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Hasbro Leggy Dolls 1972-1973

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Shop for Hasbro Leggy dolls

Shop for Hasbro Leggy dolls

Hasbro Leggy Doll clothes 1972 ad Fashion Assortment


Hasbro Leggy doll clothes 1972 ad Fashion Assortment


Hasbro's Leggy dolls are 10" tall and can be identified by their excessively long legs.  They were a modern doll in that their clothes reflect the modern 1970's era when they were produced, the Leggy dolls names are:  Jill, Nan, Kate and Sue.


Leggy dolls have their own clothing line that was sold separate from the doll called Fashion Assortments. 


The Leggy dolls seem to be more popular in Europe and Canada than the USA, as that's where we find them in online auctions. Polistil in Italy and Shiba of Japan also sold versions of Leggy dolls overseas.


See below for more Leggy dolls identified.



Vintage Hasbro Leggy Dolls Identified

Hasbro Doll advertisment 1972


Hasbro Doll advertisement reads, 

Left to Right;  

4620 Leggy Jill doll blonde

 4625 Leggy Nan doll brunette

 4630 Leggy Kate doll red head

4635 Leggy Sue doll black



Hasbro 4620  Leggy Jill doll 1973

4620 Leggy Jill doll MIB 1973

Hasbro Leggy Kate doll in Plaid Knickers outfit

4630 Leggy Kate doll a red head in a Fashion Assortment; Plaid Knickers

Hasbro 4635 Leggy Sue doll head close-up

4635 Leggy Sue doll head close-up

the only black doll in the series.

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