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Hard Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Marked with Letter(s) then Number(s)


American Character Sweet Sue doll, unmarked

How to identify a hard plastic, plastic or vinyl doll?  Doll marks are usually found on the the back of dolls neck, upper or lower back and possibly on bottom of the foot.  Once you have your mark use the below list to see the doll maker (s), as some markings may have been used by more than one.


Barbie doll markings are excluded from this page, instead see our Barbie Doll Marks page, all other vintage Barbie, family or friends marks are found on each individual doll page, see the Barbie Menu.


Additional doll markings can be found on each doll manufacturers page, as well as by the material made of pages. 

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Hard Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Marked with a Letters, then Number

A-1 - Deluxe (Reading) Toy Creations

A 175 - Hong Kong, China, unknown

AE 26 PM Sales -  P & M Doll Co. by Paula Mae

AE 27 PM Sales - P & M Doll Co. by Paula Mae

AE 200 - Belle  Doll & Toy Co

AE 251 - Allied Grand or Nasco

AE 278 - Skippy Doll Corporation, Baby Debbie Eve doll

AE 593 - Belle Doll & Toy Corp.

AE-1405-6 - Allied Grand

AE 3053 - Playpal boy doll Allied Grand or Nasco

AE 3651 - Playpal girl doll Allied Grand or Nasco

AE 4251 - Allied Grand or Nasco

AE 5051 - Allied Grand or Nasco

AE 5780 -  Allied Grand or Nasco

ARE5-2-16 - vinyl head, limbs & cloth body, Bradley

B19P - Horsman, Valentine

B144 - Horsman Drinkee Baby doll 1964

CS1958 24-5 EG 5 - Eegee Baby Carrie doll 1958

E 33 - Elite Creations, Inc.

E 43 - Elite Creations, Inc.

H.F.H. 60-7 - unknown doll maker

I28 - Valentine

IC 1967 - Italocremona (Italy)

K-10 - Deluxe Reading

K14 - high heel fashion doll by Natural Doll Co.

K16-5 on back, Allied Grand, Kaysam, USA unknown

K25 - probably Kaysam, Jolly Toys

K25-56 - Kaysam Jolly Toys

K25-640 - Kaysam Jolly Toys

K4296 - Kaysam Jolly Toys

KM 8165 - International, Inc. doll company

L6 - doll mark American USA unknown

MPT 211-96 - Horsman 1939 Baby Precious reproduction

P 8 - Belle Doll & Toy Corp.

P-9, P-11 - Bonnie the Plaid Lassie by Skippy Doll Corp.

P 16 - Belle Doll & Toy Corp.

P 19 - Ideal (pre-Toni)

P-20 - Twixie the Twisting Pixie doll by Belle Doll & Toy

P 50 - Ideal

P-90 - Ideal Toni family

P-91 - Ideal Toni family

P-92 - Ideal Toni family

P-93 - Ideal Toni family

P-94 - Ideal Toni family

P90W - Ideal walker’s

P 200 - Ideal

P-J - F & B Fluffy doll clone, USA

PTN 11 - Saucy Walker look a like doll, unknown, USA

R185 - Valentine

S2 - Jo Ann Playpal size doll, Nasco

S11 - probably same as above doll

S 20-9 - Skippy Doll Corporation

SD 18 - Skippy Doll Corporation, Standard Doll Company or Super Doll Corporation

S.T. 17 M.E. - Horsman

ST12N, ST17N - Ideal Shirley Temple

UP17 - Ideal

U.S.A. + a number - Ideal

V4 - Effanbee  

V-19 - Ideal

V-91 - Ideal

91 VH - 2 - probably Characteristics

VH-17 - Characteristics

VP15-2 - Ideal

VP17 - Ideal

VP23 - Ideal

VR15 5 - unknown high heel Fashion doll American

VS14 - Ideal

VS-17/41 on back 15 on head - Ideal or IMPCO

VS20 - Impco, Imperial Crown Toy Corp., Love Me doll

VS22 - Ideal Big Baby Betsy Wetsy doll

VT-18 - Ideal

VT-20 - Ideal

VW-3 - Ideal Betsy Wetsy

W1, WI - Commonwealth Plastics Corp. Carol doll

W15 - Ideal

W22 - Ideal

WW - doll mark possibly Ernst Wehncke German



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