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Mattel Sunshine Family Dolls 1974-1978

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1974 Mattel Sunshine Family baby Sweets, Steffie, SteveGrandpa & Grandma Sunshine dolls

1974 Mattel Sunshine Family Dolls

Baby Sweets, Steffie, Steve, Grandpa & Grandma Sunshine

The Sunshine Family dolls are the white doll friends of the below Happy family dolls, the family originally came with Steve (dad), Steffie (mom) and Baby Sweets. Grandma and Grandpa Sunshine were sold separately from the "main" family.

In the last year of production 1978, they produced, a new version of Baby Sweets who had "Grown Up" to be a little girl now named Sweets Sunshine and she got a new baby sibling.

Sunshine Family doll photos courtesy of Tara Salvatore



Mattel Happy Family Dolls 1974-1978


1974 Mattel Happy Family dolls Hal, Hattie & baby HonGrandpa & Grandma Happy dolls

1974 Mattel Happy Family Dolls

Hal, Hattie, baby Hon, Grandpa & Grandma Happy

The Happy Family dolls are the black doll friends of the above Sunshine Family dolls, using the same doll molds. Just like the Sunshine Family, they originally came with Hal (dad), Hattie (mom) and Baby Hon. The Happy Grandparents were also sold separately.

Baby Hon grew up to be a little girl called Hon and got a new baby sibling in 1978. The little girl versions of Sweets Sunshine and especially Hon Happy are probably the hardest to find of the Family dolls because they were only produced for about a year.  

  Information and Happy Family doll photos are provided by Elizabmo.  Thanks for sharing!


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