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Liddle Kiddle Dolls - All Things Kiddles 1966-1971


Liddle Kiddle doll history - the First 24 Liddle Kiddle Dolls made by Mattel, were introduced in 1966.  At 2 1/2 - 3 1/2" tall, girls and boys share the same type of vinyl covered wire, bendable body jointed only at the neck, comb their rooted hair, painted facial features, each with their own action accessory and Kiddle komic funny book which tells a story about the dolls. 


In 1967 Lucky Locket & Skediddlers were introduced.  By 1968 Kiddles became even smaller, as tiny as 7/8" tall until production ceased after 1971. 


Kiddles have special iddle names as Storybook Characters, they were packaged in lockets, walker skeddiddlers, as holiday themes, in pop bottles or cologne bottles, in pop-up books, inside jewelry cases, in cars, animal zoo characters, cosmic space characters, inside tasty treats lollipops or ice cream cones, in a teacup, Little Babies in a cradle and Play House dolls.


Besides the dolls, there are Kiddle vinyl cases, houses, snap-happy furniture, paper goods, games, lunch boxes, records, posters and more.  Kiddles also had look a like, clones or competitor dolls, made by other doll makers.


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