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Hard Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Marked with a word Phrase


American Character Sweet Sue doll, unmarked

How to identify a hard plastic, plastic or vinyl doll?  Doll marks are usually found on the the back of dolls neck, upper or lower back and possibly on bottom of the foot.  Once you have your mark use the below list to see the doll maker (s), as some markings may have been used by more than one.


Barbie doll markings are excluded from this page, instead see our Barbie Doll Marks page, all other vintage Barbie, family or friends marks are found on each individual doll page, see the Barbie Menu.


Additional doll markings can be found on each doll manufacturers page, as well as by the material made of pages. 

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Hard Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Marked with a Word Phrase

1977 Hal Needham & Gabriel Pat. Pending - Gabriel Industries

AD Sutton & Sons New York © Made in Hong Kong - Sutton Dedo doll & probably others

Allied Grand Doll  Mfg Co Inc 1958 - Allied Grand Doll

Alter Rubber © 1961 - Alter Rubber Company

ATC Made in Hong Kong - unknown, China

ATL Made For British Hong Kong - unknown, Dress Me type doll

Athena Piacenza - Athena Piacenza doll company, Italy

Baby Susan - Eegee, Marlon Creations or possibly both

Bal Dolls Inc. - made by Bal Dolls, Inc.

Beatrice Wright - B  Wright Toy Company, NYC

Bonnie Baby Trademark - Moldex of Australia, Tri-ang Line Bros. England

Brit Pat 600270 Made in England - Cascelloid Ltd / Palitoy

Camay inside a diamond - Camay Doll Company, Hong Kong, China

Chiltern Made in England - Chiltern Toy Works / H.G. Stone Company

Clodrey © Ideal Toy Corp Hong Kong - grow hair Crissy doll by Clodrey of France

Effe Bambole Franca,  EFFE MADE IN ITALY - Effe Company of Italy

Eppy 1964 Pat Pending - Eppy Doll Co.

F an B Made in Canada, F an B Made in USA. - Effanbee Doll Company

Field Enterprises - vinyl head molded hair 1956 Angel doll by M & S Doll Company

Glad Toy Company - Brookglad Creations

Hong Kong, Made in Hong Kong - various doll makers, too many to mention

Industries Bartarlas - of Argentina doll mark

J. Cey 20 1961 - J. Cey Doll Company, Inc. Brooklyn, NY

Made in England - Palitoy, Pedigree, Roddy, Rosebud and others

Made in England Pat No 535811 - Cascelloid Ltd / Palitoy

Made in France - Bella, Clodrey Langeais, Gege, Le Minor (doll label or tag)

Made Italy, Made in Italy - see the Italian doll makers page

Made in Italy Brev - Maura of Italy

Made in Hong Kong CPC inside a diamond -  CPC Company Hong, Kong

Made in USA - American Character's Alice in Wonderland, Baby Barry Toy, Bal Dolls Inc., Beehler Arts, Belle Doll & Toy Corp, Cast Dist. Corp., Debbie Reynolds doll, DeSoto Dolls, Grant Plastics Co, Hardy Different Toys, Horsman, Ideal, Imperial Crown Toy Corp (IMPCO), Irwin & Company, Kaysam Jolly Toys Nasco, Knickerbocker Plastics Co, Richwood's Cindy Lou, Roberta Doll Co, Dorothy Collins doll by Star Doll & Toy Co, Schoen & Yondorf (SAYCO), Uneeda, Vogue

Made in USA 170 - Arranbee with a red stamp Pat. 2,537,536 and Pats. Pending., Barbara Jo by K. B. Doll Corp, Baby Barry Toy, Belle Doll & Toy Corp, Jolly Toys, Roberta

Made in USA 180 -  Horsman Cindy

Made in USA 750 - Schoen & Yondorf (SAYCO)

Made in USA 270 - unknown American

Made in USA Pat Pend - Arranbee, Roberta

Made in USA Pat Pending - Valentine

Mola Regalo - 1997 Our Children Doll Collection by Isa Verdu made in Spain

Mønsterbeskyttet PAT ANM - Amosandra (Sun Rubber) look a like doll, probably a European doll

Munecas Victoria Hecha En Mexico = "Dolls made in Victoria, Mexico"

Pat Pend - Block & Togs and Dolls (used a Block doll), Pressman Toy Corp

Pats Pending or Pat’s Pend - A & H, Arranbee, Ideal, Plastic Molded Arts (PMA), Terri Lee, Virga

PM Sales Inc 19©66 -  P & M Doll Company by Paula Mae

Plasticbaby inside symbol of an angel - Preh Werke GmbH Germany (or possibly of celluloid)

Plated Moulds, Inc. © 1961 - probably P & M Sales by Paula Mae

Plated Molded Sales, Inc. - P & M Company by Paula Mae

Polyflex Made in France - Amanda Jane, Baby doll by Clodrey

Rodnoid Made in England - D. G. Todd & Co. Roddy

Rosebud Made in England - Rosebud Doll Company

SMC Made in Hong Kong - China company, unknown

Soupy Sales 1965 WMC - Sunshine Doll Company, Soupy Sales doll figure

Storybook Dolls California - Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Co - Muffie doll

Storybook Dolls U.S.A Trademark Reg - Nancy Ann Story Book Doll Company

Sweetie Pie A Stern Toy N.E.A. - Sweetie Pie doll by A. Stern Toy Company

UDCO INC 1966 Made in China - Uneeda

WP Made in Hong Kong - unknown Dress Me type doll


Hard Plastic Vinyl Dolls Marked with a Number, Number with Letters



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