Antique Halopeau H Mold Dolls 1882+ French

1880s Halopeau H mold bebe doll 23"
ca. 1880s Halopeau H mold bebe doll 23 1/2″ face

Aristride Marcelling Halopeau purchased the Eugene Barrois doll company in 1877, by 1882 he produced the H mold Bébé bisque head doll until January 1899 when the company went out of business. The Halopeau H mold dolls are very rare and desirable to doll collectors with very deep pockets.

(on left)  ca. 1880s Halopeau Bébé H Mold doll, 23 1/2″ tall, beautiful creamy pressed bisque socket head, Jumeau jointed composition French body with straight wrists, human or mohair wig, cork pate, finely feathered brows, paper weight sleep eyes lined in black with red dots in corner of eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, painted nostrils, closed mouth lightly outlined, pierced ears, doll marked on the neck rim 4 . H.

Halopeau Bebe Doll Marks & Sizing
0. H = 16 1/2″, 2. H = 19″, 3. H = 21″ , 4. H = 23 1/2″ tall

ca. 1880s Halopeau bebe doll dressed
ca. 1880s Halopeau H mold bebe doll dressed
Halopeau H mold doll marks
Halopeau H mold doll marks
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