Superior 2018

Fleischmann & Craemer doll mark AF & C 1920s

Ernst Fleischmann - see next

Eduard Fleischmann & Sohn dolls 1877-1896

   - Johann's children succeeded

Gebrüder Fleischmann doll mark GFN 1879-1928+

Gebrüder Fleischmann doll mark GFN

Ernst & Johann Paul Fleischmann dolls 1853-1877+

Fleischmann & Bloedel (or Blödel) 1873-1926 Fürth

Fleischmann & Bloedel doll mark

and offices in London, UK, Paris, FR & Spain

   successor J. Berlin 1911-1926

A.M.A. Flinzer-Thierfelder dolls & toys 1840-1873+

Florig & Otto doll mark FO 1920-1922


trademark Florigotto, symbol of a couple

Albert Förster doll mark symbol bear AF 1929

Albert Forster doll mark AF

Emil Föster 1895-1920

Gustave Förster doll & toy exporter 1922-1930s

Gustav Forster doll mark standing man smoking

doll mark symbol smoking man with a rifle

Arno Frank & Co doll mold 100 in 1902-1904

Franz & Hachmeister dolls 1872-1875

Johannes Franz doll mold 5332 in 1871-1913

Johannes Franz doll mark a couple

doll trade mark symbol couple holding hands Germany

Johannes Franz doll mark Gesetzlicher Schutz Patent Amt No. 5332

doll mark Gesetzlicher Schutz Patent Amt No. 5332

Freiberg doll mark Freiberg # 1950s Germany

Freiberg doll mark Freiberg 36

F. W. Freitag & Company before 1923

   - then Thuringer Puppen & Spielwarenfabrik

Frickmann & Robert Lindner 1911-1925

Karl Frickmann 1925-1929

Friedrichrodaer Puppenfabrik 1902-1925+

   - owners; Riede, Otto & Fritz Jäger, also known as;

   Gebrüder Jäger, Jäger & Co., Otto Jäger

-  doll mold 850, 890a

Friedrichrodaer Puppenfabrik doll mark Mamas Herzensschatzl FP Fabrik Marke

Friedrichrodaer Puppenfabrik doll mark Bruderchen FP Fabrik Marke  

doll mark FP, Mamas Herzensschatzi, Bruderchen

Frozen Charlotte or Frozen Charlie dolls


Galluba & Hofmann 1888-1926

Galluba & Hofmann doll mark G & H J

doll mark G & H J, doll mold 475 plus others

Otto Gans doll mark goose symbol, OG 1901-1930

Otto Gans doll mark a duck or goose symbol

Otto Gans doll mark OG 6789/26

Gans & Seyfarth Puppenfabrik 1908-1922

Gans & Seyfarth doll mark G & S

then Seyfarth & Reinhardt 1922-1930

Georg Gebert doll mark G 1890-1907+

Georg Gebert doll mark G symbol standing girl

successor Alfred Golshiner 1907

H. Geisler & Co 1898-1900

  - see also Bruno Schmidt

German Mystery Puppen Dolls & Marks

Gera Porzellanfabrik doll mark G, C 1779+

Gera Porzellanfabrik doll marks G, C

Greiner family owned

Carl Geyer & Sohn doll factory 1882-1931

Carl Geyer doll mark horn of plenty symbol Fabrik Marke

Carl Geyer doll mark symbol of children in fancy cartouche

Carl Geyer doll mark Beb Habille


Carl Geyer doll mark label Liliput

doll mark Bébé Habille, Liliput,

Max Louis Goebel dolls 1895-1911

    - M. L. Goebel dolls 1911-1913

   now owned by Alfred Fasold

Walter Goebel dolls 1928

Walter Goebel doll mark Muning

doll mark Muing

William Goebel doll mark triangle moon 1877-1930s

William Goebel doll mark crown symbol GW 2 Germany or a triangle with a half moon

Goethe Frieda doll taufling +1911

C. Goetz & Co. dolls 1898-1901

Max Göhring doll mark girl on swing 1921-1930+

Max Gohring doll mark girl on a swing

R. Goldman & Company doll mark RGC dates ??

Edgard Goldstein doll mark EG 1919-1921

Edgard Goldstein doll mark EG

Alfred Golschiner art dolls 1907-1925 Berlin

Googly Eye Dolls 1912-1938

Gotha Porzellanfabrik 1892-1930

   - see Fritz Pfeffer of Gotha, Thuringia

Gotha Puppenindustrie doll mark PIGO 1924

Arthur Gotthelf doll mark Ulla puppe 1922+

Arthur Gotthelf doll mark ULLA Puppe

Götz Puppenfabrik 1950-2004

Götz & Heine dolls 1906-1913

August Götzinger dolls 1843-1855

Martin Grabner papier mache dolls 1820

Heinrich Graeser doll mold 206, 1180 in 1889-1892

Gräfenthal Porzellanfabrik China 1861-1880+

   - Unger, Carl Schneider, Hutschenreuther 1881+

Gräfenthal Porzellanfabrik or Unger, Carl Erben Schneider & Hutschenreuther doll mark G

doll mark two arrows thru a G

doll mold 13944, 14389, 14790 plus others

Greif Puppenkunst doll mark 1927-1928

Greif Puppenkunst doll mark Germany 7/0, bisque head by Ernst Heubach

Greiner & Company doll mark G & Co 1860-1909

  - called Kuhnert & Egli 1909-1938

 Greiner Family 1760-1937

  - see Limbach Porzellanfabrik

Friedrich Ch. Greiner & Sohns dolls 1783-1930

   - see Rauenstein Porzellanfabrik

Adolf Greuling 1894-1907

   - doll molds 207, 208, 209, 500, 501, 502

Carl Greuling 1904 Sonneberg, Thuringia

Grödner Tal wood dolls 1700s+

Ernst Grossman doll body mark EG 1880+ Sonneberg

Ernst Grossman doll mark E.G.

Ernst Grossmann doll body mark Gesetzlich Geschutzt

Grossmann doll body mark Gesetzlich Geschutzt

Oskar Günthel celluloid dolls 1924-1925

doll mark Helgünith

C. Erich  Günther doll mark CEGD 1922 Dresden

C. Erich Günther doll mark CEG

Emma Günther dressed dolls 1908-1930 Berlin

Günthersfeld Porzellanfabrik 1881-1930 Gehren

   - see Theodor & Fanny Degenring

Gura dolls 1950s+

    - small tourist paper-mâché or celluloid dolls

Heinrich Wilhelm Gutberlet 1868-1922

Guttmann & Schiffnie 1897-1924

Guttmann & Schiffnie doll mark Bebe l` Avenir G & S

doll mark GS, G & $, Guschi

Guttmann & Schiffnie Bébé Coiffure

doll trade names; Bébé l' Avenir,  Bébé Coiffure, Mona Lisa, Boy Scouts, Eclaireur


German Doll Makers < A-G >  H-K  L-O  P-R  S-T  U-Z  

** Due to World War One (WW1 or WWI) between 1915-1922 imported German bisque dolls were not available to most of the world.

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