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Ideal Flatsy 4 1/2" Susie, light blue hair

Ideal Flatsy 4 1/2" Susie, light blue hair

Flatsy doll's are, flat! These unique dolls come in 2" Mini's, Standard size of 4 1/2" and Fashion dolls 8" tall.  They are marked on their back or imprinted "Ideal 1969". They fit into a picture frame or locket,  Are a bendable vinyl and have hair colors of: black, blue, brown, Gray or Lavender, Green, Orange, light and dark Pink, Purple and Yellow.


These dolls are usually known by their name or series.  Some of the series are:  House, Candy Mountain, Play sets:  Four Seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Clock or Time series, lockets and the Spinderella's.


Like any popular doll these have clones which are usually marked "Hong Kong", Linda the Bendable Doll, Huggles and Cookie Box Dolls are a few of the clones.


Vintage Ideal 4 1/2" Tall Flatsy's Identified

Bonnie Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Bonnie, dark pink hair

Casey Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Casey, orange hair

Cookie Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Cookie, dark pink hair

Judy Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Judy, pale lavender hair

Filly Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Filly, bright orange hair

Trixie Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Trixie, black hair

Rally Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Rally, green hair

Dewie Flatsy

Flatsy 4 1/2" Dewie, light lavender hair

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